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** We guarantee that your group has fun or we’ll refund you the full cost of your experience **

This team building experience is ideal for small corporate or social groups, gatherings or parties, or just exploring a location of your choice in an unforgettable way. Typically recommended for groups of 5-25 participants but fun for groups of all sizes, ages, and abilities.


Once you place your order we’ll compile a list of 40 unique challenges (see some examples here) designed to bring your participants closer together and get your group to explore the location of your choice. On the day of your event, go over the rules with your group using the helpful briefing document we’ll provide you. Divide into teams and travel in vehicles or on foot throughout your location attempting to complete as many challenges as possible within your preferred time frame. Teams will take pictures or videos as they complete each challenge, not only for scoring purposes (if desired), but also to capture every unforgettable moment!

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For only $25/person you’ll receive one of the most memorable team building experiences you’ve ever done, guaranteed. We’ll put together your challenge list, send it to you in both PDF format and host it on a mobile site so that your group can pull it up along the way and watch helpful video clips of certain challenges. You’ll receive a detailed Briefing document with the rules of the event and helpful tips to ensure everyone has an incredible experience. After your event we’ll create a custom postcard featuring your group’s pictures and drop it in the mail. We’ll also provide you with 5 free passes to our popular X-Race ($150 value) that you can use as a prize or even a future fundraiser.


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"It was AWESOME! Everyone had a blast and said it was the best team building event we've ever done!"

National Information Solutions Cooperative

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Everyone agreed this was one of the most exciting and challenging team building events we’ve ever done! It put us way outside of our comfort zone in the best way possible!

NXG Strategies

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"Our employees can't stop talking about this event! Honestly, you guys blew away our expectations. Thanks so much for everything!"


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“Thank you for creating this event, our team had SO much fun!”

KIND Snacks


  1. Flexible location, date, and time. You’re not tied down by availability. Do the experience when and where it works best for your needs.

  2. A team building format that caters to participants of all ages and abilities. Teams get to pick which challenges they want to attempt so everyone is much more engaged and no one is forced to do anything beyond their comfort level.

  3. You get your money’s worth. At only $25/person it is often more affordable than other team building options in your area, and this event has the ability to last much longer. You also get a massive amount of multi-media content to use after the event ends.

  4. Simple one-click ordering process. We accept credit card, Apple Pay, Paypal, or an option to receive an invoice so you can mail a check. Once you order our team will send you everything you need for your event in less than 24 hours.

  5. We offer 24/7/365 support to answer any questions you have and help make sure you have the best possible team building experience. We also offer the only guarantee in the industry that if your group doesn’t have fun we’ll refund you 100% of your purchase. So buy now, there’s no risk!

  6. If you’ve read this far down you deserve to be rewarded, Use promo code “FUN” during check out and get 20% off your team building package! That means you get everything included with this one of a kind experience for only $20/person.

If you want to talk through anything before buying just click on our Live Chat feature, call us at 833-466-8836, or email our team at We’re here for you and we’d love to help you find the perfect experience for your group.