Read each challenge carefully, complete them accurately, and click on the "Details" link where available for more info. Complete as many as you can, in any order, and post each challenge picture or video with the required mentions and hashtags to the Facebook album you created for the event.  For step by step instructions on how to create your album and post into it click the button below.


#100: Have someone take your picture while you are at the top of the rock wall in the Sett after successfully scaling it.

#101: Take a picture that shows you and at least 5 other people all working together to create a 3-tiered human pyramid inside of any elevator. The elevator can be stopped at a floor with the door open if needed.

#102: Take a video that shows you successfully climbing up from the bottom to the top of any playground slide in your socks. 

#103: Take a picture with the Balanced Rock behind you at the overlook atop the Balanced Rock Trail in Devil's Lake State Park. 

#104: Take a video that shows you completing the Cereal Box Grab Challenge. Place an open and empty cardboard cereal box on the floor. Stand on one leg over the box, bend down on one leg and bite it with your teeth. Then successfully return to a standing position with the box still in your teeth.  Must have remained on one leg the entire challenge without touching your second leg to the floor. (DETAILS)   

#105: Take a video that shows you and at least 1 other friend both holding yourselves up in between any two walls or door frame for 10 continuous seconds. Can't touch ground and must only use the walls or door frame to hold yourselves up. 

#106: Get to the intersection where State Street, Mifflin Street, and Carroll Street all converge. Then take a well-timed picture of you and at least 2 other people all jumping in the air while the traffic light at that intersection is yellow in the background.  Everyone in the group must be in the air and the light must clearly be yellow in the background.

#107: Take a video that shows you and 3 other friends all working together to complete the Group Sit and Stand Challenge.  All 4 people stand back to back with elbows interlocked, then lower yourselves all the way to the ground in a sitting position, and then stand back up without unlocking elbows. (DETAILS)

#108: Take a video that shows you successfully completing the Knee Dip Challenge on any flat grassy surface.  Holding one leg (leg is bent, with ankle behind you), lower to the ground and touch the knee of that leg to the ground and come back up to a standing position without letting that leg go or falling over.

#109: Take a picture that shows you and at least 2 other people all doing the "Tree Pose" while any sign with the word "yoga" is clearly visible in the background. The sign should be a business name or something that promotes that the business or facility offers yoga. 


#200: FREE CUP OF COFFEE!  While inside Portage Pi (located at the Graduate Madison Hotel), take a continuous video that shows you reciting the first 12 digits of Pi while your eyes are closed. Then post the video into your Xperience UW Facebook album and include the hashtag #GraduateMadison. Show that post to any barista and they will award you a free cup of coffee! 

#201: Take a video that shows you bowling a strike at the Sett bowling lanes.

#202: Take a video that shows you balancing one golf ball on top of another for at least 3 seconds. You can place the bottom ball on a table or hard surface and hold that ball throughout the challenge but after you get the top ball to balance you need to let go of the top ball and it should remain balanced for 3 seconds without falling.  

#203: Take a video that shows you completing the Paper Airplane Challenge. Have someone go to the 2nd floor of any parking garage (one floor above ground floor) and launch a paper airplane out into the air in front of them (not just straight down).  Stand on the sidewalk below them and successfully catch the airplane before it hits the ground. 

#204: Take a video that shows you successfully completing the Water Bottle Flip Challenge with any standard plastic water bottle, while the Maquina Fountain (located outside of Engineering Hall) is visible in the background. (DETAILS)

#205: Stack 6 Cheerios, one on top of the other, on someone's nose while they are standing or squatting (not sitting or leaning against anything) and take a picture with that person. Once you have all 6 Cheerios stacked they must remain balanced on the person's nose unsupported (no hands, glue, etc) while the picture is taken. To complete the challenge you can be either the stacker or the person whose nose the Cheerios are stacked on.  

#206: Take a continuous video that shows you catching 3 pieces of popcorn one after the other into your mouth, thrown to you by another person from at least two arm lengths away. It must be a video that shows you making 3 consecutive catches without any misses in between. 

#207: Create an unsupported (not being held or leaning against something) 3-tiered house of cards using standard playing cards and take a picture that shows you with your structure.

#208: Take a video showing you placing an Oreo on your forehead and successfully getting the cookie down into your mouth using only your face muscles and balance.  If the cookie falls place it on your forehead and start again.  

#209: Take a video that shows you playing the melody to "On Wisconsin" on any musical instrument.  You should be actually playing the instrument, not just pretending to play one while a recording of the song is played in the background. It can be a basic version of it, playing just the melody of the first verse and chorus is great. 


#300: Take a video of two people in the same location who each have a tattoo and have them each tell the story of what the meaning of their tattoo is to them. 

#301: Take a picture that shows you with any memorial brick whose engraving includes the same first name as any of the Beatles. Spelling of the name doesn't need to be the same as the actual Beatle as long as it's pronounced the same.

#302: Take a picture that shows you with any license plate whose digits add up to 10, no more, no less.  For example, "RF3 T52" would be acceptable since 3+5+2 equals 10.  

#303: Take a picture that shows you with any digital temperature listed on an outdoor sign or building while the temperature is an even number.  If you find one of these digital temperature signs but the current temperature listed is an odd number then you'll need to wait until it increases or decreases to an even number.  

#304: Get to any working fire station and take a video showing you and at least 2 other people all performing Stop Drop & Roll while the fire station is clearly visible in the background. 

#305: Take a picture that shows you with any parked vehicle with a stick figure decal on it. Vehicle must be parked and you should be posing like one of the stick figures featured in the decal.

#306: Take a picture that shows you with a globe while you're pointing to a location you'd love to visit. The globe needs to be an actual globe that's able to spin, not an image of one.

#307: Take a picture that shows you wearing 10 different red colored ties all at the same time.  The ties should be properly tied around your neck but the knots/ties don't all need to be facing forward and they don't need to be tied tightly right up to your neck. 

#308: Take a picture that shows you and a dog both next to a fire hydrant while you are lifting one leg up over the hydrant.  The dog needs to be an actual dog, not a stuffed animal, picture, etc. 

#309: Have someone take a group picture of you and at least 2 other people while somone on a BCycle bike is riding by right in front of you. Timing will be key in order to have your group picture perfectly photo bombed by someone who is actively riding by. The person riding by must be on a BCycle bike. 


#400: Take a video that shows you, at least 3 other students, and 1 professor or faculty member all dancing to a portion of the song "Jump Around" while it is being played on someone's device, stereo, etc. 

#401: Take a video that shows you and at least 2 other people all doing 5 log roll rotations down the grass hill just below the scenic overlook on Observatory Drive (across from Washburn Observatory). Each person should be directly behind the next, shoulder to shoulder. Timing will be important in order for everyone to do 5 rotations before piling on top of one another.

#402: Get to Ian's Pizza and order a slice of their famous Mac N' Cheese pizza.  Then take a picture that shows you and 4 other people all biting somewhere around the edge of that slice at the same time and holding it up with only your teeth/mouths (no hands).  It may be best to have someone take the picture from slightly above the group so that the picture shows all 5 people closely together and everyone's mouths somewhere on the slice. 

#403: Take a picture that shows you kissing the cheek of the Lincoln statue in front of Bascom Hall

#404: Get a cone full of any flavor of Babcock ice cream and take a 10 second video that shows you holding up the cone by biting into the scoop of ice cream with your mouth/teeth. In other words the scoop part will be in your mouth or teeth and the cone will be sticking straight out away from your mouth without using your hands to hold it. Must hold it in your teeth for the full 10 consecutive seconds without dropping the delicious treat.

#405: Have some friends wrap you from head to toe in toilet paper, leaving as few gaps as possible except around your nose/mouth so you can breathe easily. Then take a fun group picture that shows you in your new "mummy" attire. 

#406: Take a video that shows you chewing on a raw clove of garlic and keeping it in your mouth for a full 10 seconds 

#407: Take a video that shows you and 1 other person working together to complete the Pencil Pass Challenge. Basically one person has a pencil lying across their upper lip and is holding it in place using only their lips and nose (no hands). The second person must transfer the pencil to their upper lip without dropping it and without using their hands.  Full disclosure, because your face will be right up against the other participant's face this challenge will likely be awkward....but hilarious! 

#408: Take a picture that shows you and at least 3 other people all inside of the same Port-O-Potty.  

#409: Take a video that shows you and at least 3 other people each attempting to pop separate balloons at the same time by sitting on them.  


#500: Order a to-go meal from your favorite local eatery, write an inspirational message on the lid, and give it to someone who is homeless on the streets of Madison.  To document this KIND act you can just take a picture that shows you and the message on the lid, you can have a friend take a discreet video from an appropriate distance as you donate the meal, or you could sit with the person you're donating to, learn their story, and ask them if they'd want to take a picture with you. 

#501: Take a picture thats shows you at any official USPS blue mailbox as you mail a card, postcard or letter to Landen Fitzgerald-Green, a young boy with cancer who loves getting mail. If possible include two pictures in your post; one at the blue mailbox and one that shows the piece of mail properly addressed and stamped.  It would also be great to mention something about his story in your post's description.  His address and story can be found by clicking HERE.

#502: Paint your face with UW colors, go to the Women's Volleyball game on Saturday, April 15th at 6:30pm in the Field House and take a picture that shows you cheering on your team 

#503: Take a video that shows you wiping a stranger's windshield at any gas station using the provided squeegee tool.  Be sure to get their approval before beginning your KIND act.

#504: Take a video that shows you approaching anyone pushing a stroller, giving them encouraging words (such as "you're a great parent"), and offering to give them a hug.

#505: Take a video that shows you actively donating clothes to any designated clothing drop box, Salvation Army, Thrift Store, or similar organization.

#506: Take a picture of you showing off your hands once you've painted your fingernails gold (the international color for childhood cancer awareness) using real fingernail polish, in honor of the Pedi-Cure program, which raises awareness for childhood cancer. And if anyone compliments your fingers throughout the event be sure to tell them why they're painted gold.

#507: Using sidewalk chalk, write your favorite positive quote or slogan on a sidewalk somewhere around campus or town and take a picture that shows you with your artwork.

#508: Take a video that shows you actively planting a tree or sapling in a location where it will thrive and is legal. 

#509: Take a picture that shows you giving animals hugs at any local shelter or adoption organization. If possible, try to include both your hug and also a sign or piece of promotional material in the picture that identifies what organization you're at.