Frequently Asked Questions

What will the X-Race be like?

Fun, Challenging, Active, and Social!!!

Here's some more details: 

Before the race:

As race day approaches registered teams can use the race's mobile app to meet teams from around the world and post fun pictures leading up to the event.  Build camaraderie with your team by creating awesome team outfits, and be sure to mark yourself with the bib number that you assigned yourself during the registration process. 

Start your team from anywhere you think has the best advantage, such as at a transit stop, in your home with maps laid out, or in your car listening to some pump-up music! 

Our Race HQ (headquarters) will countdown to the start of the race and then send you the official race website address right as the race begins.  Look over the list of challenges and start to strategize as a team to figure out how you'll complete as many of them as possible within the 3 hour time limit. The challenges will test your physical strength, skill, ability to find things in your community, and your ability to have fun!

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During the race:

Complete challenges wherever you are, or at specific locations in your community designated in the challenge list.  Travel with your team using any means available in your community.  You'll travel throughout your community, ask neighbors for supplies, and gain appreciation for the people and places that make up your community.  Much like a one-day version of The Amazing Race, being savvy and efficient as you travel around your area, and working together as a team, will get you ahead of the competition.

After each challenge, submit the picture or video to our race headquarters via the mobile app and we will let you know in real-time whether it was verified or not.  Any challenges that were not done correctly can be redone and resubmitted unless otherwise noted by a specific challenge requirement. 

There are two factors that will determine your finishing position.  The number of challenges your team completed successfully, and the amount of time it took you to complete them.  You are given a 3 hour timeframe to complete as many challenges as possible.  Strategy comes into play when deciding when to "cross the finish line".  Once you have completed as many challenges as possible your team should submit a picture of everyone on your team "flashing the X" (forearms crossed in front of your body) and comment with the word "Finish" to designate that you are crossing the finish line.  Your official race time will then be recorded by HQ. If another team completed 25 challenges and crossed the finish in 2 hours 47 minutes and 32 seconds and your team also completed 25 challenges but finished in 2 hours 45 minutes and 23 seconds then your team would have a better finishing position.  Any teams that are tied for one of the Top 5 positions will be given a tie breaker immediately after the race ends to determine their final position.    

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After the race:

Once finished, celebrate a fun day with your team by going out to eat or grab some drinks and post fun pictures from the race to your social networks and be sure to hashtag them with #TheXRace or mention one of our accounts to get a share, like, or retweet.  Our HQ will calculate official race results immediately following the race and will post them to the race website as quickly as possible.   The top 5 teams will receive prize packs including swag from sponsors and prize money!  The top 25 teams will be featured on the race website with a team picture for the remainder of the race season!  

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How much does it cost?

Our goal is to create a fun, unique, and affordable experience for all racers, while making a positive impact on the world. Your registration will help fund a large donation to benefit the designated race charities for each event.  Anyone who you expect to be an active participant in the race activities needs to be officially registered and assigned a bib number.  Any non-registered persons accompanying your team at any point during the race is done at your own discretion.  




Includes race entry, a donation to the designated race charities, and a chance to win money/prizes.   




Includes race entry, an additional donation to the designated race charities, a secret race clue the week of the race, and a chance to win money/prizes.   


* Be aware that Xperience Adventures may limit the size of the race so be sure to register as early as possible.  Registration closes 48 hours before the start of the race.

What type of transportation can we use during the race? 

During the race your team is allowed to travel via any means available in your community. This may vary depending on where you decide to race.  Some areas will have a great public transit system, some will be very rural and will require your team to travel in private vehicles, on bikes, in a taxi, or whatever you think will be best for your team.  The race will be designed in an attempt to somewhat level the competition regardless of where you live or what transportation you have available. 

How many people can I have on my team?

Team registration consists of 2-10 racers.  This enables our race headquarters to manage checkpoint verification and validate the registered racers on every team.  If you have a group larger than 10 people contact our team at and we will provide you with a group discount and discuss the best way to divide your group into multiple teams.

 Our race engineers design each race so that some challenges will be easier or faster to complete for teams of larger size and some would be easier or faster to complete with a smaller group.  This creates a level playing field so don't worry about how the size of your team will effect your ability to win, just make sure you have a fun group!    

To register your team click the "Create A Team" button on the registration page if you are the first person from your team to register.  Once registered, other members will then just need to click the "Join A Team" button and search for your team name.  You can manage details about your own registration by logging into your Eventbrite account, or you can manage your team details by clicking the "Manage Your Team" button on the registration page.  

Can our team split up during the race to cover more ground?

Your team must stay together when traveling from one checkpoint or challenge to another.  The only time a team can temporarily separate is once you've all arrived at a location and you're looking for a specific object.  For instance, you all arrive at a sculpture garden and your task is to find a specific type of statue in the large garden.  You can split up to find the statue and then will need to all come together for the picture or video validation. 

Will I be able to use your mobile app and what will the whole mobile racing experience be like?

The Bonfyre App can be downloaded to any Apple or Android device. We encourage everyone on your team who has one of these devices to download it and create a user using the same email address you provided during the registration process. It's always more fun to chat back and forth within the app as a team, and it ensures that on race day multiple people from your team can upload pictures and videos if needed.

For more details on our mobile app and our mobile racing format you can check out our App webpage HERE or our blog post about it HERE!

How do I find my bib number and how do I display it on Race Day?

When you register for The X-Race you will be asked to assign yourself a 3-digit race bib number during the registration process.  You can choose any 3-digit number you'd like.  If you forget this number when it comes time to prepare for the race you can log back into your Eventbrite account and click on "View Order" under the X-Race you're competing in.  This will pull up your initial order and you can easily scroll down to see what 3-digit number you registered with.

For more details about our new "Body Marking" method, and how you'll need to display your bib number on race day just check out our blog post all about it HERE.  

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Participants age 17 and under will need to be on a team with a responsible adult age 18 or older.  Other than that, we encourage racers of all ages.  The X-Race is the perfect event for fun-seekers of all ages so if you expect someone to be an active participant in the race activities then they will need to be officially registered and assigned a bib number.  Any non-registered persons accompanying your team at any point during the race is done at your own discretion.  If there are any challenges that someone on your team is not able to do, or doesn't want to to, let our HQ know during the race via the mobile app.  Since your team can skip any of the challenges in the list we will make a decision about each situation individually and whether it will impact your ability to be verified for a specific challenge.   

Can I change details about my registration?

Yes, you can manage details about your own registration by logging into your Eventbrite account, or you can manage your team details by clicking the "Manage Your Team" button on the registration page.    Our HQ finalizes our racer sheet about one week before the race so if you need to update something critical during the week leading up to the race it's probably safer to send us an email with the changes. 

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Yes, you should be able to update the racer details through the Eventbrite registration page by logging into your account.  Our HQ finalizes our racer sheet about one week before the race so if you need to update something critical during the week leading up to the race or you're having any trouble updating it yourself it's probably safer to send us an email with the changes.  You can contact us using the icon below (or directly at  

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are typically not able to be provided.  If you have registered and are unable to attend you can transfer your ticket to another racer by changing the racer details in your Eventbrite account.  If you are unable to find someone to transfer the ticket to, please contact us and we can provide you with a voucher to another X-Race event this year, or one next year.  In the rare event that a race needs to be completely cancelled (natural disasters, etc.) the racers will be able to receive a 100% full refund or a voucher for a future race.

Does the race get cancelled for bad weather?

No, unless a natural disaster or State of Emergency creates unsafe conditions across a large portion of the race area.  Urban Adventure Racers are some of the toughest people we've met and often a race that takes place in harsh conditions is much more memorable than one that takes place under ideal conditions.  Our staff are weather junkies so we have a pretty good understanding of what to expect as Race Day rolls around.  If stormy conditions are present in your area it is the racers responsibility to seek shelter when they believe it is unsafe to be outside.  In the extremely rare case of truly hazardous conditions being predicted or present Xperience Adventures will make a decision to cancel the race and either offer a refund or provide a voucher for a rescheduled race.

What are the prizes for the top teams?

The Top 3 finishing teams will win monetary prizes as well as any available swag packs from our sponsors.  Our new prize structure is an increasing purse based on the number of registered racers.  We believe the more teams you beat, the more money you should win.  Because of this new model the potential prize money will vary, and the totals for each finishing position may not officially be known until closer to Race Day when registration closes.  

There is no limit to how much the prizes can grow so as the size of our race grows, so will the amount of money that can be won!  Official company checks will be mailed to the Top 3 finishing teams on the first business day after the race and will arrive directly to them within a few days.

Top teams may be featured on our social media networks or even our website with a team picture from the race. You will be recognized as one of the top teams in the country and will have the pride in knowing you were better than all of the teams from all across the country.

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