X-Race Challenge Details Page


#100: Take a video of your team members all balanced on any see-saw for 10 continuous seconds while both ends of the see-saw are off the ground in a somewhat horizontal position and no part of any team member is touching the ground. 

- 1 video at least 10 continuous seconds, team members visible

- complete challenge as outlined above


#101: Research has shown that people able to successfully do this Stand To Rise Challenge have a longer life expectancy. Take a video of at least half your team members successfully completing it based on the following criteria. Basically begin in a standing position with your legs crossed and lower yourself to the ground using only your leg strength (no touching the ground or your surroundings). Lower yourself all the way down to a seated position with legs still crossed (some would refer to it as "Indian Style" or "Cross-Legged"). Then, without using your hands to push off the ground, your body, or your surroundings, stand completely back up with your legs still crossed. To watch someone doing this challenge successfully click the video below.

- 1 video, team members visible

- at least half your team members successfully complete the challenge as outlined above and demonstarted in the video below



#102: This "4-Person Chair Challenge" actually requires 5 people to complete it (4 to participate and 1 to assist). If your team has less than 5 racers you can recruit friends or strangers to help you out.  It may be difficult to understand the concept by just reading the description so please click on the video below to watch a group successfully completing it.  Basically place four chairs in a "cross" or "t" shape with the seats all facing in towards the middle.  Have a racer sit sideways on each seat so that their right shoulder is against the back of the chair and their legs are placed flat on the floor to the right side of the chair. Then slowly lay back across the seat and have your head and shoulders lay on the legs of the racer behind them.  Then have the 5th participant slowly remove the chairs from under each racer so that the racers are in a square shape and using only each other's bodies as support to hold them up. Then take a picture of the 4 participants after the chairs have been removed and they're successfully in the supported position. 

- 1 picture, 4 team members (or team members and strangers)

- picture is taken of the 4 participants once the chairs have all been removed



#103: Find any bench that has a plaque memorializing someone or something and take a video of team members either doing five incline or five inverted push-ups against the bench to honor the strength and legacy of the person memorialized.  Be sure to show the plaque at some point in the video so HQ can verify it's a memorial bench. An incline push-up is your hands are on the bench and your feet are on the ground (easier option). An inverted push-up is your feet are on the bench and your hands are on the ground below (tougher option). To view images of the two push-up options go to the Details Page using the link below. 

- 1 video, team members visible

- memorial bench and the plaque honoring someone or something is visible

- team members are each doing either 5 inclined or inverted push-ups using the bench

push-up 1.JPG
push-up 2.JPG

#104: Take a video of your team members each "Shuffling Their Buns" 10 times in the bread and buns aisle of any food store. To "shuffle your buns" sit on your backside with your legs out in front of you, knees bent and feet flat on the floor.  Without touching the ground or your surroundings with your hands or arms at any time, scoot your butt towards your feet, then place your feet further out in front of you and again scoot your butt towards your feet. Have each racer do 10 of these and be sure to show that you're in the correct food aisle where (sandwich) buns are typically sold.     

- 1 video, team members visible

- Racers do at least 10 butt scoots each and the bread aisle of a food store is visible and identifiable


#105: Get your team outside of any glasses retailer or eye doctor location and take a video of any 2 racers staring into the video without blinking while the first 50 seconds of Eye Of The Tiger is played on someone else's device. Racers need to be outdoors in the elements without sunglasses on but don't need to be facing the direction of the sun. Video should be taken close enough that the racers heads take up most of the shot, but be sure the glasses retailer or eye doctor storefront (or signage) needs to be visible at some point throughout the 50 second-long video. If either racer blinks even once during the recording, attempt it again before submitting. Subtle dancing is encouraged as long as it doesn't make you blink!

- 1 video, at least 50 seconds long, 2 team members participating

- 2 team members don't blink at all while the first 50 seconds of Eye Of The Tiger is playing in the background

- Racers must be outside, and a glasses retailer or eye doctor location is visible and identifiable in the background


#106: Get to a location where an American flag is either "flying" from a flag pole, or hung on a wall, and take a picture of 4 team members (or recruit others in order to have 4 people total) all working together to complete the "Unified Warrior" pose, in honor of all our military warriors and families.  Basically the racers are in a straight line with one behind the other and each racer is in the Warrior 3 yoga pose. To make it a "unified" Warrior pose, have the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th racers in the line grab the outstretched foot of the racer in front of them while everyone balances and remains in their pose without falling over or holding onto another object or person. Be sure to not only capture the group pose, but also the flag in the background. 

- 1 picture, 4 participants, team members visible

- 4 participants are completing the "Unified Warrior" pose while an authentic American Flag is properly flying or hung in the background

Warrior Challenge.JPG


#107: Take a video that is no more than 30 seconds long, of any one team member successfully traversing across three separate swings, one after the other, without touching the ground. Start by standing with both feet and both hands on the first swing and finish by getting both feet and both hands to the third swing. To avoid damaging the swings (or yourself) please use traditional playground style swings designed for older kids or adults, not the baby swings sometimes found at playgrounds with foot holes. The most challenging part may be finding a location where there are 3 swings located right next to each other. 

- 1 video, less than 30 seconds long, 1 participant, other team members visible

- racer begins on 1st swing and traverses to two other separate swings within the 30 second continuous video


#108: Take a video of any 2 racers running together and keeping a kite in the air behind them for at least 10 seconds. To make the challenge more physical, the kite should have no more than 25 feet of string let out between the runners and the actual kite. In other words, don't get the kite up to full height and then just pull it around for 10 seconds. You'll need to take running speed and wind direction into account to keep it off the ground for 10 seconds. The kite should be a standard retail style kite, not some homemade contraption.

- 1 video, team members visible if possible  

- at least 2 racers pull a kite with approximately 25 feet of string slack

- kite remains in the air for 10 seconds without the assistance of anything other than force from the pulling string


#109:  Inflate one balloon for each racer and then have everyone get into "crab walking" position (as shown below) on a soft surface. Take a video of everyone in crab walking position working together to keep all of the balloons in the air (off the ground) for a full 10 seconds using only their feet. If any balloon drops within those 10 seconds then everyone must start again.

- 1 video, team members visible

- Everyone is in crab walking position and remains in that position to hit the balloons

- there's one balloon per racer and the balloons are kept in the air by racer's feet only, for a full 10 continuous seconds

crab walk.JPG


#200: Go to www.FreeRice.com and have someone on your team answer enough questions correctly in order to donate 500 grains of rice. For each answer you get correct, this website donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Program to help end hunger. Once you have answered enough correct questions to donate 500 grains of rice, take a screenshot of your device and submit it to HQ for verification. 

- 1 picture or screenshot

- picture shows that a team member answered enough questions correctly to donate 500 grains of rice

Free Rice - 500 grains screenshot V2.JPG


#201: Take a video of your team successfully completing the Egg Pass Challenge. Get your team in a line, shoulder to shoulder, and have each team member place the handle of a spoon in their mouth so that the cupped end is sticking out and you're not holding the spoon with anything but your mouth. Have a racer at one end of the line start by placing an egg on their spoon and pass it (without using your hands) onto the spoon of the racer standing next to them until the egg travels all the way down the line. If at any point the egg drops or someone touches it, you'll need to start it over from the beginning of the line.  Teams should pass it at least 4 times total, so if you have less than 4 racers you can have people at the front of the line who already passed the egg, rotate down towards the end of the line to receive it again. 

- 1 video, team members visible and involved

- team completes the challenge as outlined above and passes the egg at least 4 times



#202:  Take a video of any team member completing the Toilet Paper Toss Challenge. Have one racer wear a blindfold of some sort and have them place their hands out in front of them, away from their body, with their palms facing in towards each other.  Then have another team member, standing at least 6 feet from them, toss a roll of toilet paper (any size) towards the hands of the blindfolded racer.  To complete the challenge successfully the blindfolded racer must catch the toilet paper roll in their hands without using their forearms or body to assist them. The blindfolded racers hands should NOT have their palms facing up, which would make it easy for anyone to land the toilet paper in their hands. Good communication and timing will be critical in order for your team member to make the catch. Many racers can be attempting the challenge but only one needs to make the catch successfully.  

- 1 video, team members visible

- racer is blindfolded in some way, not just eyes closed, and catches a roll of toilet paper per the criteria outlined above

-person tossing the roll is at least 6 feet away from the person catching it

- image below is just an example of proper hand position

TP catch.JPG

#203: On any grassy surface take a video of every racer as they each spin around 10 times and then immediately attempt to stand on one foot for 10 full seconds without falling over or touching their second foot to the ground. You can bounce around on that one foot to regain balance but can't hold onto another racer or anything else. If any one member is unsuccessful the entire team must start over and attempt it again, which will only increase your level of dizziness. 

- 1 video, all team members visible if possible  

- after spinning, racers remain standing on one foot for 10 full seconds without touching the ground with their second foot


#204: Find any toy boat and then take a video of any one racer successfully saying the tongue twister phrase "Toy Boat" ten times fast without noticeably jumbling the phrase. The boat should be an actual toy and not a picture of one, or one you made out of paper, etc, and it should be visible at some point in your video. As a reference you should be able to say the phrase 10 times in under 7 seconds from when you start the first one till you finish the last one. Have the racer or someone else on your team keep track of the number of times they've said it so they know when to stop. If they mess it up do not submit it, just try again until you get a clean attempt and then submit that version. Our HQ will do our best to listen carefully and determine if you have done it successfully. 

- 1 video, one racer completes challenge, other team members visible if possible  

- a toy boat is being held by a team member or on display at some point during the video

-the phrase "toy boat" is said clearly 10 times by one racer in roughly 7 seconds

toy boat.JPG


#205: Take a video of any one racer completing the Coin Grab Challenge. Place your hand out in front of you with your palm down and lay 7 quarters along the back of your hand from the tip of your middle finger back to your wrist. Gently toss the entire row of coins into the air and then grab/catch all 7 quarters, with that same hand, palm still down, without letting any hit the ground. To watch someone doing this challenge successfully click the video below.  Multiple racers can attempt it, only one needs to complete it successfully. Make sure at some point we can see how many quarters you are using (either while they're on the back of your hand, or after you've caught them).

- 1 video, team members visible

- at least one racer completes the challenge as described above and shown in the video below using 7 quarters



#206: Take a video of any one racer balancing a large (16 ounces or so) open-top paper or plastic cup on their head filled with water. Then have them walk 10 paces ahead without touching the cup or having it fall off at any point during their walk. If you touch the cup or it drops, fill the cup back up with water, re-balance, and start again. All racers can attempt this challenge at the same time but only one needs to be successful. If you're filming the entire team make sure every racer is in view so that we can watch the entire journey of the individual who completes it. If they are using a cup that isn't see-through have them pour out the water after their tenth step so we can verify it was filled.

- 1 video, team members visible   

- any one racer takes 10 steps forward with a cup of water on their head and they don't touch it and it doesn't fall off  

- cup is at least 16 ounces, filled with water, and has no top on it

cup 1.JPG


#207: Divide your group into pairs and take a video of at least half your team successfully completing the Whipped Cream Catapult Challenge.  Have one racer in the pair squirt a dollop (small lump) of whipped cream onto the back of one hand.  Have the second racer standing a few feet away from them ready to catch the whipped cream in their mouth.  The racer with the whipped cream on their hand will fling their arm, palm down, almost as if they were tossing an underhand pitch. When that hand gets in front of you at about waist height, strike your wrist with your other free hand, causing the whipped cream to go flying towards your teammate.  The second racer in each pair should successfully catch the whipped cream in their mouth, or at least catch some of it in their mouth and the rest on their face. You can rotate who flings the whipped cream and who catches it but at least half your racers should make a successful catch in the video. To watch people attempting this challenge click the video below, although we'd recommend swinging your arm farther back to get more height and distance.

- 1 video, team members visible

- half the racers on your team successfully catch some whipped cream in their mouth after a teammate or helper flings it via the catapult method



#208: Find any puzzle with at least 35 or more total pieces.  Take one picture of your team with the puzzle apart (pieces mixed up) and the lid to the box that shows it's at least 35 total pieces is visible.  And then submit a second picture of your team with the puzzle correctly put together and all the pieces are in place.   

- 2 pictures, team members visible

- one picture of the box that clearly identifies it's 35+ pieces

-one picture of your team after the puzzle has been properly put together



#209: Click HERE to go to the Typing Or Texting Speed Test Challenge.  It can also be found by Googling "Live Chat Inc Speed Test".  You can pull up the speed test on either a laptop/desktop (if you want to type), or on your mobile device (if you are better at texting).  To complete this challenge successfully, any member of your team needs to either TYPE a score of at least 60 words per minute, or if you attempt it on your mobile device you'll need to TEXT a score of at least 50 words per minute.  Once you have achieved an acceptable score, take a picture of the skilled racer proudly displaying their score on their screen. If the score is not legible in the picture with the racer we may ask that you provide a closer picture or screenshot of the score. So don't close the website until you have been properly verified by HQ. To begin the test, simply place your cursor at the front of the provided phrase and begin typing. Each test lasts 60 seconds and then your score will appear. 

- 1 picture, team member(s) visible 

- racer is displaying their score from the speed test on their screen, it meets the above criteria, and is legible  






#300: Take a video of your team while any standard ceiling fan is in operation in the background.  Needs to be an actual ceiling fan and it needs to be turned on and spinning during the video. 

- 1 video, all team members visible if possible

- ceiling fan is on and operating


#301:  Find a dog that can perform the "roll over" trick and take a video of your team members rolling around on the ground near the dog as the the dog performs the trick.  Must be an actual living dog, not a toy, etc, and the dog must perform the trick under it's on power, not just some human forcing a dog to roll over manually. 

- 1 video, all team members visible if possible

- dog actively rolls over without being physically flipped by a human


#302: Take a picture of your team while any live bird is actively feeding from a bird feeder in the background.  The bird should be on a man-made bird feeder, not just eating in the wild.

- 1 picture, all team members visible if possible

- bird is on the bird feeder in the background


#303: Take a picture of your team and any postal, mail, or package delivery vehicle that is being actively driven, or is stopped with the driver in or near the vehicle. In other words, it should not just be an empty, parked vehicle located at a post office, but rather a vehicle that is out on an active route today.  You can also take a picture with a postman or woman on foot who is actively delivering mail. The vehicle could be any official mail or package delivery vehicle such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc but the driver should be somewhere in the vicinity or we can tell that it's actively being driven on a road (if you aren't able to capture the actual driver in the shot). 

- 1 picture, team members visible 

- a vehicle meeting the criteria outlined above is visible and identifiable in the background and has a driver in or near it


#304: Take a picture of your team while any neon sign is in the background and turned on.  The sign should be made of neon, not just a lighted sign, and it needs to be on when you take your picture.  

- 1 picture, all team members visible if possible

- neon sign is visible and is turned on and operational


#305: Since Father's Day was last weekend, take a video of your team members hugging or high-fiving any male who is with a stroller and giving him words of encouragement such as "we believe in you", "you're awesome", "you're doing a great job", etc. The male should be walking with the stroller (although doesn't have to be the one pushing it) but should have some kind of personal connection to the child, not just some stranger that you got to stand with someone else's stroller.  Make sure your video shows the stroller at some point but it's not necessary to record the child.  

- 1 video, team members visible

- a male and the stroller he's accompanying are visible and team members are interacting with him


#306: Recently named a “Top-Rated Non-Profit” the Little Free Library organization works to inspire a love of reading, builds community, and increases access to books for readers of all ages and backgrounds.  Find any of these registered Little Free Library locations and take a picture of your team all reading books found inside of it while the Library is visible in the background.

- 1 picture, all team members visible if possible

- team is at a registered Little Free Library location and it's identifiable in the background

little free library.JPG


#307: Take a picture of your team and any car at a dealership or used car lot with a sales price between $18k and $22k. Must be an official sales tag by a legit car sale business and not just a car listed online or in a paper publication. It should also not be a car found on the side of the road with a hand written For Sale sign. Make sure team members are visible and the price is legible in your picture. 

- 1 picture, all team members visible if possible

- car is at a certified dealership or car sales location, and the list price is anywhere between $18,000 and $22,000


#308: Take a picture of your team and any official sign that marks a river, creek, stream, watershed, lake, or some other waterway is at that exact location. Most of these signs are relatively small in size, green, and along a roadway or near a bridge, but we will accept other variations if they meet the criteria. Basically it has to be an official sign, have the word river, creek, etc in the sign verbiage, and must be placed at the actual location of that water, not on some exit sign letting travelers know the destination is within a few miles from there. For some examples of accepted signs see the images below. Please choose a sign that is safe for your team to get to and take a picture with, especially along roadways. 

- 1 picture, all team members visible if possible

- sign that meets criteria outlined above is visible and legible

River sign.JPG


#309: Take a picture of your team while an old fashioned barber pole is visible in the background. It will likely be a staff or pole with a helix of colored stripes and might be stationary or revolve.

- 1 picture, all team members visible if possible

- any variety of an old fashioned barber pole is visible in the background



#400: Take a video of your team members making any baby under the age of one laugh or giggle without touching them.  Although we won't ask to see the baby's driver's license, we are pretty good judges of what a baby under age one looks like so make sure they are within the proper age range before beginning. The real challenge will be getting the baby to have some sort of audible reaction, not just a smile, without touching or tickling the child.

- 1 video, team members visible

- baby is less than 12 months old

- baby is audibly laughing not just smiling or making typical "baby noises" and no team members are touching or tickling the child


#401: Dress any one racer on your team in 10 top layers of clothing.  These should all be layers worn on their core, so items like hats, scarves, ties, sunglasses, gloves, etc. would not count..  Once they are properly layered take a video of them peeling each layer back slightly and counting them out loud. 

- 1 video, all team members visible if possible

- one racer is wearing at least 10 top layers of clothing on their core area and counts them out loud



#402: To celebrate the halfway point on our way to the holiday season have each racer use shaving cream to give themselves some Santa-like facial features.  Spray the shaving cream over each racer's eye brows, and of course give everyone a fluffy mustache and beard. Once everyone has a proper, but messy, holiday disguise, take a fun team picture and submit it to HQ to find out if you made the nice list this year.  

- 1 picture, all team members visible if possible

- each team member has shaving cream on eye brows, above lips, and down around chin area (as shown below)



#403: Take a video of every team member being hit by a separate water balloon at roughly the same time and each balloon breaks upon impact with their body, not on the ground.  Figuring out how to accomplish this will take some strategy, aim, and some serious commitment to make sure every balloon is thrown hard enough and against a part of the body that will cause it to break upon impact.  If even one balloon doesn't break against the body of a racer then the entire team has to attempt it again.  Please throw balloons at a racer's core, their arms, or legs, and not anywhere near their head.  

- 1 video, team members visible

- each team member is hit by a balloon at roughly the same time and every balloon explodes against each racer's body  


#404: Consume something safe and edible that turns your mouths a dramatically different color other than red. Then take a team picture with mouths open and tongues out to show off your new colors.  

- 1 picture, all team members visible if possible

- each racer's mouth is a bright color that was caused by consuming something safe and edible


#405: Get to any public library or bookstore and take a video of any racer or stranger making "armpit farting" noises somewhere inside. If no one on your team is capable of generating audible farting noises by cupping your hand in your armpit and flapping your arm, then a stranger who is capable of doing it can be used. The real challenge here is overcoming the embarrassment that comes with doing this in such a quiet place, or asking strangers if they're capable and willing to do it for you. Please do your best to complete the challenge without being disrespectful to those around you. If possible, capture some of the surroundings or book shelves in your video so that we can verify you're in a library or bookstore.

- 1 video, team members visible

- a team member or stranger is making audible "farting" noise using their hand and armpit (see technique in video below as a reference)

- team is in a library or bookstore and it is identifiable


#406: Blow up a separate balloon for each racer and take a video of all racers successfully using only static electricity to place their balloon on the wall and have it "stick" for a full 5 seconds.  Racers should place their balloons on the wall at roughly the same time so that every balloon is stuck to the wall for 5 seconds using only static.  No tape or other product should be used to help keep it on the wall, only static you generate just before placing it. If anyone's balloon falls down they can place it back on the wall, as long as at some point every balloon is on the wall at the same time, for a full 5 second count.

- 1 video, all team members visible if possible

- team completes the challenge as outlined above


#407: Get every racer an ice cream cone filled with ice cream.  Then have every racer place the ice cream portion of it in their mouth so that their lips and teeth are only gripping cold ice cream, and not any portion of the actual cone.  The cone should be protruding out of each racer's mouth and remaining somewhat parallel to the ground (head is looking straight ahead, not tipped up or down).  Have each racer let go of their cones with their hands and take a video of your team all keeping their cones steady in their mouths for a full 10 seconds without it falling out. If any cones fall out or anyone touches their cone then the entire team needs to start again.   

- 1 video, at least 10 continuous seconds, all team members visible if possible

- each racer has their own ice cream cone and they complete the challenge based on the criteria outlined above

File Jun 22, 10 54 00 PM.png


#408: Create a sign that says "HONK AND WE'LL DANCE" and then get to a corner at any 4-way intersection with a traffic light and hold up the sign. Take a video of any car honking at your sign and your entire team dancing like crazy to reward them. Make sure we can see the sign at some point during the video.    

- 1 video, all team members visible if possible

- team should be at a 4-way intersection that has a traffic light

- a stopped or passing vehicle honks during the video and the team then dances wildly

- team's homemade sign with the required statement should be visible at some point in the video


#409: Complete the KINDness Roulette Challenge. Put each racers name in a hat and have everyone pick a name. If you get your own name put it back and re-draw. Once everyone has a name get blank paper, index cards, or something to write on. Then write that person a short note about what you admire about them. Try to focus on non-physical characteristics, unless there's something about them physically that really means a lot to you. Be open about why you admire them and what they mean to you. When you are finished have everyone give their notes to their chosen racer and read them to yourselves (or aloud if desired). Then take a team picture showing each other some love and holding up all of your notes.

- 1 picture, all team members visible if possible

- racers are holding the hand-written notes given to them by other racers after completing a reflection time with one another