Read each challenge carefully and click on the "Details" link to make sure you complete it accurately based on the requirements.  

When submitting your photo or video, add the 3-digit Challenge Number to the caption box before clicking Upload. You should see a response from HQ very quickly but you do not need to wait around for it, especially if you are confident that you completed it correctly.

Complete as many challenges as you can in the 3 hour timeframe. Challenges can be completed in any order.

Teams need to stay together throughout the race and each team member (and their body markings when possible) should be visible in every submission unless otherwise noted.

Be aware that the max length of a video that can be uploaded to Bonfyre is 15 seconds so any challenge requiring a video will be limited to 15-seconds. You can take a longer video on your camera in order to capture your team attempting the challenge and then trim it down to a 15-second or shorter clip within the app in order to show the portion with your team successfully completing the requirements.

If you have a race-related question during the race you can submit it through your Team Bonfyre.  Our HQ will respond quickly and provide you with the information you need as long as it doesn't give you a competitive advantage.



#100: Take a picture of any TWO team members who have climbed off the ground and up the backside of any regulation soccer net. They do not need to be all the way up the net, just enough that their feet are off of the ground.  Please be careful when climbing on the net not to damage it. The two racers should spread themselves apart from each other so that there's not too much weight or tension on any one area of the netting.  

#101: Take a video of any ONE team member bouncing on a Pogo Stick 10 consecutive times without falling off

#102: Take a video of any ONE team member holding themselves off the ground for 5 consecutive seconds by holding onto any metal flag pole, light pole, or similar type of outdoor metal pole. They must only use the pole, not any part of the base, or other protrusions.  

#103: Each racer should have their own pair of scissors and their own piece of paper. Then take a video of your team all lying on their backs doing scissor kicks with their legs while they use the pair of scissors to cut their piece of paper into a circular shape.  Don't just cut the corners off the paper to form a circle but rather make a 360 degree cut, because it will take longer and you'll be forced to do more kicks with your legs. 

#104: On any grassy surface take a video of any ONE team member successfully completing the Knee Dip Challenge. Basically, while standing, bend one leg behind you and hold onto your ankle. Then carefully lower yourself to the ground so that your bent knee touches the ground and then stand back up to a standing position without letting go of your ankle, falling over, or allowing any other body part to touch the ground other than the knee on the bent leg you're holding.  For a video example click the Details link below.     

#105: Start your team at the bottom of any staircase with at least 15 steps, then take a video of your team all scrambling up the steps on all fours. You should be in the scramble position the entire time you ascend the steps (on all fours and each hand and foot should touch every step along the way).  This technique would be similar to any four-legged animal that walked up the steps and didn't skip any. 

#106: Have any ONE team member hold the handles of a full one-gallon jug of water in each hand. Take the lids off of both jugs then have someone take a video of that racer completing 10 shoulder presses with the open jugs.  Basically, that racer will hold the open jugs above their head, turn the jugs sideways so that the openings are facing inward towards each other, and do 10 shoulder presses with the jugs in that position. A shoulder press consists of the person keeping their arms in line with their shoulders, start with their arms extended above their head, lower your arms until your elbows are bent to 90 degrees at shoulder height, and then back up. You'll know you've done this challenge correctly if the racer completing it gets soaked. 

#107: Take a video of 3 team members all walking on the same treadmill for at least 10 seconds without falling off or touching any other part of the machine for balance. If you only have 2 racers on your team you'll need to recruit a stranger to become your third participant.  The treadmill should be functional and moving on it's own at a speed that's challenging but not dangerous (a brisk walk is probably best). 

#108: Get to any regulation football field and have your team members all line up along the goal line while each racer is standing in their own separate large trash bag. Then take a video of your team all using those trash bags like an old fashioned potato sack race and attempt to hop from the front of the endzone to the back of it within one 15 second continuous video. If the football field you're on doesn't have clearly marked endzones you can simply jump for approximately 10 yards anywhere else on the field. 

#109: To show your support for all of the families in your area whose lives get turned upside down when their child gets diagnosed with cancer, and to honor the strength those kids have to battle their disease get to any hospital and take a picture of at least half your team members doing handstands while the hospital is clearly visible and identifiable in the background.  If you can't do an unassisted handstand you can have another team member hold your legs up during the picture. 




#200: Take a video of any team member rolling a standard Hula-Hoop across the ground, and another team member successfully diving or crawling through the hoop as it passes by without hitting it or causing the hoop's forward momentum to slow down. 

#201: Using any digital scale (such as a standard bathroom scale) work together as a team using only your bodies to get the scale to read 200 lbs, and then take a picture of it so that the number is clearly legible and somewhere between 200.0 and 200.9 pounds. No weighing down the scale or your racers with other objects. Use only the force of your bodies. 

#202: Take a video of any ONE racer on your team getting the wide end of a metal spoon to stick to the end of their nose for at least 10 seconds without holding it, having it fall, or using some other substance to help it stick (other than your warm breath). 

#203: In honor of the NBA draft this week, take a video of any ONE racer on your team making a basketball shot while standing behind the backboard and shooting the ball up and over the backboard and into the hoop.  You can use any ball that's roughly the size of a standard basketball but this challenge should be completed on a standard sized hoop set at the standard height. 

#204: On any mobile device use the stopwatch function and get the timer to stop at exactly 5 seconds and then take a picture of the racer who was able to do it holding the device with 5.00 seconds clearly visible.  This should be done using the stopwatch function and not the countdown/timer clock.

#205: Take a video of any member of your team bouncing a pencil off of a hard surface and into a drinking cup or glass. Most people attempt this by bouncing the pencil on it's eraser end and getting it to land in the glass with the point facing down. 

#206: Take a video of two team members sitting on the ground completing the Smelly Ear Challenge. Basically one team member places a pencil in between their toes on their bare foot.  That racer then attempts to place the pencil behind the ear of another team member so that it stays there and doesn't fall out. The racer who starts with the pencil can place it in between their toes using their hands but while they are trying to complete the challenge neither racer can use their hands to help secure the pencil behind the ear.  The racer receiving the pencil can move their head as needed but if you are using a sharpened pencil please be very careful not to poke your teammate in the face, eyes, or ear.  

#207: Take a video of any ONE team member successfully completing the OREO Face Challenge.  Place an Oreo on your forehead and using only your facial muscles and gravity attempt to move the cookie down your face and into your mouth without grabbing it with your hand or having it fall off.  If it falls off place the cookie back on your forehead and try again. Since this challenge can take a while you can just submit the last 15 seconds of footage as the racer is finally able to get it into their mouth.  But be aware we may ask for the first portion of that video so make sure they complete the entire challenge according to the rules. 

#208: Balance four apples one on top of the other and then take a picture of your team and your tower of apples.  The apples should be unsupported, meaning they are not leaning against anything, not being held by any team members, and not stuck to each other with tape, toothpicks, etc.  

#209: Take a video of one team member tossing any standard baseball style hat and getting it to land on another team members head from at least eight feet away. The team member receiving the toss can't use their hands to catch it or hold it on their head once it hits. Both participants can move around as needed as long as they are at least eight feet apart. The hat doesn't need to land facing forward or even right side up, as long as it remains on the racer's head and doesn't fall off.   



#300: Take a picture of your team all hugging any living person who is 85 years old or older.  Submit one picture of your team showing them some love and then submit a second image of their ID with their personal information covered with their hand (other than their birth date of course). 

#301:  Find any business whose name contains any of the letter combinations Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, or Ti and take a video of your team all singing a portion of that classic Sound Of Music tune while the sign for the business is visible in the background.

#302: Find any statue of a person and take a picture of your team while you all pose like that person. The statue should be an actual statue and not just an image of one or a miniature sized replica.

#303: In honor of the recent news that Top Gun 2 is going to be made, find any sign that includes the word "danger" and sing a portion of the song Highway To The Danger Zone while the sign is clearly visible and legible in the background. 

#304: Find any limo or other stretch style vehicle and take a fun team picture where everyone pairs up and does your best prom couple pose while the stretch vehicle is visible in the background.

#305: Take a picture of your team and any item or items that are labeled as 50% off or more (60%, 70%, etc).  The item should be something you can purchase in person, not something online and it should be clearly marked with a discount tag on it, signage overhead, etc. 

#306: Take a video of your team members giving a stranger, or multiple strangers, a shoulder massage while any business with the word "Massage" or "Spa" in it's name, or in it's signage, is visible in the background. The signage should be at the location of the actual business not online or on a poster somewhere.

#307: Since 2017 is the Chinese year of the Rooster, find any rooster out in your community such as a toy, stuffed animal, or real-life rooster and take a picture with it. Although you can't just use an image on someone's device we will accept a picture of a rooster if it's on a product or on signage.   

#308: Take a picture of your team with any regulation "Speed Limit 35 MPH" street sign.  Your team should be outside of your vehicle and standing next to the sign but please be careful and choose a sign whose location is safe for your team to stand near. 

#309: Take a picture of your team while someone is holding a postcard from the area you are racing in today.  It can be the local town or city or even the state you're in but the postcard should have the name of that location somewhere on the front of it and not just an image of a landmark that is found in that area. You can submit multiple images if needed to clearly show your team with the postcard and a close-up of the front of it. 




#400: Go to and have someone on your team register to become a bone marrow donor. Submit a picture of the racer who registered, along with the confirmation page that appears on the website once the registration process is complete. FYI...filling out the registration form does not require you to submit the swabs you'll receive in the mail and it does not require you to actually donate bone marrow, but it's a good first step towards saving someone's life!

#401: Take a video of your team members standing a few feet from a leaf blower as it blows air towards them.  Please either wear eye protection or close your eyes and mouth as the leaf blower is on and blowing air towards you. 

#402: Take a picture of your team all drinking any type of beverage from the same cup/glass and each racer is using a curly straw or some other fun shaped straw (not just the standard straight ones or ones with one flexible bend).

#403: Take a video of your team all attempting the Knee Drink Challenge. Each member of your team should have their own full and opened bottle of water (standard 16 ounce bottle is best). Sit down on the ground with feet flat and knees bent upwards and place the bottle of water in between your knees. Then lean back so that your elbows and forearms are on the ground on either side of you.  Carefully tip your knees and the bottle of water towards your chest so that the top of it rotates down towards you and you can attempt to put your mouth over the opening. Then drink from the bottle as best you can for 10 consecutive seconds. For a better visual click on the Details link below to see a picture of our staff doing it.  If you do it successfully you might stay dry, but either way this challenge is meant to cool your team off and keep you hydrated.  

#404: Find one of those tall and colorful inflatable "tube men" that flap all around and are often used outside of a business to promote something. Then take a video of your team all imitating their movements as the tube man is clearly visible in the background.

#405: Take a picture of your team members while their feet are all completely buried in either sand, dirt or mulch.  Racers should have their feet covered up to approximately their ankles, not just a little bit over the tops of their feet.  So you may need to dig down a little or build up big piles to get completely covered.

#406: Since today is the 24th of the month, take a picture of your team with a gas receipt for exactly 24 cents, or at a gas pump stopped at exactly 24 cents.  You can submit multiple pictures if needed in order to show your team at the pump and a close-up of the 24 cent purchase. 

#407: In honor of Take Your Dog To Work Day, which was yesterday, take a picture of your team with any live dog that is "working at a computer". Do your best to create a fun pose with your group and a live dog whose paws are on a keyboard "typing".   

#408: Have each team member place 3 standard sized marshmallows in their mouth and then take a fun group picture of everyone smiling with their full mouths. Be careful not to choke on the marshmallows. Do not attempt to eat all 3 at once. Take the picture then eat one at a time if desired.

#409: Using chalk write a positive or inspirational message to all the passersby on any public sidewalk and then take a team picture with your message(s).