Read each challenge carefully and click on the "Details" link to make sure you complete it accurately based on the requirements.  

When submitting your photo or video, add the 3-digit Challenge Number to the caption box before clicking Upload. You should see a response from HQ very quickly but you do not need to wait around for it, especially if you are confident that you completed the checkpoint correctly.

Complete as many challenges as you can in the 3 hour timeframe. Challenges can be completed in any order.

Teams need to stay together throughout the race and each team member (and their body markings when possible) should be visible in every submission unless otherwise noted.

Be aware that the max length of a video that can be uploaded to Bonfyre is 15 seconds so any challenge requiring a video will be limited to 15-seconds. You can take a longer video on your camera in order to capture your team attempting the challenge and then trim it down to a 15-second or shorter clip within the app in order to show the portion with your team successfully completing the requirements.

If you have a race-related question during the race you can submit it through your Team Bonfyre.  Our HQ will respond quickly and provide you with the information you need as long as it doesn't give you a competitive advantage.



#100: Take a video of your entire team Army crawling under any tennis court net or soccer net.

#101: Place a standard-sized bottle of water on the ground in front of each team member who is standing over it.  Then take a video of your team all crouching down and picking up the bottle in between their knees and then standing up without it dropping and without touching your knees or hands to the ground or any other structures.

#102: Take a video of your team all doing 4 squats or curls while each racer is holding a bag of ice. Bags should be the kind bought at a store or gas station but you shouldn't need to buy them just to do this challenge. 

#103: Work together as a team to roll a wheel or tire (bike wheel or car tire would work well) or a hula hoop along the ground continuously for a full 15 second video without grabbing it or catching it or having it fall over. You should just take turns pushing it along and walking/running alongside it as it rolls. The faster you get it rolling the easier it is to keep it upright. 

#104: Take a video of your team jumping up onto any public bench with both feet then jumping or stepping down and repeating the process for a total of 3 times. Make sure the bench is firmly connected to the ground or have people supporting it while your team completes the challenge. If the bench is too small to have your whole team complete it at the same time you can submit multiple videos of separate groups of teammates completing it.    

#105: Divide your team in half and pair up with another racer. Stand back to back with your partner and interlock your arms with your partner's arms.  Then take a video of your team members working together to lower themselves to the ground to a sitting position, then work together to pull yourselves back up into a standing position without unlocking your arms.  You can also complete this as one large group with your entire team if you'd prefer. If you have an uneven number of racers but would rather do pairs you can have someone do it twice, or recruit a stranger to do it with you. 

#106: Work together as a team to lift any stranger who is lying on their back up to the shoulder level of your team and then have someone take a picture of the entire group while you are holding them up. Be very careful to lower them down carefully with their feet touching first. The hardest part of this challenge may be convincing a stranger to trust your group. If you don't have enough team members to lift someone you can recruit other strangers to help you lift.

#107: Take a video of 4 total people all balancing on part of a fire hydrant for at least 5 full seconds. None of the 4 people should have a foot touching the ground, but both their feet don't have to necessarily be on the hydrant. 

#108: Take a video of any team member, or as many as you'd like, running past a speed tracking street sign (the kind that tells you your speed digitally as you drive by).  The sign doesn't need to register their running speed, but even cooler if it does. Try to find one in a low traffic or residential area to avoid running along a busy road.

#109: Take a video of your entire team jumping into a pool, swimming across, and getting out on the other side within a 15 second video. You can cross the pool whichever way is shorter (width, length). All team members should jump in feet first, not dive, to make it more difficult (and safer). Be sure to work together as a team to help get everyone up and out of the water within the 15 seconds.  If it's a pool with one entrance/exit, such as an above ground pool, you can just have everyone jump in and carefully get out using the one exit.




#200: Take a video of any female on your team (or a female stranger) tying a necktie around their own neck in a standard business style knot within a 15 second video clip. Start with it loosely around their neck and untied.

#201: Take a video of any one racer with their eyes closed getting "shot" in the face by the rest of their team members using straws and spitballs. Designate one racer to be "shot" and then have everyone else stand at least an arm's length away, each with their own straw and spitball loaded.  Then have everyone "shoot" their spitball at the racer's face, while they keep their eyes closed the entire time. .

#202: Take a video of any racer flipping a quarter across the tops of each of their 4 knuckles using only those fingers to move it along. Some people refer to this skill as "rolling" a quarter across their knuckles. You can watch a video of it by clicking on the "Details" link at the bottom of this category.  

#203: Take a video of each racer on your team stretching their arms out in front of them, palms down, fingers together, and balancing one egg on the backside of each hand for at least 5 seconds without dropping them. The egg should be balancing on the actual back of your hand and not resting in between your fingers. Your team should all do this challenge at the same time so that everyone is balancing eggs for a full 5 seconds without any of them dropping. This would be a good challenge to do outside. 

#204: Take a video of any team member(s) pulling and placing 3 Jenga blocks within one 15 second video from any regulation (or oversized) Jenga tower.  If you're not familiar with the game, you can pull the blocks from anywhere except the top two rows and then lay the blocks on the top of the tower to form the next row

#205: Take a video of any one racer, with eyes closed, reciting the alphabet backwards from Z-Q within 10 seconds. That's 10 letters within a 10 second max continuous video clip, and that racer must have their eyes closed so they're not reading the letters. 

#206: Take a team picture after you've created a plastic cup pyramid using exactly 36 Solo Cups (or similarly sized brand). The pyramid should be unsupported by any other structures and should be shaped in a balanced manner so that 1 cup is on top and is sitting on 2 cups, etc. Figuring out how to align exactly 36 cups so the pyramid is even is part of the challenge.  

#207: Take a video of any racer tossing a roll of toilet paper and another racer catching it on the handle of any plunger. The end of the handle should go through the hole in the center of the toilet paper roll.  The two racers should have a distance of about 3 feet from the ends of their outstretched arms so that the roll travels about 3 feet in the air before the second racer snags it on the handle.

#208: Take a video of any team member lifting an ice cube up and out of a standard ice cube tray using only their mouth/teeth. The ice cubes can be loosened by first twisting or "cracking" the tray but the cubes should be in their individual troughs and not tilted up in any way. The racer can not use their hands in any way to grab the cubes or hold the tray.  

#209: Take a video of any racer on the team completing the "Coaster Flip Challenge" 3 times in a row without dropping it within a 15 second continuous video. Must use actual drink coasters of any size/shape. For a detailed video on how to do the Coaster Flip you can click on the Details link below. Basically overhang a coaster off the edge of a table. Place your hand, palm down, a few inches under the overhanging coaster and then smack it up into the air using the back side of your hand and catch it before it hits the table or the ground. Do this 3 times in a row within a 15 second video without any drops and you've done it! The higher you can smack it up into the air the easier it may be to time your catch as it's flipping.  



#300: Take a picture of your team and any house, condo, property, etc, that has a For Sale or Sold sign.  This should be an actual structure, not just a listing in the newspaper or online and the team should be next to the sign to prove it is on the market.  

#301: Take a picture of your entire team at any business that is open 24 hours a day.  Team should be next to a sign or the hours at the actual business to prove it's open 24 hours. 

#302: Take a picture of your entire team with any RedBox kiosk or similar style of mobile DVD rental kiosk, and have each racer point to the video that they'd prefer to watch.   

#303: Take a video of your team and any stranger that has a tattoo while they explain what that tattoo means to them.  The tattoo must be visible at some point during the video. 

#304: Take a picture of your team and any PARKED vehicle that has a business name and contact info on it (not just a licence plate cover). Although the vehicle doesn't have to be covered in a "wrapped" design, it should be promoting a business and have a means to contact them.    

#305: Find any PARKED vehicle whose license plate contains numerical digits that add up to 10, no more, no less. So if the plate were "CF2H 5K3" it would be acceptable because those numbers add up to 10 and there aren't any additional numbers. 

#306: Take a picture of your team with any standard world globe while each racer is pointing to a location they'd like to visit. Must be an actual 3 dimensional globe and not a map or atlas. 

#307: Take a picture of your team with any toilet on display in a retail store or showroom and pose as if someone just used it and forgot to flush. The toilet must be an unused model on display for purchase in a store, not one in an actual bathroom or one being thrown away.  

#308: Take a picture of your team and any trailhead sign or name of a trail. Could also be an urban trail or bike trail but should say "trail" or have the characteristics of a trail and a sign.

#309: Take a picture of your team while at least one member is eating a sausage or hotdog and the movie "Sausage Party" is visible on a movie theater marquee or a film poster in the background.  If dietary restrictions are a concern someone can just be holding the food but not eating it. The movie promotion should be at an actual theater, not just an ad in a newspaper for example. 




#400: Take a team picture showing off your hands once every member of your team has painted their fingernails gold (the international color for childhood cancer awareness) using real fingernail polish.  This challenge is in honor of the ACCO's "Pedi-Cure" program (

#401: Give a team member or stranger a mohawk using hair gel or hair spray so it's free-standing and then take a fun team picture outside of any hair salon or barbershop posing like they just got the worst haircut of their life..  

#402: Take a picture of your entire team all "napping" on the same bed that is on display in any retail store or showroom. Be sure to capture enough of the background so that HQ can verify you are in a public retail location and not a private bedroom.  

#403: Take a video of any two team members successfully completing the Pencil Pass Challenge. Basically one racer has a pencil lying across their upper lip and is holding it in place using only their lips and nose (no hands). A second racer must transfer the pencil to their upper lip without dropping it and without using their hands. The two racers faces will be very close to each other trying to transfer the pencil from one upper lip to the other without dropping it. Full disclosure, this challenge will be awkward...but hilarious! 

#404: Have each racer holding a cupful or handful of flour. Get your team in a close huddle and have someone take a video of everyone tossing the flour up into the air above them at the same time and letting it fall over your team. Please complete this challenge outside.

#405: In honor of Alex's Lemonade Stand, one of the charities we will be donating to for this race, take a video of each of your team members chugging a separate individual bottle of lemonade for a full 10 second continuous video.  The lemonade can be any brand but finding enough separate bottles for your team might be even harder than chugging such a sweet beverage for 10 seconds straight.  

#406: Wrap any one member of your team from head to toe in toilet paper, leaving as few gaps as possible except around their nose/mouth so they can breathe easily.  Then take a fun team picture with your new "mummy" team member.  

#407: Build sailor style hats out of newspaper for each team member and take a team picture wearing your hats in any boat or vessel posing as if you're in the middle of a huge storm or on an epic expedition. The boat or vessel does not need to be in any water but it should be an actual watercraft such as a boat, canoe, kayak, etc.  

#408: Fill any standard-sized dinner plate with water up to it's rim. Then have 4 total people holding the plate with one hand each somewhere along the rim (4 total hands along the plate). Start with the plate at waist height and work together to raise the plate up above your heads until your arms are nearly fully extended. Then work together to lower it back down to waist height all within a 15 second continuous video clip.  This challenge should likely be completed outdoors.  

#409: Take a video of at least half the members on your team each chewing a separate raw clove of garlic for at least 10 full seconds. Racers should be actively chewing the clove and not just holding it in their mouths. Start by holding it up near your mouth so HQ can confirm it's a garlic clove and then chew it for 10 seconds.