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June 2020

12pm Pacific | 1pm Mountain | 2pm Central | 3pm Eastern

Put together an epic team of up to 10 racers. Come up with a team name and start registering your team now to reserve your spot! Call out other family members, friends, and rivals from around the country to race against your team.    


Teams from around the world will all be competing against each other at exactly the same time!  Travel by any means available throughout your community to complete wild challenges that will test your physical strength, mental skill, and level of fun!

Submit your pictures and videos along the way to our race HQ via the X-Race mobile app and get each challenge verified in real-time!  Socialize with teams from around the world within the app before and after the race and make some new friends or friendly rivals.     


Each X-Race will focus on a global issue to "X-Out".  Your registration will help fund a large donation to various charities that are making that happen.  Together we can  impact the world while having fun, getting fit, and experiencing our communities in a unique way!

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