Before getting started...

Be sure to "like" both the Xperience Adventures and KIND Snacks facebook pages using the buttons below so that you can mention them in your posts throughout the week!

Once you've completed your first challenge, use the instructions below to post your photo/video, create your album, and add the album link to your registration details.


+ STEP 1

If the photo or video from your first challenge is on your mobile device, open the Facebook mobile app and click on the phrase "What's on your mind?" within your status bar.

+ STEP 2

Click the green camera icon and select the desired photo/video from your gallery to add to your post.

+ STEP 3

Once it appears in your post, click on the button labeled "Album" just above your status.

+ STEP 4

A list of your current albums will appear. At the top of the list click the "Create Album" option.

+ STEP 5

In the space labeled "Untitled Album" type "Xperience UW". In the space labeled "Add a description..." type the website address "". Then click "Save" in the upper right corner of your screen.

+ STEP 6

For every photo or video you post into your album throughout the Xperience you will need to include these pieces of information in the space labeled "Say something about this.."

  • The hashtag #XperienceUW

  • The challenge number (such as #Challenge27) that your photo or video is for. This number is listed next to each challenge description on your challenge list

  • Mention the Xperience Adventures facebook page. If you've liked that page then you can type @XpererinceAdventures and a drop down box should appear allowing you to select the official page.

  • Mention the KIND Snacks facebook page. If you've liked that page then you can type @KINDSnacks and a drop down box should appear allowing you to select the official page.

You can also write your own personal description about the photo/video, add the location you were at, and tag your friends who appear with you....but these are all optional.

Additional hashtags or mentions may be required for certain challenges depending on sponsorships. If so, the requirements will be listed within the challenge description. Once the required hashtags and mentions have been added to the description simply click "Post".

+ STEP 7

Once the album has been created you'll need to log into Facebook from a laptop or desktop (the mobile app doesn't allow you to get the album link). Go to the post you just uploaded and click on the album name at the top of your status.

+ STEP 8

Click on the gear icon within the album and select "Get Link" from the drop down menu.

+ STEP 9

A pop-up box will appear with the link to your album. Highlight that full link, right click on it, and select "Copy".

+ STEP 10

Go to and log in using the same credentials you were logged in with while registering for the Xperience. Once logged in, click on your Xperience, which should be listed under your events.

+ STEP 11

Click the "Edit" tool in the top right of your order form.

+ STEP 12

Scroll down to the field for the Facebook album link and paste in the link from your album. Then scroll down to the bottom of the order form and click "Save".

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