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Volunteer Briefing


Thank you so much for volunteering for the Xplore Urban Adventure Race! We are so grateful for your time and dedication and can't express how important your role will be in making this race a memorable experience! 

Start getting ready for your upcoming Xplore Urban Adventure Race now using the Volunteer Briefing information below!  Please read through it carefully and then keep an eye out for an email from our team in the week leading up to the event with more specific information.   

What To Expect

For our 2015 race season we are hoping to implement groups of "Xperience Volunteers" at the Finish Lines of each event nationwide. You will be stationed at the finish line venue in your city (often a downtown bar or restaurant which we will reveal to you the week of the race).  As an Xperience Volunteer it will be your role to:

1. Cheer on teams as they arrive at the Finish!  Our HQ will notify volunteers when to expect a team in real-time via the Bonfyre app, so that you and other volunteers can prepare for their arrival and boost their morale as they arrive!  How you cheer them on is up to you but get creative with noise makers, giving them high-fives, synchronized cheering, etc.     

2. Be a great host or hostess!  Bring teams pitchers of water once they sit down, take their teams picture at the finish, or let them know where the bathrooms are.  Do anything you can to give them a great experience and make life easier since they will likely be hot, exhausted, and grateful for anything you do to help them recover.

3. Be social!  Get to know the teams and ask them about their favorite checkpoints in the race, or have them show you some of their favorite pictures and videos.  Eat, drink, and have fun with everyone at the finish line, including racers, other volunteers, and the venue staff.  

Please be aware that in most cities you will be the face of the company for many racers and what they remember about the experience will have a lot to do with how you engage with them, and others.  Please make us proud by being respectful, social, fun, and sober!  

You should arrive at the Finish Line venue at 1:00pm, since teams will likely begin finishing shortly after that.  Most teams will be finished by about 4:00pm and we hope you can stay throughout that time to cheer just as loud for the last teams as you do for the winners. You should be wearing the white urban racing shirt you will receive in the Swag Pack we mail to you in the days leading up to the race.  You are however encouraged to wear or bring anything else you think could improve the racers experience (fun costumes, face paint, noise makers, pom-poms, homemade signs).

Mobile App

We're excited to be partnered with "The Experience Network" app, called Bonfyre, for our Xplore mobile app racing experience. This app will provide a direct line of communication between all Xperience Volunteers and our off-site Race Headquarters so that we can answer any questions you have throughout the entire experience.  

As teams head towards the Finish Line our HQ will do our best to update all volunteers in real-time and let them know when to expect the next team of racers.  The app will also provide a way for you to socially engage with all other volunteers even before race day.  You can discuss what to bring, where to park, or show off that goofy cheer you've been practicing.  

To prepare for the race you'll need to download the Bonfyre app (free) on the device you plan to have with you when you volunteer. 

You can click on the buttons below from that device to download the app.  Then please go to our App website by clicking HERE and use the tips we've provided to become proficient with the app before race day.  It's a very simple and intuitive app, but it can only help to be a pro with it before you arrive at the race.

In the week leading up to your race we will be sending out an invitation to join the Xperience Volunteer group. Please download the app now by clicking on the appropriate button below from your mobile device, and then join the group when you receive the invitation.  

For being such an important part of the event we will send you our Volunteer Swag Pack, which includes one of our urban racing shirts and a custom-designed decal of your city. Please be sure the email address, mailing address, and t-shirt size are all accurate for each volunteer you registered so that you can receive everything you need in the week of the race. To update this information you can log back into Eventbrite and click "View Order" to make any necessary changes.

In the week leading up to your race you will receive a final volunteer briefing with information on where to meet, as well as the bonfyre group invite. if you have any questions you can contact us via email at xteam@xperienceadventures.com