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April 9th-15th, 2017

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Register for the Xperience by clicking on the red button above at any time leading up to, or even during the week of the event. The event is FREE and it only takes about 2 minutes to get signed up!  

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Create a Facebook album specifically for the event and then add the link for that album into your registration details (so we can verify you did challenges and are eligible to win prizes).  For step by step instructions on how to do this, click on the button below: 

After the Xperience goes live on April 9th you will receive a list of challenges that you can complete on campus or around the Madison community.  Complete as many as possible during the week and post the required photo or video proof and mentions/hashtags for each challenge in the Facebook album you created. 

On a regular basis throughout the week we will be randomly drawing names of participants and awarding prizes from our national sponsor, KIND Snacks, as well as lots of partners on campus and local businesses around Madison. The sooner you register the more chances you'll have to win!


+ What Can I Expect If I Register?

Once the Xperience goes live on April 9th you will receive via email the list of 50 challenges/experiences tailored to the UW and Madison community. There are 5 categories of challenges (Physical, Skill, Fun, Find, and KIND), with 10 challenges in each category. Each of them are designed to challenge you or be the catalyst for a memorable experience. Complete as many of them as you can throughout the week, in any order, making sure to complete each one accurately based on the parameters outlined within each description.

+ How Do I Become Eligible To Win Prizes?

You will create a Facebook album specifically for the event and submit the link to that album into your registration details. This process will most likely be done after you register by logging back into your Eventbrite registration page and updating your information. Once your album has been created and the link has been added to your registration details you can begin posting picture or video proof of each challenge you complete into that album with the required description/mentions/hashtags outlined on your challenge list. For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create your album and post your pictures/videos click HERE.

+ What If I Don't Have A Facebook Account?

You can create an account for free, or you can recruit someone to be on your team that does have one and simply submit the link to their album in your registration details. As long as you are featured in their album posts you are eligible to win any prize you were selected to receive.

+ How Are The Prizes Awarded?

We use a third-party program to randomly select each winner. At the time of the drawing, if that participant has provided a Facebook album link and they have successfully completed the required challenge(s) for that prize then they will be contacted and awarded.

The best ways to improve your chances of winning are by registering as soon as possible so that you are eligible for as many drawings as possible throughout the week, and to complete as many of the challenges as possible since some giveaways may have larger prizes for those that complete more challenges.

+ I Am Connected With An On-Campus Organization Or Local Business And Would Love To Get Involved, Provide Giveaways, Or Sponsor Xperience UW!

We are always looking for great partners! Please email us at XTeam@XperienceAdventures.com and we will let you know how to get involved or connect you with the right people at KIND that can coordinate a partnership.

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