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Pre-Race Briefing


Start getting ready for your upcoming Xplore Urban Adventure Race now using the Pre-Race Briefing information below!  Please read through it carefully and let us know if you have any questions so you and your team are ready to have an incredible experience when you hit the pavement!  You will also receive a Final Race Briefing a few days before your race.

Mobile App

We're excited to be partnered with "The Experience Network" app, called Bonfyre, for our Xplore mobile app racing experience. This app will provide a way to socially engage with all teams competing in your race, both before the start, and post-race. It will also enable your team to communicate directly, and privately, with our Race Headquarters, get your pictures and videos verified in real-time, and answer any questions you may have, even days before the race, and throughout the entire experience.

To prepare for the race you'll need to download the Bonfyre app (free) on any and all Apple or Android devices you plan to race with. 

You can click on the buttons below from your mobile device to download the app.  Then please go to our App website by clicking HERE and use the tips we've provided to become proficient with the app before race day.  It's a very simple and intuitive app, but given the fact that your mind and body will be amped up on race day it can only help to be a pro with it before you hit the pavement.

When creating a Bonfyre account, please use the same email address that you provided when registering for the race.  In the days leading up to your race we will be automatically adding 2 race Bonfyres to that account  (1 for all teams, and 1 for only racers on your team) and you will be given more info on how to join them in a Pre-Race Briefing sent out the week of the race. 

What To Expect


You'll need to pick up your Race Packets on either Thursday September 29th or Friday September 30th at The Vintage Pearl located at 8144 S. Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74137. Their hours for both days are 10am-6pm. You won't need to bring anything, just tell them your name and you'll receive your packet.   

The morning of the race, teams will gather at the Start Line Venue (TBD) to socialize with other teams and prepare for the race.   

Most scavenger hunt type races will give you a paper clue sheet when the race starts with all the locations to get to, or challenges to complete.  Our clues will be on a hidden website.  

Right at the start of the race we'll send you the link to that website via the Bonfyre app.


During The Race:

Once you have access to the clue website you will most likely work on solving the clues to figure out the checkpoint locations and the challenges you need to complete.

You must complete 9 out of the 10 checkpoints.  Checkpoints can be completed in any order. Once you complete any 9 total checkpoints you will return to the Finish Venue to complete the final challenge and receive your official finishing position and time. 

The two big components of Urban Racing strategy usually come down to "which checkpoint should we skip" and "what's the fastest and most efficient method of travel and route to get from one checkpoint to another".  Some checkpoints will be further away but may be easier to complete once there, and others may be closer or something you can do along the way but could be harder to complete.  These are all things you'll probably be constantly thinking about throughout the day.  

Teams need to stay together throughout the race from one checkpoint to another and each team member (and their body markings when possible) should be visible in every submission unless otherwise noted.  

The only time team members are typically able to split up momentarily is if you all get to a checkpoint and it requires you to search for something.  For example, you all get to a sculpture garden and you need to find a specific statue.  You can split up within the garden to find the statue and then will need to regroup to take the picture. 

During the race your team is only allowed to travel on your own physical ability (legs, wheelchair, stroller, etc) or on public transportation such as Buses, Light Rail, Subway, Tram/Trolley, etc.   

You are not allowed to take private, personal, or community "shared" transportation including Taxi, Bikes, Pedicab, Horse-Drawn Carriage, Sight-Seeing Tours, Private Vehicle, Skateboards, Rollerblades, BikeShare and CarShare programs, etc.  Any use of these will most likely be documented by another team or an undercover staff member and you will be immediately disqualified from the race.

Our Race HQ will be verifying all of your checkpoints remotely, and in real-time.  As you complete a checkpoint on the course you will submit your picture or video through the Team Bonfyre (which is a group that is private and only consists of our HQ and your team members) and we will respond almost instantly letting you know if it's verified, or if something else is needed in order to complete it correctly.

We will be keeping track of the number of checkpoints every team has completed throughout the race, in real-time.  

It is a good idea though to be keeping track for yourself so you know which checkpoints you've completed and which ones you still need to complete.  Once you've completed 9 total you will head to the Finish Venue and we will send you a very brief instruction on what to do there.  This location will be the Finish Line for the entire race, and sending instructions on what to do there after you've completed 9 total will prevent any teams from trying to complete it earlier in the race and then just submit it at the end.  


After The Race:

Because Xplore is a mobile race, your finishing position will be determined by how quickly you complete the challenge at the Finish Venue and submit your picture or video. Our Race HQ will respond almost instantly with your finishing position and time.  The top teams will receive prizes (TBD) and sponsorship swag.

Once you receive your finishing position it's time to celebrate a great day, a tough workout, and fun times with friends.  We encourage you to hang out at the Finish Line Venue and meet other fun teams, listen to some great live music, and recover from the race with some delicious food and drinks. 

 How To Display Your Bib Number

When you registered, you assigned yourself a 3-digit race bib number which you will use to identify yourself on race day.  If you forget what number you assigned yourself you can log into your Eventbrite account and click on "View Order" and then scroll down to see the number you chose.  If you can't find it for some reason you can let us know by commenting in your Team Bonfyre in the week leading up to Race Day and we'll confirm it for you.

For race day identification we are now using the preferred method of most triathlons and adventure races called "Body Marking".  Body Marking, or having your bib number displayed on yourself, is a durable, safe, and effective way to let everyone around you know you're in the middle of a fun and competitive race through the city, without having to wear a paper bib and safety pins.  To learn more about our move to Body Marking check out our blog post about it HERE.

There are endless types of durable markers that will do the job, from the standard Sharpie found in your junk drawer, to those specifically for races like this, found at running stores and sporting goods locations.

No matter what option you go with, all are safe and can be removed after the race using a variety of methods.  Some simple ways of removing your body markings are detailed HERE.

Here's how to "Body Mark" yourself on race day:

1. Simply write the word "XPLORE" somewhere highly visible on your body or exterior layer of clothing.

2. Write the 3-digit Race Bib Number that you registered with, somewhere highly visible on your body or exterior layer of clothing.

* The word "XPLORE" and your 3-digit Race Bib Number need to be visible at all times, clearly written, and large enough that you can easily be identified by on-course volunteers, partnering businesses, and our remote Race HQ.

* If you prefer to not write on your body you can simply write the two required pieces of information on any exterior layer of clothing, headbands, hats, costumes, etc.  Be creative and have fun looking like the true adventure racer you are!

An example of racers displaying their body markings on their forearms and shoulders so it's visible when they "flash the X"

An example of racers displaying their body markings on their forearms and shoulders so it's visible when they "flash the X"

An example of racers displaying their body markings on headbands and long sleeve shirts

An example of racers displaying their body markings on headbands and long sleeve shirts

In the week leading up to your race you will receive race briefings and invites to your two Bonfyre Groups. if you have any questions you will likely find answers in our faq's section (www.XperienceAdventures.com/faqs) or you can contact us via email at xteam@xperienceadventures.com.

Keep in mind that the format of this Xplore Tulsa race is slightly different than our typical xplore Races because it's a fund raising event. Some of the information in the FAQ's won't apply to this event.  Please refer to this briefing for information specific to the Xplore Tulsa event.