Read each clue carefully. Complete each checkpoint accurately based on the description.  You must complete 9 out of the 10 checkpoints.  Checkpoint #10 is mandatory (cannot be your skip), and will need to be completed last, otherwise checkpoints can be completed in any order throughout the race.

Each checkpoint has a set of validation points below the clue that we will confirm for every submission.  Submit your completed clues to our Race Headquarters throughout the race via your Team Bonfyre and we will notify you quickly of the status using one of these simple responses:

VERIFIED = everything is completed correctly

CODE 1 = you are not at the correct location

CODE 2 = all of the requirements were not met  

CODE 3 = all team members were not visible

Our HQ will review your submission almost instantly.  You should see your response very quickly but you do not need to wait around for it, especially if you are confident that you completed the checkpoint correctly. Teams need to stay together throughout the race from one checkpoint to another and each team member (and their body markings when possible) should be visible in every submission unless otherwise noted.

If you have a race-related question during the race you can submit it through your Team Bonfyre.  We will respond quickly and provide you with the information you need as long as it doesn't impact your ability to solve the clue.

We have carefully scouted and vetted every checkpoint but cities are a constantly changing beast so if a checkpoint is inaccessible or you're not able to complete the requirements for any reason let us know right away and we will adjust the requirements if needed and verify accordingly.   


Checkpoint #1

*This checkpoint will be closing at 2:00pm so unless you want it to be your skip you'll need to arrive before then!

Located only about 4 blocks north of the Access, the name of the fitness studio where you'll need to get to includes the title of a popular U2 song.  It is said the band has not only played this song at every single tour concert since the song's live debut in 1992, but it was reportedly the song that brought the band back from the brink of a breakup (which makes sense when listening to the lyrics).  Once you get to the location, head inside and up the staircase to the studio.  A trained staff member will guide your team through a series of "asana's" and she (or another team that's willing) will take a picture of your team while holding one of these ancient asana's as proof of completing the challenge.  

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- Team is at the specified fitness business

- Team members are all holding one of the ancient asana's  

Checkpoint #2

What's miniature but covers about 4 acres?  Moves for 3 minutes at a time, but always stops where it started?  Is sometimes called "G16" by experts, and those who use it have a tradition of holding their breath and making a wish as it goes through a tunnel? 

Once you know what popular attraction you'll need to find, get your team to it's location.  Timing this checkpoint correctly, or maybe just getting lucky, may make all the difference, because it's location is typically changing all the time.  

Take a video of your entire team along it's path as it goes past you and have everyone on your team wave excitedly to those on it.  The attraction must be moving in the video, and it must be traveling past somewhere close to your location, not just off in the distance.     

- 1 video, all team members clearly visible

- The designated attraction must be moving past your team's location

- Team member(s) must be waving to those on the attraction as it passes by

Checkpoint #3

Right now your competition is on the move, and the time on the race clock is ticking away. But these days, with technology, you rarely find a clock that actually "ticks".  This checkpoint can be completed anywhere around the city, and there are lots of different ways to complete it, so get creative.  To complete this challenge simply take a picture of your entire team with any working clock or time keeping device that has an hour and minute hand.  The clock or time keeping device needs to be an actual physical version (so no digital representations of an older clock on a mobile device, etc).     

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- An actual physical version of a clock or time-keeping device is visible

-The clock or time-keeping device is working and has an hour hand and a minute hand 

Checkpoint #4

Xplore has become known for it's tradition of getting up close and personal with some of the best urban fountains throughout the country, and we're going to continue that here in San Diego! 

This checkpoint is in a beautiful 12-acre park that just opened this past May and is found adjacent to the world's oldest active sailing ship. Once there, find the large interactive fountains that spray jets of water onto a 1-inch pool.  Then take a 9 second video (the max you can upload to Bonfyre) of your team all doing planks in a circle formation (with your heads together, as seen in the image below) in the shallow pool, exactly where a jet of water is landing.  To clarify, your team should all be planking in the shallow pool and your plank circle is centered directly under where one of the jets of water is landing.  

This could become one of our favorite fountains this season, mainly because the jets of water automatically adjust to wind conditions, and it uses 80,000 gallons of recycled water.  A few things to ponder as your team is getting soaked...    

* If needed you can submit two videos, each showing half your team completing the challenge so that someone on your own team can film it and hold any belongings you want to keep dry.

- 1 video, or multiple videos if needed, all team members clearly visible

- Team is at the specified interactive fountain in the specified park

- Team members in the video are doing a plank circle in the shallow pool, centered around the spot where a jet of water is landing 

Checkpoint #5

This organization, dedicated to furthering understanding between different nationality groups here in the US, built a collection of 33 cottages, each representing a different nation.  These cottages are fascinating to visit even on a normal day, but especially today as the organization holds it's annual International Christmas Festival!  This checkpoint comes with both advantages and possible complications that would slow you down. You're looking for a specific nation's cottage in a maze of people and buildings, but you're guaranteed to soak up some amazing culture along the way!  Once you've found the cottages, take a picture of your entire team while the cottage that belongs to the nation where the Christmas Tree originated (although they'd probably call it a Tannenbaum) is clearly visible and identifiable in the background. Make sure one of the signs on the cottage identifying the nation it belongs to, or it's flag, is visible in the picture so our HQ can verify you're at the correct cottage.  There should be a sign on both the front and the back of the cottage so please be mindful of the festival going on and the people enjoying it and use discretion when trying to complete the checkpoint. There will likely be lots of great music, dancing and food surrounding this checkpoint so if you don't make it past this one we'll understand why!           

- 1 picture, all team members visible

- Team is at the specified collection of cottages 

- The cottage of the nation where the Christmas Tree originated is clearly visible and identifiable in the background  

Checkpoint #6

With it's abundance of tropical plants, San Diego is as close to paradise as we'll get this season! This challenge is going to either take some luck, or the help of some kind strangers (hopefully lanky strangers).  To complete this challenge take a picture of your entire team, and as many strangers as needed, to create a connected "human chain" (stretch hand in hand) between any 3 separate living palm trees.  The trees must be of the palm variety, and each tree needs to be a separate plant (not just a different trunk of one plant).   

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- Team members, and as many strangers as needed, form a connected human chain (outstretched arms) between any 3 separate living palm trees 

Checkpoint #7

The man described in the video below (press play to watch it) was not only a legend in his industry, but a hero to millions of military men and women over the course of his 100 years of life.  It's only fitting that this city has honored him with a statue within shouting (or laughing) distance from another military icon that traveled a lot during the wars.  His statue is surrounded by 15 others, each one representing a person of service from a different conflict. Get your team to this location and take a picture of your entire team hugging any of the statues that make up this memorial, as a way to show your gratitude for those they represent and the service they've provided.         

- 1 picture, all team members visible if possible

- Team is at the specified memorial honoring the specified legend  

- Team members are hugging any of the life-sized statues that make up the memorial


Checkpoint #8

This plaza is named for a man born Anthony Keith, and although he wasn't a formal guy, people would often address him using the term "Mister". He was so good at his job that there is a large bronze statue of him on the plaza.  Surrounding his statue are thousands of memorial bricks people have dedicated to him and others.  The problem is most people walk right over them and don't take the time to truly notice each message.  To complete this challenge get your team to this plaza and find any engraved brick whose inscription includes the first name of any of the 4 guys pictured below (also good at their jobs).  Once you've found it, take a picture of your entire team with the brick clearly visible (and legible). If needed, you can submit a second picture with a close-up view of the engraving so we can confirm the name.    

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

-Team is at the specified plaza and an engraved memorial brick is clearly visible

-The first name of any of the 4 specified men is included in the engraving and is clearly legible

Checkpoint #9

To complete this checkpoint you'll need to use some street sense. Take a picture of your entire team with a 3-digit address on a building or store whose digits add up to 10.  So if you found an address that was 235 it would be valid because 2+3+5 = 10.  Likewise, the address 505 would also be valid.  The number needs to be a 3-digit address on a building or storefront, and not just a random number you find along the way in a sign, phone number, etc.  Take the picture far enough away that we can get a good sense it's a building address, but close enough that the number is clearly legible.     

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- The 3-digit building or store address is clearly visible

- The addresses 3 digits add up to 10

Checkpoint #10  



After you have completed 8 total checkpoints and had them verified by our Race HQ, then this checkpoint will be the final one you complete. The FINISH LINE for the entire race!  

The establishment you need to get to, whose address is along 4th Ave, is shown below...although the actual sign out front will likely have all it's letters.   

Once your team completes your 8th total checkpoint successfully our Race HQ will send you a quick and brief instruction on what your team needs to do at this location.  Once you complete the objective or upload the required submission at this location you will be finished the race and you will instantly receive your finish place and time!  Then if you'd like, you can relax with your team, the other fun racers, and recover from your adventure at this after race venue!      

- All team members present at the Finish

- Team completes the requirement sent by Race HQ