Read each clue carefully. Complete each checkpoint accurately based on the description.  You must complete 9 out of the 10 checkpoints.  Checkpoint #10 is mandatory (cannot be your skip), and will need to be completed last, otherwise checkpoints can be completed in any order throughout the race.

Each checkpoint has a set of validation points below the clue that we will confirm for every submission.  Submit your completed clues to our Race Headquarters throughout the race via your Team Bonfyre and we will notify you quickly of the status using one of these simple responses:

VERIFIED = everything is completed correctly

CODE 1 = you are not at the correct location

CODE 2 = all of the requirements were not met  

CODE 3 = all team members were not visible

Our HQ will review your submission almost instantly.  You should see your response very quickly but you do not need to wait around for it, especially if you are confident that you completed the checkpoint correctly. Teams need to stay together throughout the race from one checkpoint to another and each team member (and their body markings when possible) should be visible in every submission unless otherwise noted.

If you have a race-related question during the race you can submit it through your Team Bonfyre.  We will respond quickly and provide you with the information you need as long as it doesn't impact your ability to solve the clue.

We have carefully scouted and vetted every checkpoint but cities are a constantly changing beast so if a checkpoint is inaccessible or you're not able to complete the requirements for any reason let us know right away and we will adjust the requirements if needed and verify accordingly.   


Checkpoint #1

In this month back in 1980 this iconic character was first released in Japan.  He came to Atlanta in a prominent way in 2012 when a fun-filled establishment named after him was opened below the city.  Find this establishment and take a picture of your entire team posing in front of the over-sized version of this character that's on the brick wall, and do your best to imitate his pose.  

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- The specified over-sized iconic character on the brick wall is clearly visible in the background 


Checkpoint #2

This popular 21-acre downtown space was built by the ACOG and has many worthy sites, including beautiful walking paths made up of countless engraved bricks.  The problem is most people walk right over them and don't take the time to truly notice each message.  To complete this challenge simply find a brick along one of these walking paths or plaza's with an engraving that includes the first name of any of the 4 guys pictured below.  Once you've found it, take a picture of your entire team with the brick clearly visible (and legible).   

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- Engraved brick is clearly visible

-The first name of any of the 4 specified men is included in the engraving and is clearly legible

Moving Target Button.jpg

Checkpoint #3

This may be the outlier of the checkpoints but could be a strategic move if you're struggling with any of the others.  This beautiful steel tribute to a local (and global) icon that was designed by an artist with the initials XMC deserves much respect.  That's why when you get to this sculpture take a picture that makes it look like your entire team is "High-fiving" the one being honored (it's too high for an actual high-five).  

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- The specified steel tribute is clearly visible

-Team members are giving the sculpture a "high-five" 

Checkpoint #4

There are lots of great things ATL is known for, but of course this globally renowned beverage is at the top of the list.  Although you won't need to drink any of it for this challenge, you may end up covered in it if you're not careful!  For this challenge take a picture of your entire team all balancing an open plastic bottle of Coke-brand beverage on each of your heads unsupported (meaning you can't be holding onto it).  

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible, and completing the challenge at the same time

- A plastic Coke-brand bottle is being used and has some of the beverage in it

- One open bottle is on each team members head and isn't being held

Checkpoint #5

This already popular spot (shown in the image below) is made even more popular by interactive shows performed 4 times a day, 365 days a year.  This spot is also the centerpiece of the area described in Checkpoint #2.  Once there,  take a video of your entire team traveling around any 1 of the 5 large circular grates on the ground, making sure you are directly over the center of the grate as you travel.  This is a challenge where timing may make all the difference.  The video shouldn't start recording until you're over the grate, and you should be recording for the max allowed time of the video (9 seconds) or until your team makes it entirely around the circle (whatever happens first).  Because of the circumstances of this challenge you can either submit a video of your entire team all completing the challenge at the same time (while a kind stranger films) OR you can submit multiple videos with half your team doing it in each video (so someone on your own team can film and watch any valuables).  Be aware the grate could be slippery so travel carefully.

- 1 video, all team members clearly visible and completing the challenge at the same time


- Multiple videos, all team members clearly visible and completing the challenge separately

-Team must travel around any 1 of the 5 large circular grates 

-Team must be traveling directly over the center of the grate as you travel

- Video(s) must be either 9 seconds in length (the maximum that can be uploaded to Bonfyre) or the team must make it entirely around 1 circle. Whichever is shorter in time.

Checkpoint #6

There are lots of places to check the time around the city but none more famous than the digital clock that has long been displayed prominently on top of the building that shares it's name with the capital of the state shown below.  It shouldn't be too tough to find, but timing it perfectly could make this checkpoint a game changer.  Get to this busy location and take a picture of your entire team with the clock in the background while all of the digits displayed on the clock add up to the number 10.  For instance, 8:11 would work because 8+1+1 = 10.  Or 10:27 because 1+0+2+7 = 10. Although you only need one picture, the timing has to be right, so make sure your entire team is in the picture and the time on the clock is clearly visible so our HQ can verify it.      

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- Specified famous clock is visible in the background

- The sum of the digits on the clock is equal to 10


Checkpoint #7

This checkpoint isn't too tough, unless of course you have a crippling fear of singing with strangers on public transit while moving through the city.  If you do...then it's time to overcome that fear!  Take a full 9 second video (the max you can upload to Bonfyre) of your entire team, and at least 2 strangers, all singing one of the transit-specific songs below while on either a moving bus or train (you only need to do one).  If you're on a moving train you'll sing the chorus of the first song below (the part from about :48 to :56 in the video is probably best).  If you're on a moving bus you will all sing part of the second song below.  Figuring out where, and how quickly you can complete this challenge will definitely be strategic.      

- 1 video, all team members clearly visible

- Video should be the full 9 second maximum allowed to upload to Bonfyre

- Entire team AND at least 2 strangers are singing the specified song for your chosen mode of transit

- The train or bus you're on must be moving while the video is recorded  


Checkpoint #8

This 6 acre green space has been ranked in the Top 10 Green Roofs because it's located atop a 7-level parking garage.  In addition to a public art piece of a gymnast and many water features, there are sixteen 70-foot white towers spaced evenly across this beautiful roof deck.  To complete this challenge you'll just need to find out how quickly your entire team can move as one.   Take one continuous video of your entire team traveling from one of these large white towers to another.  The video should start with your team touching one tower and making it to another tower within the 9 second maximum video length you can upload to Bonfyre.  To film one continuous video you can just hold down the record button.  Be sure to try and get all team members in the video as you move from one tower to another.      

- 1 continuous video, all team members clearly visible

- Entire team is traveling on foot from one of the specified towers to another

- Entire team makes it from one tower to another within the 9 second maximum video length

Checkpoint #9

This challenge can be completed anywhere but finding enough willing people to help you complete it will likely take some serious persuasion.  Take a picture of your entire team each giving a piggy back ride to a stranger, or getting a stranger to give you a piggy back ride.  If some of your team wants to give a ride, and others want to be given a ride that is certainly allowed.  Just take one memorable picture with your new found "close" friends and be sure to thank them for helping you out.  

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible and completing the challenge

- Each team member is either giving a stranger a piggy back ride, or is getting a piggy back ride from a stranger

Checkpoint #10  



After you have completed 8 total checkpoints then this checkpoint will be the final one you complete. The FINISH LINE for the entire race!  The logo below represents the fun venue located along Baker Street that you have to get your team to.

Once your team completes your 8th total checkpoint successfully our Race HQ will send you a quick and brief instruction on what your team needs to do at this location.  Once you complete the challenge or upload the required submission at this location you will be finished the race and you will instantly receive your finish place and time!  Then you can celebrate with your team and all the other fun racers at this after race venue (see details below)!      

- All team members present at the Finish

- Team completes the requirement sent by Race HQ