Congrats on finishing Xplore Houston 2016!


Now celebrate a great day, hang out with some fun people and enjoy some great food and drink right at the Finish Line venue!

As mentioned in Checkpoint #10 the clue will help you figure out the location of this great post-race venue.  


The post-race venue has some great food and craft beers from all across the country.  All of that, combined with the great company of other fun teams is all you'll need to recover from a long day of hitting the pavement!  

Enjoy this chance to meet other teams, share stories, and plan your next Xplore Race!


This venue's menu is filled with delicious options that will help you recover from your adventure!  A small sampling of their options are shown below, but grab a menu and see for yourself! 

We'll be posting full official results and updating the Leaderboard this coming week!  Thanks for racing with us and experiencing the adventure!