Are you a local business, national brand, or have a product that you'd love to get in the hands of social and active people across the country?  We work with partners of all kinds in order to help you meet your objectives and promote your business to thousands of racers, social followers, and consumers both locally and nationally.  Make your business a checkpoint in one of our adventure races, get our racers to try your product, or have us name our next event after your brand.   



What makes partnering with Xperience Adventures so unique?

Unlike a typical 5k or “Fun Run” event that is often over in less than 30 minutes and contained to a certain area of the city, Xperience Adventures participants travel throughout a city or their own communities for multiple hours and constantly engage with everyone around them.  This viral-type exposure has led to rapid growth of the Xperience Adventures brand over the past few years. 

Xperience Adventures is also on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to experiential events.  Our unique mobile racing format has enabled our creative team to develop events with a global reach.  In 2015 we launched The X-Race, a wild scavenger hunt that racers can compete in from their own communities all across the world.  In our inaugural event we had teams racing at exactly the same time everywhere from Texas to the United Arab Emirates.  The potential brand exposure for this event is truly limitless since anyone in the world can compete.  

Our events have had average growth of 25-50% every year since launching.  Our amazing team is made up of highly-creative and tech-savvy folks who pride themselves on being a leader in the racing industry.  Our website consistently ranks at the top of all relevant searches on Google and drives traffic from all over the world.   

kind bar race
puzzle scavenger hunt
fitness race scavenger hunt

Who participates in Xperience Adventures events?

What makes our events so unique is that they are incredibly fun for all ages, backgrounds and abilities. The average Xperience Adventures participant leads an active lifestyle both physically and socially. Teams are often comprised of working professionals, students, or families that are looking for a fun and challenging alternative to their daily routine.  

Our events encourage social engagement at all levels.  Teams take pictures or video at local businesses that have partnered as race checkpoints, they post online about products our sponsors have provided, and they race through their city or community, travel on public transit, and interact with thousands of local residents each year while promoting the event.  

Phrases such as "best thing I have EVER done", or "I am officially addicted to this" is a common reaction you might hear or see online after our events.  Our participants and followers are incredibly loyal, and tend to compete in multiple events a year, return year after year, and tell everyone they know about our brand.  We are very grateful for the following we have, and it has not only created many long-term brand supporters but just as many personal friendships.   

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