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Read each challenge carefully and click on any provided links in the description to view helpful pictures, videos, or requirements. When submitting your photo or video to HQ, include the 3-digit Challenge Number with the submission. Complete as many challenges as you can in the given time frame. Challenges can be completed in any order.



#100: Take a picture of your team and as many strangers needed to form a 3-tiered human pyramid inside of any elevator.

#101: Find someone with something that confirms they are a veteran (such as a war hat, a military pin, some type of military ID, etc) and take a video of your team all doing 5 push-ups at their feet to honor their strength. Along with your video you may need to submit a close-up picture with the vet and their item as verification.

#102: Take a picture of your entire team on any grassy surface all completing the "Plank Caterpillar".  Work together as a team to form one long line of planking with each agent either planking on their palms or forearms and each agent's feet are up on the shoulders of the agent behind them. Click HERE to see a picture of what the Plank Caterpillar looks like.

#103: Take a video of your team all walking/running up any down escalator for 10 continuous seconds.

#104: Get to the Stone Arch Bridge and count the number of arches that make up the entire span of the bridge. Then take a picture of your team while the bridge is visible in the background and submit the correct number.  Because of the bridge’s length and curvature this challenge will likely require you to run along the shoreline and get perspective from a few different vantage points.

#105: Take a picture of all agents holding themselves off the ground between any 2 walls. Agents should have part of their bodies or limbs on each wall.  

#106: Take a picture of your entire team all hanging from any chain link fence so that your feet are off the ground at the time of the picture.

#107: On any grassy surface, take a video of your team all completing the Group Sit & Stand Challenge. Basically, agents will all be standing shoulder to shoulder in a tight clump with your backs all facing in and your arms interlocked.  Slowly lower the entire interlocked group to the ground until everyone is in a seated position and then slowly stand back up while remaining interlocked. To watch a video of a group successfully completing this challenge click HERE.

#108: Take a video of all 5 agents all balancing on part of the same fire hydrant for at least 5 full seconds. None of you should have a foot touching the ground, but both your feet don't have to necessarily be on the hydrant. 

#109: Get to the splash pad fountain located at The Commons, and have all agents draw one card.  The agent with the highest card is the dealer for a game of blackjack. (If there’s a tie for the highest card, the tied players should keep drawing until a winner is determined.)  A is high. The dealer should get all of the cards back, shuffle the deck, and then deal a game of blackjack. (Normal rules; dealer hits on a soft 17.) The agents who lose to the dealer must do 5 good burpees over a spray jet in the splash pad.  The dealer gets to film the burpees. If all of the agents beat the dealer (or the dealer busts), the dealer has to do 10 good burpees over a spray jet and pick an agent to join him. One of the other agents should film it. If you have to do burpees, you can select any jet you want and try to time it so you complete your burpees in between spray cycles, but you’ll know pretty quickly if you didn’t time it properly.


#200: On any mobile device use the stopwatch function and get the timer to stop at exactly 5 seconds and then take a picture of the agent who was able to do it holding the device with 5.00 seconds clearly visible.  All agents can be attempting it on their devices but only one needs to be successful. This should be done using the stopwatch function and not the countdown/timer clock.

 #201: Take a video of two agents sitting on the ground completing the Smelly Ear Challenge. Basically one agent places a pencil in between their toes on their bare foot.  That agent then attempts to place the pencil behind the ear of another agent so that it stays there and doesn't fall out. The agent who starts with the pencil can place it in between their toes using their hands but while they are trying to complete the challenge neither agent can use their hands to help secure the pencil behind the ear.  The agent receiving the pencil can move their head as needed but if you are using a sharpened pencil please be very careful not to poke your fellow agent in the face, eyes, or ear. To watch a video of a group successfully completing this challenge click HERE.

#202: (Competition) Each agent competes against each other to create their own plastic cup pyramid using exactly 36 plastic cups. The pyramid should be unsupported by any other structures and should be shaped in a balanced manner so that 1 cup is on top and is sitting on 2 cups, etc. Figuring out how to align exactly 36 cups so the pyramid is even is part of the challenge. The last two agents to successfully complete the challenge need to open the envelope labeled "ALPHA" and complete the extra training described inside.

#203: (Competition) Each agent competes against each other to complete the "Coaster Flip Challenge" and catch their coaster three total times. Must use actual drink coasters of any size/shape. To watch a video of someone doing the "coaster flip" successfully click HERE. Basically overhang a coaster off the edge of a table. Place your hand, palm down, a few inches under the overhanging coaster and then smack it up into the air using the back side of your hand and snatch it out of the air (with palm still facing down) before it hits the table or the ground. The last two agents to successfully catch their coaster three total times should be given the envelope labeled "BRAVO" and open it at 8pm local time tonight. 

#204: (Competition) Each agent competes against each other to complete the "Bottle Flip Challenge". Flip any standard (16 ounces or so) bottle of water onto a table, or hard surface at least waist high, and get it to successfully remain standing upright once it lands.  The bottle can be filled with as much water as needed to improve your chances of completing the challenge successfully. The last two agents to successfully complete the challenge need to open the envelope labeled "CHARLIE" and complete the extra training described inside.

#205: Take a video of Agent Rey Del Norte successfully bouncing a quarter off of a hard surface and into a standard drinking glass (aka...the bar game "Quarters").

#206: Take a video of your team completing the "Paper Airplane Challenge". Basically send one agent to the 2nd level of any parking garage and have them toss a homemade paper airplane out into the air in front of them.  The rest of your team should be on the sidewalk below and any one of the agents at ground level needs to catch the plane before it hits the ground, although all agents can be attempting to catch it.

#207: Take a video of any two agents successfully completing the "Pencil Pass Challenge". Basically one agent has a pencil lying across their upper lip and is holding it in place using only their lips and nose (no hands). A second agent must transfer the pencil to their upper lip without dropping it and without using their hands. The two agents faces will be very close to each other trying to transfer the pencil from one upper lip to the other without dropping it. Full disclosure, this challenge will be awkward...but hilarious! 

#208: (Competition) Each agent competes against each other to complete the "Golf Ball Challenge".  Balance two regulation golf balls on top of each other for 3 full seconds.  You can place the bottom ball on a hard surface and hold it with your fingers but the top ball must be balancing and not held. The last two agents to successfully complete the challenge should be given the envelope labeled "DELTA" and open it at 3pm local time tomorrow. 

#209: (Competition) Each agent should buy an egg at any grocery or convenience store and begin carrying it around in their pocket. If you buy your egg at a gas station, consider picking up a few tasty doughnuts as a nice treat! Protect the egg like you would protect your country, because the first agent whose egg breaks will get the remaining four agent’s eggs broken over his head as a reminder of how messy espionage can be.


#300: Get to Loring Park and find the engraved brick with our Agency's motto, "Never Never Never Give Up" and then take a picture of your team with the brick.

#301: Take a team picture with any PARKED vehicle whose license plate contains the numbers 3, and 1, and 5 as an ode to the agent's former safe house. The numbers do not necessarily need to be in the proper order of "3-1-5", as long as each of those three digits are present on one plate.  

#302: Take a video of your team and any stranger that has a tattoo while they explain what that tattoo means to them. The tattoo must be visible at some point during the video.

#303: Take a video of your team with someone who is 85 years old or older and ask them what they think the meaning of life is. Submit both the video of their response and then submit a second image of their ID with their personal information covered with their hand (other than their birth date of course) in order to validate their age.

#304: Take a picture of all agents posing near a sign promoting something that is “50% off” while 2 of the agents have their shirts off and pose like KARE 11 Meteorologist Sven Sundgaard.  The item or sign that is discounted should be something you can purchase in person, not something online and it should be clearly marked with a discount tag on it, signage overhead, etc. The two agents with their shirts off should be the bottom two finishers in last year’s Fantasy Football League.  

#305: Find any standard jukebox, or a modern version of one that plays music in a public place (not just an app on someone’s phone). Once there, or along the way, have all agents draw cards.  Then take a video of the two agents with the lowest cards dancing or singing to a song on the jukebox that was selected by the other 3 agents. 

#306: Take a picture of your team doing your best super model pose with any mannequin that has a full torso and at least 2 of these 3 other types of appendages: head, arms, or legs.

#307: To honor the past Chief, have Agent Sven select any funny or incriminating photo from his secret “Misc.” file and have the agents recreate it at the public location of his choice.  Then submit photos of both the original image (if possible) and the recreated version.

#308: Take a picture of Agent Beef posing athletically with a stranger who is wearing athleisure wear.

#309: Take a video of two agents giving a stranger a shoulder massage while any business with the word "Massage" or "Spa" in its name, or in its signage, is visible in the background. The agent-masseuses should ask the stranger “How is zee pwessure?”  The signage should be at the location of the actual business not online or on a poster somewhere.


#400: Take a picture, or multiple pictures if needed, of each agent jumping off any swing and “flashing an X” in mid-air with their forearms, in honor of the X-Games beginning tomorrow here in town. If enough swings are available you can submit one picture of your entire team, or multiple pictures with some agents in each submission.

#401: Get to Gold Medal Park and take a video of agents log rolling down the large grassy slope while Agent Dr. Lloyd Hashbrowns is standing and attempting to jump over each agent as they’re rolling toward him. Agents should be lined up on the ground in a row with one racer directly behind the next, shoulder to shoulder. Be sure to give yourselves a small space in between each rolling log so that Agent Hashbrowns has room to jump and land. Agent Hashbrowns should be stationed slightly downhill from where the agents begin rolling so they have a chance to pick up some speed.

#402: Get to the outdoor patio of any local establishment and order 5 of their lightest bottled beers, with a straw in each bottle. Then take a picture of your team members all enjoying them (using the straw) in plain view of other locals.  Bonus points if there’s a plate of crispy hashbrowns in the picture.

#403: Take a video of your entire team as each agent slides down a playground slide head first one after the other within a 10-second continuous video. Since it is mid-July be aware that the slide could be very hot so do what is necessary to cool the slide beforehand (pouring cool water on it or lifting bare limbs off of the surface as you slide).

#404: Wrap any one agent from head to toe in toilet paper, leaving as few gaps as possible except around their nose/mouth so they can breathe easily.  Then take a team picture with your disguised agent.

#405: Staying healthy is critical to an agent's success, and studies show that consuming garlic helps prevent illness. Take a video of all agents each chewing a separate raw clove of garlic for at least 15 full seconds. Agents should be actively chewing the clove and not just holding it in their mouths. Start by holding it up near your mouth so HQ can confirm it's a garlic clove and then chew it for 15 seconds.

#406: (Competition) Each agent competes against each other in a condensed shuffleboard tournament at Finnegan's Brewer’s Den. The shuffleboard table is reserved from 4pm-6pm so be sure to arrive within that time frame.  Once there, each agent should slide 3 discs and calculate their total score. The two agents with the lowest score need to open the envelope labeled "ECHO" and complete the extra training described inside.

#407: Take a picture of all agents inside any standard outdoor Port O' Potty. The door can be open as long as all agents are inside of one Port O' Potty.  

#408: Take a picture of all 5 agents taking a bite of one slice of pizza. Each of the 5 of you should be biting somewhere around the edge of the slice (so you may need to get cozy with one another), and your hands should not be touching or supporting the pizza (aka the slice is being held up only with everyone's mouths/teeth). You may want to take the picture from slightly above the team so it shows everyone's mouths on it. 

#409: Take a 20-second video of all agents standing in one shower while the water is on and turned to the coldest possible setting. The water should be coming from the shower head not the spigot, and all agents should be appropriately clothed. If space in the shower is limited, separate videos can be submitted with some agents completing the challenge in each clip.