Read each challenge carefully and click on the "Details" link to make sure you complete it accurately based on the requirements.  

When submitting your photo or video, add the 3-digit Challenge Number to the caption box before clicking Upload. You should see a response from HQ very quickly but you do not need to wait around for it, especially if you are confident that you completed the checkpoint correctly.

Complete as many challenges as you can in the 1 hour 30 minute timeframe. Challenges can be completed in any order.

Teams need to stay together throughout the race and each team member should be visible in every submission unless otherwise noted.

Be aware that the max length of a video that can be uploaded to Bonfyre is 15 seconds so any challenge requiring a video will be limited to 15-seconds. You can take a longer video on your camera in order to capture your team attempting the challenge and then trim it down to a 15-second or shorter clip within the app in order to show the portion with your team successfully completing the requirements.

If you have a race-related question during the race you can submit it through your Team Bonfyre.  Our HQ will respond quickly and provide you with the information you need as long as it doesn't give you a competitive advantage.



#100: Take a picture of your team and as many strangers needed to form a 3-tiered human pyramid inside of any elevator.

#101: Place a standard-sized bottle of water on the ground in front of each team member who is standing over it.  Then take a video of your team all crouching down and picking up their bottle in between their knees and then standing up. Your knees or hands cannot touch the ground or any other structures when attempting to grab the bottle.  

#102: Take a video of your entire team and as many strangers as you need to complete a synchronized lap sit circle where each racer sits on the knees of the person behind them in the circle and the circle is completely self supported (no one is on a chair and everyone's weight is supported by another person in the circle).  For a video example of this challenge click on the Details Page link below.  

#103: Take a video of your entire team all "crab walking" past the seafood section inside of any food store. Needs to be in an actual seafood section of a food store and not just a seafood restaurant. 

#104: Take a picture of your entire team while each racer has at least 5 books stacked on each hand and their arms are fully extended and locked either to the side or out in front of their body.  

#105: Divide your team in half and pair up with another racer. Stand back to back with your partner and interlock your arms with your partner's arms.  Then take a video of your team members working together to lower themselves to the ground to a sitting position, then work together to pull yourselves back up into a standing position without unlocking your arms.  You can also complete this as one large group with your entire team if you'd prefer. If you have an uneven number of racers but would rather do pairs you can have someone do it twice, or recruit a stranger to do it with you. 

#106: Work together as a team to lift any stranger who is lying on their back up to the shoulder level of your team and then have someone take a picture of the entire group while you are holding them up. Be very careful to lower them down carefully with their feet touching first. The hardest part of this challenge may be convincing a stranger to trust your group. If you don't have enough team members to lift someone you can recruit other strangers to help you lift.

#107: Take a video of 4 total people all balancing on part of a fire hydrant for at least 5 full seconds. None of the 4 people should have a foot touching the ground, but both their feet don't have to necessarily be on the hydrant. 

#108: Take a video of your entire team attempting to climb UP any playground slide one at a time while wearing either socks or bare feet. If you can't get everyone to the top within one video you can submit multiple videos. 

#109: Take a picture of your entire team on any grassy surface all completing the "Plank Caterpillar".  Work together as a team to form one long line of planking with each racer either planking on their palms or forearms and each racers feet are up on the shoulders of the racer behind them. Click the Details link below to see a better description of what the Plank Caterpillar looks like.




#200: Take a video of all female racers on your team (or at least one female stranger if you have an all-male team) each tying a necktie around their own neck in a standard business style knot within a 15 second video clip. Start with it loosely around their neck and untied.

#201: Take a picture of your entire team jumping in the air while a traffic light is "yellow" in the background. 

#202: Take a video of your team completing the "Paper Airplane Challenge". Basically send one team member to the 2nd level of any parking garage and have them toss a homemade paper airplane out into the air in front of them.  The rest of your team should be on the sidewalk below and any one of your team members at ground level needs to catch the plane before it hits the ground, although all team members can be attempting to catch it.

#203: Take a video of any two teammates completing the "Quarter Spin Challenge" while any ATM is visible in the background. Basically one team member flicks the quarter so it's spinning on it's edge and another team member places one finger on top of it while spinning and gets it to stop and remain vertical. All team members can be attempting this if you'd like but only one racer needs to successfully stop a spinning quarter with a finger. For a video example of this challenge click on the Details Page link below.

#204: Take a video of any one of your team members flipping a standard (16 ounces or so) bottle of water onto a table, or hard surface at least waist high, and getting it to successfully remain standing upright once it lands.  The bottle can be filled with as much water as needed to improve your chances of completing the challenge successfully. All team members can be attempting the challenge but only one racer needs to stick the landing.

#205: Take a video of every racer on the team each tying the shoelaces of separate strangers within one video. So each racer needs to find a separate stranger with shoelaces. Start with all of the stranger's laces untied and then during the video every racer ties the laces on both feet of their stranger.  

#206: Take a team picture after you've created a plastic cup pyramid using exactly 36 Solo Cups (or similarly sized brand). The pyramid should be unsupported by any other structures or hands and should be shaped in a balanced manner so that 1 cup is on top and is sitting on 2 cups, etc. Figuring out how to align exactly 36 cups so the pyramid is even is part of the challenge.  

#207: Take a video of any two racers from your team completing the "Pen Snatch Challenge" at the same time.  Basically each racer lays 4 pens or pencils across the back of their hand while their palm is facing down.  They both slide their hand away quickly and then catch all 4 pens or pencils (with their palms still facing down) before any of them hit the ground.  Both racers need to complete this at the same time. For a video example of this challenge click on the Details Page link below.

#208: Take a picture of any ONE of your team members with at least 6 Cheerios stacked on their nose, while they are standing or squatting and not holding onto anything.  You can use a generic brand of Cheerio if needed, as long as it's the same size and shape. 

#209: Take a video of your team working together to keep a bubble in the air for a full 9-second continuous video without hitting anything or bursting. The bubble could be from a bottle of bubble mix, or it could be a homemade version using dish soap, etc.  As long as it's a decent size so that our HQ can see that it survives for a full 9 seconds.



#300: Take a video of your team all singing "Deep In The Heart Of Texas" while any real-life Texas state flag flies in the background (not a picture or video). You can just sing the part that goes "The stars at night are big and bright (4 claps). Deep in the heart of Texas"!

#301: Take a picture of your entire team and any 2 bikers who are actively riding their bikes. The hardest part of this challenge will be working together as a team to time a picture of everyone and capture the bikers while they are riding by. The bikers need to be riding their bikes and not just standing next to their bikes with your group. 

#302: Take a picture of your entire team with any RedBox kiosk or similar style of mobile DVD rental kiosk, and have each racer point to the video that they'd prefer to watch.   

#303: Take a video of your team and any stranger that has a tattoo while they explain what that tattoo means to them.  The tattoo must be visible at some point during the video. 

#304: Take a picture of your team at any official USPS blue mailbox as you mail a card, postacrd or letter to Landen Fitzgerald-Green, a young boy with cancer who loves getting mail. Submit one picture of your team at any blue mailbox and one close-up of the properly addressed and stamped envelope or postcard. Team must be at an official blue mailbox and not just an outgoing mail slot at your office for example. His address and story can be found by clicking HERE.

#305: Find any PARKED vehicle whose license plate contains numerical digits that add up to 10, no more, no less. So if the plate were "CF2H 5K3" it would be acceptable because those numbers add up to 10 and there aren't any additional numbers. 

#306: Take a video of your entire team each giving a separate stranger a shoulder massage all at the same time while any business with the word "Massage" or "Spa" in it's name is visible in the background. 

#307: Take a picture of your team and as many strangers as needed to create a connected human chain between any 2 parked red cars.  The cars can be any shade of red as long as they are clearly in the red spectrum.  

#308: Take a picture of any two people with Driver's Licences from two different states.  The ID's can be racers on your team or strangers, or a combination of both.  You or the strangers can cover the personal information on the ID with your fingers if you'd like, as long as HQ can verify they are from two different states.  Your picture can be a close up of the two ID's but HQ may ask you to take a second picture with your entire team and the two people from different states as well to make sure your team is all together. 

#309: Take a picture of your team with any sign for a business that includes the letter "X" in the name of the business.  The sign needs to be an actual sign on an actual business and not just a print-out.  The letter "X" needs to be in the name of the business and not just in some random word on a sign that's on or in the business.  




#400: In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month about to begin, take a team picture showing off your hands once every member of your team has painted their fingernails gold (the international color for childhood cancer awareness) using real fingernail polish.  This challenge is in honor of the ACCO's "Pedi-Cure" program (

#401: Give all of your male team members (or a male stranger if you have an all-female team) a mohawk hairstyle using water, hair gel or hair spray so it's free-standing and then take a fun team picture outside of any hair salon or barbershop posing like they just got the worst haircut of their life..  

#402: Take a picture of your entire team all "napping" on the same bed that is on display in any retail store or showroom. Be sure to capture enough of the background so that HQ can verify you are in a public retail location and not a private bedroom.  

#403: Take a video of your team members all hugging any male or female who is with a stroller and give them words of encouragement such as "we believe in you", "you're awesome", etc. Make sure your video shows the stroller at some point. 

#404: Take a video of your team all completing the Business Card Pass Challenge (sometimes called "Suck and Blow" when using playing cards). The first racer places a business card against their mouth and sucks in air in order to keep the card against their lips without using their hands. The card must then be passed to a second racer and then a third racer, etc, using only their mouths to suck the card against their lips.  Successfully pass the card between each racer on your team without dropping it.  

#405: Take a video of at least half of your team members all consuming separate spoonfuls of any brand of hot sauce.  So if your team has 5 members at least 3 of them will need to each consume a spoonful of hot sauce. Make sure to show the bottle or packet of hot sauce in the video so we can confirm it's actually hot sauce you're consuming.   

#406: Wrap any one member of your team from head to toe in toilet paper, leaving as few gaps as possible except around their nose/mouth so they can breathe easily.  Then take a fun team picture with your new "mummy" team member.  

#407: Take a picture of your team, or a combination of your team and as many strangers needed in order to have 5 total people taking a bite of one slice of pizza. Each of the 5 individuals should be biting somewhere around the edge of the slice (so you may need to get cozy with one another), and your hands should not be touching or supporting the pizza (aka the slice is being held up only with everyone's mouths/teeth). You may want to take the picture from slightly above the group so our HQ can verify everyone has their mouths on it.  

#408: Take a video of your entire team playing a game of leap frog with one another somewhere on the grass area in CityCentre Plaza. Try to get at least one full rotation through your team within one video clip so that each racer "leaps" down the line at some point. 

#409: Take a video of your team all singing the "It's Football Time In Houston" fight song with any stranger who's wearing Texans apparel such as a jersey, hat, shirt, etc. For the song, you can just sing the part that goes "All you Texans get up and scream! It's football time in Houston!"