Read each clue carefully. Complete each checkpoint accurately based on the description.  You must complete 13 out of the 15 checkpoints (You can skip two).  Checkpoint #15 is mandatory (cannot be your skip), and will need to be completed last, otherwise checkpoints can be completed in any order throughout the race.

Each checkpoint has a set of validation points below the clue that we will confirm for every submission.  Submit your completed clues to our Race Headquarters throughout the race via your Team Bonfyre and we will notify you quickly of the status using one of these simple responses:

VERIFIED = everything is completed correctly

Our HQ will review your submission almost instantly.  You should see your response very quickly but you do not need to wait around for it, especially if you are confident that you completed the checkpoint correctly. Teams need to stay together throughout the race from one checkpoint to another and each team member (and their body markings when possible) should be visible in every submission unless otherwise noted.

If you have a race-related question during the race you can submit it through your Team Bonfyre.  We will respond quickly and provide you with the information you need as long as it doesn't impact your ability to solve the clue.

We have carefully scouted and vetted every checkpoint but the Fair is a constantly changing beast so if a checkpoint is inaccessible or you're not able to complete the requirements for any reason let us know right away and we will adjust the requirements if needed and verify accordingly.   


Checkpoint #1

The Xplore Race is all about getting outside and having some fun!  Get your team to the organization's exhibit that encourages fair-goers to "Get Outside and Play".  Once there, find the fishing pond and take a picture of your entire team all making a fish-face pose with a live fish.  If you have any kids age 12 or under on your team they can catch a fish. If not, you'll need to ask a young fisher if you can take a picture with their catch.

*Racers should not handle the live fish. This is a catch and release pond and the fish will be released into the wild after the Fair ends.   

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- Team is at the specified fish catching pond

- A live fish from the pond is clearly visible with your team  

Checkpoint #2

The Fair has so many different types of animals, it's like a farm, safari, and circus all rolled into one! The type of animal you need to find for this checkpoint is the first one singing in the video below.  If it helps, that character's name in this movie series is the same as Michael J. Fox's first name in his classic 1985 movie about time travel.  Once you figure out what type of animal you're looking for, go find it here in the Fairgrounds and take a picture of your entire team with it.

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- Specified exotic live animal is clearly visible in your group photo  


Checkpoint #3

Songs tend to bring back great childhood memories. And if you grew up in this area one of the songs that does that best starts with the lyrics "You can do it at a trot, you can do it at a gallop". For this challenge you'll find out just how many people still know how to "Do it", regardless of what name the Fair has.  Get your team to any grassy surface around the Fairgrounds and take a picture of your entire team and as many strangers as needed to form a 3-tier human pyramid. Once you're all in position, take a video of your entire pyramid singing any part of the classic Fair jingle described above.      

- 1 video, all team members clearly visible

- Your group is on any grassy area throughout the Fair

- Your team, and as many strangers as needed, have formed a Human Pyramid at least 3 tiers high

- The people within the pyramid are singing the classic Fair jingle

Checkpoint #4

Did you know you can make something here at the Fair that's used in almost every delicious food around the Fair, and at home, and around the world?  If someone were from Paris they would find out where to make "Beurre". If they were from Madrid they'd be looking for the place to make some "Mantequilla".  It not only takes some effort to find this location here at the Fair, but also to help make it. Get there and take a picture of your entire team all helping to make this food the old fashioned way!

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible 

- Team members are at the specified location and helping to make the specified food the old fashioned way

Checkpoint #5

The Fair is filled with endless carnival games where you can try your luck and win "big", literally.  Find any 2 people within the fairgrounds who won at one of these games and are carrying around an over-sized stuffed animal.  Make sure the prizes are both animals of some kind, then take a picture with your entire group, the 2 strangers (and their prize) while you're all jumping in the air in celebration of their win.         

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- 2 strangers are visible and are a part of your group picture

- The strangers should be holding over-sized stuffed animals of some kind

- Team members are jumping in the air 

Checkpoint #6

What if the artist Van Gogh had a pet Pachyderm?  He might have a lot of these lying around...and a serious animal cruelty lawsuit to deal with.  Thankfully these delicious treats aren't the real thing, but instead a Fair comfort food.  Although there are lots of locations throughout the Fairgrounds to get these treats, this checkpoint is where these treats can be purchased in the building labeled #14 on this year's Fair Map.  

Once there find the staff member who will cover your team like they do these treats!  Have someone take your teams picture while you're doing your best "Pachyderm" impression with your arms and getting "covered" by their staff.   

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- Team is at the specified vendor's location in building #14 and getting "covered" by their staff 

Checkpoint #7

The boy in the picture below is named Christopher Robin Milne.  This boy became the inspiration for a series of books his father wrote about a boy and his bear friend. In those stories the bear had a very close animal buddy who was often wearing a pink outfit in modern versions.  Find the "palace" here at the Fairgrounds that is home to many of these types of animals.  Once there, count how many of these young animals there are total in both pens, and take a picture of your team with them in the background.  Submit the correct number along with your picture in your Bonfyre thread.  If you have submitted the correct number and you're at the specified location our HQ will verify the checkpoint for you and you can move on!    

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- Team is at specified "palace" with the specified young animals visible in the background

- Team submits the correct number of these young animals in your Bonfyre thread 

Checkpoint #8

We just heard that inside the Sleep Country Showplex there's a serious fight going on.  Birds are attacking pigs, everything is being knocked over, and none of the animals are happy about it.  Thankfully the people controlling this madness are happy, and having a lot of fun watching it all go down.  The image below will help you find the booth where all of this is happening.  Once there, have anyone on your team complete one level of this epic battle on one of their big screens.  Then take a picture of your team with the screen in the background showing you successfully completed a level.

**There will likely be staff throughout the Showplex that will be watching to make sure teams complete the challenge on their own, and don't just take a picture with someone else's screen.  So be sure to complete the challenge as a team and then show off your accomplishment while taking a "happy" group shot!

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- Team members are at the specified battle location

- Screen in the background confirms your team successfully completed one level of this battle

Checkpoint #9

Typically, cows tend to get milked twice a day.  But there's one cow at the Fair (who shares her name with the Oregon-based Disney character below) that gets milked more than any other.  Find this cow and take a video of each of your team members milking her within one 9-second video clip (the max length that can be uploaded to Bonfyre).      

- 1 video, all team members clearly visible

- Team members are milking the specified cow

- All team members rotate milking her within one 9-second max video 


Checkpoint #10

We're honored to be partnering with an elite group of Americans who are stationed near the Blue Gate, and around the world.  This dedicated group is often described as "few, and proud", and for good reason.  They protect us every day but in order to do that they must stay strong.  Find this group where they are located here at the Fair and complete their Push-Up Challenge.  Have someone take either a picture OR video of your entire team doing the challenge with these brave people at their station.  Before you leave their area have every one of your team members shake their hand or give them a hug and thank them for what they do.      

- 1 picture OR video, all team members clearly visible

- Team members are at the specified station 

- All team members are completing the Push-Up Challenge with these people

Checkpoint #11

State Fairs are often a melting pot for people with all different backgrounds and styles.  Lucky for you, a lot of those backgrounds include people who work on a farm or ranch.  To complete this challenge, take a picture with any 2 strangers that are wearing cowboy style boots, a cowboy style hat, or a combination of both.  For example you can find two people both wearing boots, two people both wearing hats, or one wearing boots and another wearing a hat. You must find two separate people though, so someone wearing both boots and a hat won't count.  Once you've "wrangled up" these two strangers take a picture with them and your entire team and make sure their hat or footwear is visible in the picture.      

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- 2 strangers are included in your picture 

- Each of the 2 strangers must be wearing either cowboy boots or a cowboy hat

Checkpoint #12

Animals here at the Fair love lying down on a nice big pile of straw at night when everyone leaves.  Although mattresses for a long time were commonly filled with straw (like the picture below), our modern version is a lot more comfortable.  Get to the building labeled as #20 on this year's Fair map and find the area inside where a lot of these modern versions are on display. Once there find the mattress that's designated for this race (it will be labeled with a sign) and take a picture of your entire team all piled on top of one another on this mattress.  Then be grateful it's not filled with straw!!        

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- Team is on the designated mattress for this race at the specified location 

- Team members are all piled on top of one another on the mattress


Checkpoint #13

For each racer competing in this event a large donation goes to the Fair Foundation.  We thank you for supporting this great cause that helps grow the Fair's educational programs, ensures that the Fair's founding legacy lives on through preservation projects, and enhances the fairgrounds.  By completing this checkpoint you will be able to support this great cause even more. Find the location in the fairgrounds where you can get one of the 4 designs shown below imprinted on the coin featuring our 16th president.  Since this machine is new to the Fair this year we'll give you a hint that it can be found near where you might hear the phrase "All Aboard" get shouted. Once there, complete the process of imprinting the design and then take a group picture with the coin while the machine that did the imprinting is visible in the background.  

**Because the design will be fairly small you will likely need to submit a second picture showing a close up of just the coin's new design so our Race HQ can verify it.        

- 1 picture OR multiple pictures if needed, all team members clearly visible

- Team is at the specified location where the imprinting is done 

- The coin that has been imprinted is clearly visible and legible 

Checkpoint #14

This checkpoint is located in the plaza near the gate that is similar to the color of Elsa's dress in Frozen.  In that plaza is a booth for a company whose 2-word name contains the letters "SMATIOM TINUN".  Find the kiddie pool they have set up for our racers and try to get your entire team all sitting inside of it.  Then have someone take a video of your entire team all flapping your wings and quaking like a duck while their company's staff covers you in the product they sell.         

- 1 video, all team members clearly visible

- Team is at the specified location and in the designated kiddie pool

- Team is getting covered by the product  

Checkpoint #15  



After you have completed 12 total checkpoints and had them verified by our Race HQ, then this checkpoint will be the final one you complete. The FINISH LINE for the entire race!  The venue shown in the image below is where you'll need to get to.

Once your team completes your 12th total checkpoint successfully our Race HQ will send you a quick and brief instruction on what your team needs to do at this location.  Once you complete the objective or upload the required submission at this location you will be finished the race and you will instantly receive your finish place and time!  Then you can hang out with other fun teams, enjoy the fair at a much slower pace, or find some great Fair food to help you recover from your adventure!      

- All team members present at the Finish

- Team completes the requirement sent by Race HQ