Get your team to Checkpoint #10 on your clue sheet (also shown below).  

Once there, have each racer get a beer coaster from the bar or anywhere you can find one.  You'll need to take a video, or have someone take a video of someone on your team successfully catching 2 "coaster flip" attempts in a row within one 9-second video (the max you can upload to Bonfyre).  All of your teammates can be attempting the challenge, but we just need to see 1 person do it successfully twice in a row within one 9-second video clip.  To learn how to do a "Coaster Flip" follow the directions we've provided, or watch the video below:

1. Place coaster at the edge of a table so it overhangs the edge

2. Start with your hand below table level and hit the coaster with the back of your hand up into the air

3. Catch the coaster in mid-air with that same hand that you hit it with

4. Did you do it? Now do it again!!

As soon as you submit a video of any teammate successfully catching two "Coaster Flips" in a row you will be finished and you'll receive your place and time from Race HQ!  

*Remember you can only submit a 9-second max video to Bonfyre, so if you're having a stranger record your video be sure to explain to them how to record correctly (holding down the button if it's through the app).  They can record longer if needed and then you can just trim down the two catches in a row using the Bonfyre app before submitting it.  You can attempt as many flips as needed until you get two in a row, and get it on video!