Frequently Asked Questions

What will the actual race be like?

Just before the race begins your team captain will be handed a set of 13 clues.  At the start of the race the teams open the clues and the excitement begins!  Clues will vary depending on the city but may include mind puzzles, getting your entire team to a specific landmark or geographic location, completing a unique challenge, and much more.  Your team will need to complete 12 out of the 13 clues and return to the finish line with all team members.  Strategy will likely be more important than speed.  Figuring out what route to take from one location to the next, whether to use public transportation or go on foot, and how to complete each task will all be major factors in determining how well your team does.  Your time stops as you enter the finish but then your 12 clues will be verified by the XPLORE team before your team receives their official position.  If any of the clues are not correctly answered or executed, your position will be forfeited, your time will revert back to the active clock and you will need to return to the race and correctly complete 12 clues before officially finishing.

Post race will be a fun chance to talk with other teams, take advantage of any food or drink specials, and plan your next XPLORE race.  Awards will be handed out to the top teams later in the day.     

What type of transportation can we use during the race? 

During the race your team is only allowed to travel on your own physical ability (legs, wheelchair, stroller, etc) or on public transportation such as Buses, Subway, Tram/Trolley, etc.   

You are not allowed to take private, personal, or community "shared" transportation including Taxi, Bikes, Pedicab, Horse-Drawn Carriage, Sight-Seeing Tours, Private Vehicle, Skateboards, Rollerblades, BikeShare and CarShare programs, etc.  Any use of these will most likely be documented by another team and you will be immediately disqualified from the race. 

How far is the race route? 

Actual distance you travel on foot will vary on a number of factors, but most teams will end up traveling between a 5k and 10k total distance (or roughly 3-6 miles).  Since there is no designated route, and you're not traveling to the clues in any numerical order, it will depend a lot on your ability to solve the clues and pin point their locations accurately, as well as how efficiently you travel between locations.  Some teams will rely heavily on public transportation and not travel very far at all on foot, and some teams will decide to walk/run the entire day and would obviously do a lot more miles on foot.  Neither option is guaranteed to be faster than the other.  Our race engineers take strategy, public transit routes, and total distance into account when planning out the clue locations to create a balanced and level competition regardless of your means of travel.  

How many people can I have on my team?

Unlike some other races, we don't limit the size of your team, so gather up all of your adventurous friends for this one!  Our race engineers design each race so that some challenges will be easier or faster to complete for teams of larger size and some would be easier or faster to complete with a smaller group.  This creates a level playing field so don't worry about how the size of your team will effect your ability to win, just make sure you have a fun group!       

To register a group on the same team you'll just need to have everyone enter the same team name in the registration process.  Team members don't need to register at the same time, they can join the team at any point if they use the same team name.  Registration details can also be updated at any point by logging back into the Eventbrite site.  You can edit racer info, team name, shirt sizes, etc.   

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Participants age 17 and under will need to be on a team with a responsible adult (18+).  Other than that, we encourage racers of all ages.  Kids 5 and under are free and do not need to register but be aware that all non-registered racers will not receive a race bib or jersey.  Your ID is not required at check-in but it may be a good idea to have it with you for emergency purposes.

Can you tell me about the Season Pass?

For $125 you become a part of an elite group of racers.  You receive unlimited registration, for one person, to any XPLORE race nationwide during the current racing season.  You will receive a special race bib that you will bring to every race.  This will be your pass into the race, although you will still need to register with a unique code so that we know you're coming (to roll out the red carpet for your arrival) and order your city-specific racing jersey for your collection.  

Having a Season Pass and racing in multiple XPLORE cities will improve your chances of climbing the National Points Leaderboard, winning the year-end X-PRIZE, and will give you and your team unmatched life experiences as you explore cities across the country.

*The Season Pass and Unlimited Registration begins at the time of purchase and can not be used to get a refund for previous race payments.  The Season Pass is transferrable, but each pass can only be used by one racer at a time.  The Season Pass will need to be presented at Race Day check-in and will confirm one racers registration.

I don't have a team but I want to race.  Is there anything for me?

XPLORE is open to any size team, even the solo superstars!  In the registration process you have the option to register as a solo racer.  From there you will be asked if you'd like to race solo, or have us match you with other solo racers with a similarly adventurous spirit.  We will do our best to connect you with other fun individuals to kick-start the creation of an XPLORE superteam.  You will get to meet new people and maybe create a team that returns to glory for years to come.  

If you register solo and then end up getting some friends to join your team before race day just log back into the Eventbrite account and change your registration details, pick a team name, and have the other members register with that same team name. 

Can I volunteer at the race? Do I receive anything for helping out?  

Absolutely!  Whether you're just not the racing type, you have friends or family racing and you want to be in the area, or you just would love to be a part of the XPLORE family, we have something important for you to help with!

We will need multiple volunteers in every city to help with registration, social hospitality, time keeping, results documentation, and overall management. 

You will receive a custom designed racing jersey from your specific city, plenty of water throughout the afternoon, and lots of love from the XPLORE staff and racers. 

Contact us right away to let us know you'd like to volunteer and we'll look forward to meeting you on race day!

What should I bring to the event?

Depending on the route you end up taking, a team that finishes the race will have probably covered about 5 urban miles.  You should be aware of the weather conditions and temperatures and plan accordingly with clothing, water, and any personal items you'll need for an approximately 2-4 hour race.  

Smartphones will be very beneficial and enable you to research answers along the way, but any type of camera phone or digital camera can be used in order to complete most clues. A map of the city, pen or pencil, something to take notes on, and a good understanding of the city will give your team a huge advantage.  You should probably carry your ID for emergency purposes but you will not need it to check-in as long as you properly registered.  If you are planning on registering on race day you will just need a valid credit card to complete the payment process onsite. You should also have some cash on you during the race for any water or snacks you choose to buy along the way, in case you did not purchase a public transit pass in advance and suddenly decide you would like to use one, or in case a clue requires your team to purchase a small item.  

Wild costumes or matching team outfits are always encouraged and are guaranteed to improve team comradery!   Most importantly, bring a sense of adventure, and plan to walk away with more than you came with.        

Can I change my Team Name, T-Shirt Size, Team Member's Names?

Yes, this can all be done through the Eventbrite account you created during registration.  To add team members to your team just make sure they enter your team name when they register.

We would encourage you to keep the same team name if you do multiple races to ensure we can keep track of your Leaderboard Points throughout the whole season. 

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Yes, you should be able to update the racer details through the Eventbrite registration page by logging into your account.  If you are having trouble you can contact us at  and we'll help you.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are not able to be provided.  If you have registered and are unable to attend you can transfer your ticket to another racer by changing the racer details in your Eventbrite account.  If you are unable to find someone to transfer the ticket to please contact us at and we can provide you with a voucher to another XPLORE event this year, or next year's XPLORE in the same city.  In the rare event that a race needs to be completely cancelled (natural disasters, etc.) the racers will be able to receive a 100% full refund or a voucher for a future race.

Does the race get cancelled for bad weather?

No.  Urban Racers are some of the toughest people we've met and often a race that takes place in harsh conditions is much more memorable than one that takes place under ideal conditions.  Our staff are weather junkies so we have a pretty good understanding of what to expect as Race Day rolls around.  If stormy conditions are present it is the racers responsibility to seek shelter when they believe it is unsafe to be outside.  In the extremely rare case of truly hazardous conditions being predicted or present Xperience Adventures will make a decision to cancel the race and either offer a refund or provide a voucher for a rescheduled race.

How many points do I get on the National Points Leaderboard for finishing in _____ place?

The Point System was strategically crafted and calculated by our team and launched in May of 2013.  You can find the point breakdown on our main page (

What is the "Domination Factor" on the National Points Leaderboard? 

The Domination Factor is basically a calculation of how dominating your team is, on average, in each XPLORE race.  It is the average time (taken from any Top 25 finish) that your team was from winning the race.  The team that wins the race receives a negative time based on the difference between the first place finish and the second team.  All other Top 25 place teams receive a time based on the difference between their time and the time of the winning team.  The lower the Domination Factor the more dominant the team.  This number is used as a tie-breaker for teams on the National Points Leaderboard with an equal amount of points.  

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