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You are now registered for the Xplore Adventure Race!


Here are a few things to be aware of as you prepare to race:

1. We have put together a thorough Pre-Race Briefing so that you'll be prepared as your race approaches.  We will also send you a Final Race Briefing just before Race Day with more specific information about your event.  Please read through the briefing now or bookmark the page and read it the week of your race so you are ready to hit the pavement!  


2. At various times leading up to Race Day, we will strategically (and sometimes discreetly) be releasing a hint or clue about the race via social media so make sure to Follow, Like, and keep a close eye on all of our networks.

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We'll be sending more email updates as the race approaches, but if you need any more information you can browse our website using the links at the top of this page, read through the FAQ's, or contact us any time using the icon below (or directly at XTeam@XperienceAdventures.com)