Our creative team has spent more than 6 years designing a team building format that challenges your group, promotes bonding, and creates unforgettable memories and multimedia content.

We have discovered the perfect balance for your group by providing challenges in four different categories: Physical, Skill, Find, and Fun. We compile 40 unique challenges that are perfect for your specific objectives, pulling from hundreds we have custom designed over the years. Because participants will pick and choose which challenges they want to attempt throughout your event, they can focus on exactly what THEY want to do and then decide to push their comfort zone slightly by trying something new.

With an endless combination of challenges and the ability to do our team building in any location across the country not only will your group have a one of a kind experience, but every team member will have a completely unique set of experiences to share.

Everything about the way we design our challenges and your overall experience is very intentional. We focus on a multitude of skills to develop and obstacles to overcome in order to spark personal growth and bring your group closer together.

Below are just a few examples in each category. These challenges wouldn’t necessarily be a part of your specific experience but are meant to give you a better understanding of what your group might experience and what benefits they’d receive by completing them.

“Group Sit And Stand Challenge”

Take a video of your team members all standing shoulder to shoulder in a tight clump/circle with your backs all facing in and your arms interlocked. Lower team to ground and stand back up.

Benefits: Communication, Contributing Equally To An Objective

Category: Physical

“Shuffle Your Buns Challenge”

Take a video of your team members all "Shuffling Their Buns" 10 times in the bread and buns aisle of any food store, or inside any business that sells loaves of bread.

Benefits: Overcoming Public Fears, Improving Strength & Flexibility

Category: Physical

“Paper Airplane Challenge”

Have one team member located on any 2nd level of a building or open parking garage toss a paper airplane and any teammate at ground level must catch it before it hits the ground.

Benefits: Concentration, Adjusting Strategy Based On Results

Category: Skill

“Pencil Pass Challenge”

Take a video of two racers working together to transfer a pencil from the upper lip of one racer to the upper lip of another without dropping it or using their hands.

Benefits: Focus, Increase Comfort Levels With Others

Category: Skill

Photo Aug 13, 10 58 27 AM.jpg

“License Plate Challenge”

Take a picture of your team with any parked vehicle whose license plate contains numerical digits that add up to 10, no more, no less.

Benefits: Attention To Detail, Quick Thinking

Category: Find

Photo Aug 13, 11 13 44 AM.jpg

“Matching Outfit Challenge”

Get to any clothing or apparel store and find two different items with enough in stock that every team member and one stranger can be wearing the same two items in their own sizes.

Benefits: Improve Team Camaraderie

Category: Fun

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