Deloitte Race Briefing

June 9th, 2016

1:30pm Eastern Start Time 


With race day approaching quickly this briefing will help get your team fully prepared to take on your co-workers and have an incredible experience!  Please read through it carefully and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact our team at

What To Expect Between Now And Race Day:

1. If You Haven't Yet, You Need To Join The RACE BONFYRE And Your TEAM BONFYRE And Become A Pro At Using The App

These two Bonfyre groups will be the main form of communication between your team and our Race HQ. If you have not yet downloaded the Bonfyre app you should do so now on any Apple or Android device that you'll be racing with. 

Create an account in the Bonfyre app using your Deloitte email address.  

Upon logging into the app you should find two separate Bonfyres for this race have been added to your account. You can click "Join" on each of those two Bonfyres to begin using them.  

Then use the tips that pop up within the app or read through our app website ( to become a pro at using it before you hit the pavement.  It's a very simple and intuitive app but if you aren't sure how to comment and submit pictures and video into your Team Bonfyre before the race begins it will slow your team down greatly.  

2. As The Start Of The Race Approaches

Feel free to post pictures and video of your team getting pumped up and ready to race in the Race Bonfyre!  It's a social and fun way of engaging with the teams you'll be racing against! 

Leading up to the start we may post in the Race Bonfyre at various increments to let you know any last minute info and give you an official countdown to the start! 

3. The Race Begins!!

Right at the start of the race we will send out the link to the Race website via your Team Bonfyre.  Start looking over the challenges or print them out, discuss your team's strategy, or begin submitting pictures and videos of your team completing the challenges.

Once the race begins, all of your correspondences and submissions should be done through your TEAM BONFYRE since the Team Bonfyre only includes racers on your own team and our Race HQ.



You will have up to 2 hours to complete as many of the challenges as possible and submit them to your Team Bonfyre as you go. Each challenge will likely fall into one of these 4 categories: Physical, Skill, Fun, and Find.  

The two big components of X-Race strategy will likely be "which challenges should we focus on completing" and "what's the fastest and most efficient method of travel and route to get to the locations where we can complete each challenge".    

If there's a challenge description you don't understand, or if you just want to make sure you do it correctly on the first attempt, you can click on the link to the "Details" page.

There will be a link at the bottom of each challenge category that will take you to the Details Page.  This page will provide some details about challenges using YouTube clips, images, or a more thorough description.  There will also be a list of bullet points for each challenge that our HQ will generally be looking to see in your submission in order to verify it. For example, if the clue were written as "Take a picture of your entire team jumping in the air in front of an American flag" the validation points that we'd likely check off for your submission might be:

- 1 picture, all team members visible

- Entire team is jumping in the air

- American flag is clearly visible in the background

We've found that racers appreciate these validation points so they can quickly and easily reference what is needed in the submission in order for it to be verified by our HQ.  If you have completed the challenge correctly you will receive a response of "Verified" from our Race HQ.  If you did not complete the challenge correctly according to the validation points listed, or our Race HQ can't validate something based on the picture or video you submitted then we will let you know.  We'll likely tell you if you're at the wrong location, did the challenge incorrectly, or an additional picture or video is needed for us to verify something required. There is typically no limit to the number of submissions you can send HQ in order to get a challenge verified, unless otherwise noted in a specific description.

Teams need to stay together throughout the race from one challenge to another and each team member should be visible in every submission unless otherwise noted.  

All team members need to be racing together in the same geographic location.  The only time team members are typically able to split up momentarily is if you all get to a location and it requires you to search for something.  For example, you all get to a sculpture garden and you need to find a specific statue.  You can split up within the garden to find the statue and then will need to regroup to take the picture.  Some challenges may only require one racer to complete it, and in order to be verified we'll likely need to see the racer complete it and the rest of the team in the same general area whether it's a picture or video.  They can be working on another challenge in the background but they should be in the general area so they can see the challenge get completed and cheer on their teammate.      

During the race your team is allowed to travel via any method available to you in your community.   

There will likely be some challenges that won't require you to stray far from your starting point, and others that require some travel.  That is all part of the strategy, trying to figure out where you can complete a challenge and budgeting your time wisely to complete as many as possible within the time limit.  You may decide that a combination of travel methods is your best strategy.  Regardless of the mode of travel you use throughout the race, the safety of your team and those around you needs to be your top priority.  

How to add the 3-digit Challenge Number to your photo or video submission.

How to add the 3-digit Challenge Number to your photo or video submission.

When submitting a picture or video be sure to include the 3-digit challenge number .

Each challenge will be labeled with a 3-digit Challenge Number.  When submitting your picture or video through the app click in the "Add a caption" box, type the 3-digit Challenge Number and then click the Upload Photo or Upload Video link (see picture as reference).  This will help HQ reference the correct requirements for that challenge and get it verified for your team quickly.

We will also be keeping track of the number of challenges every team has completed throughout the race, in real-time.  

Our HQ typically responds in less than a minute but if you're confident you have completed it correctly keep racing and work on another challenge while you await verification.  Any race-related questions you have before, during, or after the race can be submitted into your Team Bonfyre and our HQ will follow up with you.  It's recommended that you also keep track of which challenges your team has successfully completed so you don't waste any time in figuring out which ones you have remaining.  Just remember we only count the challenges that have been submitted properly and were successfully verified by our HQ so if you complete one and forget to submit it, or you submit it but our HQ responded as "Not Verified" for whatever reason then we can't count it towards your total.  

Finish positions will be based on the total number of challenges you complete and the amount of time it took you to complete them.  

Our HQ will be keeping track of how many total challenges you've completed and what time you completed your most recent challenge. The most important factor in determining your final ranking will be how many total challenges you completed successfully within the 2 hour timeframe. If any submissions are received after the 2 hours they will not be verified and will not count towards your total.  HQ will also be keeping track of what time your team completed their most recent challenge.  That time will constantly be updated throughout the race as you complete challenges and will be used as a tie breaker in final rankings if needed. For example, if Team A completed 26 total challenges and they completed their 26th challenge at the 1 hour 42 minute mark, and Team B also completed 26 challenges but didn't complete their 26th challenge until the 1 hour 53 minute mark then Team A would have a better finishing position than Team B.  But if Team C completes 27 challenges, even if they didn't complete their 27th challenge until the 1 hour 56 minute mark, they would beat both Team A and B.  


After The Race:

After the race has ended at 3:30pm you can head to the City Tap House (2 Logan Square) to celebrate a fun day together, debrief with the other teams, and recover from your adventure with some great Happy Hour food and drinks!    

Scavenger Hunt


1. Some challenges will be easier to complete than others given your location and the individual skills of those on your team. One of the goals of this experience is to work together as a team, problem solve, and manage your time wisely.  Focus on the challenges that you can complete easily given your location and resources and then get creative/savvy to complete as many of the others as possible, or skip them.  If all team members are not able to complete the requirements for a challenge due to more unique reasons (health limitations, etc) just let our HQ know via your Team Bonfyre and we will discuss it with you or potentially adjust the requirements and verify accordingly.  


2. Our unique mobile racing model is somewhat dependent on the functionality of a number of technology platforms.  We have backup plans in place for every possible scenario we can think of, but we won't waste your time outlining them all here. Just be aware that if for some reason Bonfyre becomes temporarily unavailable during the race, keep racing, and we will send you an email right away with a contact person to text your submissions to while we work with Bonfyre to get it back up.  We expect the race and all of our technology to be very smooth and provide you with an incredible experience but we just wanted to include this information in the briefing in case we need to implement a backup plan for any reason.





If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact us via your Team Bonfyre or by email at