Read each challenge carefully and click on the "Details" link to view helpful pictures, videos, and requirements for each challenge. Challenges that are not completed correctly could be declined. 

If submitting your photo or video during the race, include the 3-digit Challenge Number with the submission. 

Complete as many challenges as you can in the given timeframe. Challenges can be completed in any order.

Teams need to stay together throughout the race, however, if you are all at the same location and searching for an item you can spread out until it is found and then regroup to take the necessary picture/video.  

Be aware that some challenges may require you to film a continuous video, or complete a challenge within a given time frame to increase difficulty.

Capture as many team members in your picture or video as possible. When out in the community, teams often ask a kind stranger to take their picture or video so that the entire team can get on film. If it's necessary to have someone on your own team film certain challenges be sure to rotate who that person is so that everyone is actively involved in completing challenges throughout the race.



#100: Take a picture of your team and as many strangers needed to form a 3-tiered human pyramid inside of any elevator.

#101: Find someone with something that confirms they are a veteran (such as a war hat, a military pin, some type of military ID, etc) and take a video of your team all doing 5 push-ups at their feet to honor their strength. Along with your video you may want to take a close-up picture with the vet and their item as verification.

#102: Take a video of your team all walking/running up any down escalator for a full 10-seconds.

#103: Take a picture of your entire team all completing any variation of the "Tree Pose" in front of any Yoga Studio.  If the studio doesn't have yoga in their name they should at least have signage out front or on the window promoting that their main business is yoga 

#104: Take a picture of at least 2 teammates holding themselves off the ground between any 2 walls. Racers should have part of their bodies or limbs on each wall.  

#105: Take a video of 4 total people all balancing on part of a fire hydrant for at least 5 full seconds. None of the 4 people should have a foot touching the ground, but both their feet don't have to necessarily be on the hydrant. 

#106: On any grassy surface, take a video of your team all completing the Group Sit & Stand Challenge. Basically, your team members will all be standing shoulder to shoulder in a tight clump with your backs all facing in and your arms interlocked.  Slowly lower the entire interlocked group to the ground until you are in a seated position and then slowly stand back up while remaining interlocked.

#107: Take a video of your entire team all "crab walking" past the seafood section inside of any food store. Needs to be in an actual food store near the seafood section, or a frozen food aisle that offers raw seafood selections, and not just at a seafood restaurant.

#108: Work together as a team to lift any stranger who is lying on their back up to the shoulder level of your team and then have someone take a picture of the entire group while you are holding them up. Be very careful to lower them down carefully with their feet touching first. The hardest part of this challenge may be convincing a stranger to trust your group. If you don't have enough team members to lift someone you can recruit other strangers to help you lift.

#109: Take a video of your entire team attempting to climb UP any playground slide one at a time while wearing either socks or bare feet. Once one team member makes it to the top they can remain there and assist others climbing up by grabbing their hand.      




#200: Take a video of your team completing the "Paper Airplane Challenge". Basically send one team member to the 2nd level of any parking garage and have them toss a homemade paper airplane out into the air in front of them.  The rest of your team should be on the sidewalk below and any one of your team members at ground level needs to catch the plane before it hits the ground, although all team members can be attempting to catch it.. 

#201: On any mobile device use the stopwatch function and get the timer to stop at exactly 5 seconds and then take a picture of the racer who was able to do it holding the device with 5.00 seconds clearly visible.  This should be done using the stopwatch function and not the countdown/timer clock.

#202: Take a video of two team members sitting on the ground completing the Smelly Ear Challenge. Basically one team member places a pencil in between their toes on their bare foot.  That racer then attempts to place the pencil behind the ear of another team member so that it stays there and doesn't fall out. The racer who starts with the pencil can place it in between their toes using their hands but while they are trying to complete the challenge neither racer can use their hands to help secure the pencil behind the ear.  The racer receiving the pencil can move their head as needed but if you are using a sharpened pencil please be very careful not to poke your teammate in the face, eyes, or ear.  

#203: Take a video of one team member tossing any standard baseball style hat and getting it to land on another team members head from at least eight feet away. The team member receiving the toss can't use their hands to catch it or hold it on their head once it hits. Both participants can move around as needed as long as they are at least eight feet apart. The hat doesn't need to land facing forward or even right side up, as long as it remains on the racer's head and doesn't fall off.  

#204: Take a continuous video of any one racer successfully flipping a quarter across the tops of each of their 4 knuckles using only those fingers to move it along. Some people refer to this skill as "rolling" a quarter across their knuckles.  

#205: Take a video of any two team members successfully completing the Pencil Pass Challenge. Basically one racer has a pencil lying across their upper lip and is holding it in place using only their lips and nose (no hands). A second racer must transfer the pencil to their upper lip without dropping it and without using their hands. The two racers faces will be very close to each other trying to transfer the pencil from one upper lip to the other without dropping it. Full disclosure, this challenge will be awkward...but hilarious! 

#206: Balance four apples one on top of the other and then take a picture of your team and your tower of apples.  The apples should be unsupported, meaning they are not leaning against anything, not being held by any team members, and not stuck to each other with tape, toothpicks, etc.  

#207: Take a video of any one of your team members flipping a standard (16 ounces or so) bottle of water onto a table, or hard surface at least waist high, and getting it to successfully remain standing upright once it lands.  The bottle can be filled with as much water as needed to improve your chances of completing the challenge successfully.  

#208: Anywhere along the way take a continuous video of any one team member closing their eyes and reciting the first 12 digits of Pi from memory without anyone else assisting them. Just as a helpful tip, the number 8 is typically considered to be the 12th digit. 

#209: Take a video of any racer on the team completing the "Coaster Flip Challenge" 3 times in a row without dropping it within a 15 second continuous video. Must use actual drink coasters of any size/shape. For a detailed video on how to do the Coaster Flip you can click on the Details link below. Basically overhang a coaster off the edge of a table. Place your hand, palm down, a few inches under the overhanging coaster and then smack it up into the air using the back side of your hand and catch it (palm still facing down) before it hits the table or the ground. Do this 3 times in a row within a 15 second video without any drops and you've done it! The higher you can smack it up into the air the easier it may be to time your catch as it's flipping.  




#300: Take a video of your team asking any living person who is 85 years old or older "What is the meaning of life?".  Submit one video of your team listening to their response and then submit a picture of their ID with their personal information covered with their hand (other than their birth date of course). 

#301: Take a team picture with any PARKED vehicle whose license plate contains numerical digits that add up to 10, no more, no less. So if the plate were "CF2H 5K3" it would be acceptable because those numbers add up to 10 and there aren't any additional numbers.

#302: Take a picture of your entire team and any 2 bikers who are actively riding their bikes. The hardest part of this challenge will be working together as a team to time a picture of everyone and capture the bikers while they are riding by. The bikers need to be riding their bikes and not just standing next to their bikes with your group. 

#303: Take a video of your team and any stranger that has a tattoo while they explain what that tattoo means to them. The tattoo must be visible at some point during the video.

#304: Take a picture of your entire team at any business that is open 24 hours a day.  Team should be next to a sign or the hours at the actual business to prove it's open 24 hours. 

#305: Take a picture of your team while an old fashioned barber pole is visible in the background. It will likely be a staff or pole with a helix of colored stripes and might be stationary or revolve.

#306: Take a picture of your team at any location where the United States flag and any other country's flag are flying within 100 feet of each other.  The flags should be authentic flags made of fabric, flying or displayed for the public to see, and not a miniature version found in a gift shop, image on a poster or shirt, etc.  

#307: Find any hand painted mural that includes a human (or multiple humans) in the artwork. Then take a picture of your team posing like any of the humans while the mural is clearly visible in the background. 

#308: Since Father's Day was yesterday, take a video of your team members hugging or high-fiving any male who is with a stroller and giving him words of encouragement such as "we believe in you", "you're awesome", "you're doing a great job", etc. Make sure your video shows the stroller at some point.  

#309: Take a picture of your team with any official plaque or historical marker around the city that references a year prior to 1850. It could reference the year a structure was built, the year someone was born, a significant year for an organization, etc.  As long as it references a year that is before 1850 on the marker or in the marker's verbiage.   




#400: Take a video of your entire team on any sloping grass surface doing 5 log rolls with one racer directly behind the next, shoulder to shoulder. Timing will be important in order for everyone to do 5 full rotations before piling on top of one another.  

#401: Staying healthy is important for everyone, and studies show that consuming garlic helps prevent illness. Take a video of at least half the members on your team each chewing a separate raw clove of garlic for at least 10 full seconds. Racers should be actively chewing the clove and not just holding it in their mouths. Start by holding it up close to your mouth so everyone can confirm it’s a clove of garlic, then chew on it for 10 seconds.

#402: Take a picture of your team, or a combination of your team and as many strangers needed in order to have 5 total people taking a bite of one slice of pizza. Each of the 5 individuals should be biting somewhere around the edge of the slice (so you may need to get cozy with one another), and your hands should not be touching or supporting the pizza (aka the slice is being held up only with everyone's mouths/teeth). You may want to take the picture from slightly above the group so it shows everyone's mouths on it. 

#403: Take a video of your entire team playing a game of leap frog with one another while any natural body of water is visible in the background. Must be an actual natural body of water, not just a swimming pool, fountain, or puddle.  

#404: Get to Logan Square Fountain and then make your way into the water, far enough that you could touch one of the three green-colored human figures at the center of the fountain.  Once there either have someone take a fun picture of your group from dry land or take a fun selfie, with a tight grip on your device.  

#405: Take a video of your team all wiping the windows of a strangers car at a gas station using a Squeegee. Be sure to get the strangers approval before performing this challenge, and make sure they are visible at some point in the video. 

#406: Take a picture of your team and at least 4 strangers at the LOVE statue while your're all either embraced in a large group hug OR you are all staging a wedding scene.

#407: Take a video of your team and at least 2 strangers all running up the last two flights of stairs at the front of the Art Museum while playing "Eye Of The Tiger" on a mobile device, or singing it, and then proudly raising your fists above your head once you reach the top. 

#408: Take a video of your team completing "Stop, Drop, and Roll" in front of any working fire station. Be sure to yell each step of the fire safety technique as you do it and make sure the Fire Station is clearly visible and identifiable in the background.

#409: After decades of heartache, the Philadelphia Eagles are finally Super Bowl Champions! Take a video of your team all doing the "E-A-G-L-E-S...EAGLES" cheer with any stranger who's wearing Eagles apparel such as a jersey, hat, shirt, etc.