Below are a few scenarios to help you decide which package might be best for your group

Anywhere Package

(ideal for groups with up to 25 people or so)

American Marketing has a staff of 15 people and they’re looking for a fun company-wide team building experience on a Friday afternoon. They work in a suburb of a major city and would rather do the experience near their office as opposed to traveling into the city and getting stuck in traffic. They’d like to spend less than $30/person and have the event last 2 to 3 hours. Other options they’re considering like an Escape Room only last an hour, don’t really get everyone involved, and only give you one group picture after it’s over with goofy signs declaring you failed.

Result: After talking with our team over Live Chat they end up purchasing our Anywhere Package directly through our website for only $25/person. They receive the entire package later that day via email and can do the experience on whatever date and time that works best for them. It enables them to start from their office and travel around their own community for up to 3 hours completing challenges that bring their staff closer together. They capture almost 100 total pictures and videos on their devices of hilarious and memorable moments they shared throughout the afternoon. A few days after their event ends they receive a custom designed postcard in the mail featuring pictures of their group.

Base Camp Package

(ideal for groups with 25 to 50 people or so)

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There are 35 employees from Tech-Rite Industries who will all be meeting up for an annual conference in a city they haven’t visited before. They have 2 to 3 hours available on Tuesday afternoon and are looking for a fun team building event that will increase camaraderie within their group and give them a chance to explore the city. Their budget is around $40/person and they have a few specific sites around the city they’d really like to see before they leave town. They are considering just doing a Happy Hour at a local bar and then walking past the sites on their way back to the hotel but the bar will likely be crowded and loud so the employees won’t get to connect with each other much. And they won’t get to truly experience the city if they’re stuck in a bar all afternoon.

Result: After emailing our team they end up purchasing our Base Camp Package for a flat rate of just $1,000 for any size group. With their anticipated group size of 35 people they come in way under budget at roughly $28/person. Our team works with them to customize an experience for their location and highlight some of their must-see sites. They receive the entire package about a week before their event and if the weather is bad on Tuesday they can do the event any other time during their stay in the city without even having to contact us. A few days after their event they receive a custom designed postcard in the mail featuring pictures of their group.

Summit Package

(ideal for groups with 50 or more people)

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KindEarth LLC has 150 employees that are spread across offices in 3 different cities around the country. They’ve always envisioned doing a team building experience for all their employees, but flying everyone to a retreat center in the mountains somewhere is expensive and they’re concerned not everyone would enjoy doing a ropes course, trust falls, or sitting around talking about their feelings. They aren’t really sure what their budget would be because they just assumed it wasn’t possible to have everyone participate in something together. In the past they’ve had to do activities for each office separately and they spent anywhere between $40 - $100/person for things like cooking classes, ax throwing, or local tours.

Result: After having a few discussions with our team over the phone they’re excited to move forward with our Summit Package. We explain to them that our one of a kind format would enable their entire company (all 150 employees across 3 cities) to participate in the same event at the same time. For only $39/person our team works with them to customize an experience that works well for all their office locations and we brand it with their logo. We set everyone up on our mobile app and our remote HQ coordinates the entire adventure. Teams submit their challenge pictures and videos to us throughout the event, we verify everything in real-time, keep score, and stay in constant communication with everyone to answer any questions they have. Since everyone is racing at exactly the same time, teams can not only compete against everyone in their own office, but also the other teams located around the country. Within an hour after the finish we provide management with the official results so that they can hold an awards ceremony at their post-race venue. They use the content captured during the event to create an amazing compilation video that they then post to their social media networks. A few days after their event they also receive a custom designed postcard in the mail featuring pictures of their group racing in all different locations!

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The core of our team building experience is not only our one of a kind format, but also our ability to compile a collection of challenges that best help achieve your specific objectives. To learn more about that process and view some example challenges click the button below.