Introducing The X-Race: The Global Adventure Race For Change

In the early Spring of 2013, before we had even launched our company, we bought a web domain called  At the time, we knew we were going to launch our Xplore Urban Adventure Race Series a few months later, but we also had visions of this "other race" and began working on the concept. 

Our team always pushes each other to create new ideas and take on things that others might not. That thinking was inspired by studying some of our world's greatest visionaries.  For example, in an address to Congress in 1961 JFK told them within the next decade the US would land a man on the moon and bring him back to Earth safely.  Congress gasped.  It was such a far-fetched idea that almost no one could envision it, except the man declaring it.  The following year he made a famous speech at Rice University to support his vision, which included claims such as "we will send a rocket..made of metals that have not yet been invented". It's that type of thinking that fuels our nation's greatest achievements and innovations, including walking on the moon only 7 years later, and the development of the powerful technology you're using to read this blog post.    


In the two years since our company launched a lot has happened.  We grew the Xplore Race into a leader in the urban racing industry and broke away from the "traditional" races by implementing mobile app technology and real-time verification.  

During that time we continued to develop the concept for The X-Race, working with our app partners to build out the technology that is necessary to support it, and created top secret internal processes that will enable us to manage it.  

It took every bit of two years to create, but that's because it evolved into something even bigger and better than what we could have envisioned back in 2013. 


So here it is.....

We plan on growing this event into a global phenomenon over the next few years. It will bring people together from all over the world, it will help people become more active, have more fun, explore their communities, and support a great cause at the same time!  

We hope you and your family, friends, co-workers, sports team, or any fun person you've ever met, will be a part of this event in the future!  Thank you for your support over the last 2 years and we can't wait for what lies ahead!

For more info go to or follow @TheXRace on Twitter!