The Next Big Thing in Urban Adventure Racing...yeah, there's an app for that!

As we've competed in urban races over the years with our team "The Hard Corps", and having built a new racing series from scratch less than a year ago, we are always thinking of new ways to improve the racing experience.

To some extent, the urban racing industry hasn't evolved much over the past decade.  Teams are given a few paper clue sheets, with everything typed out, and asked to take a picture in front of this statue, or that business with a catchy name.  They get to the finish line in a pack of other teams and wait around for someone (who may or may not be qualified) to manually go through each of their pictures.  This process can be hard to regulate, and fairness can sometimes get overlooked if the race company is disorganized.  During the off-season as we brainstormed within our own company, and in joint sessions with race teams across the country, we began to realize just how outdated this model has become.  Races are limited creatively to those 2 pieces of paper, and a race "series" can become more of a traveling sideshow of props, and a template of repetitive clues.         

I can remember these ads AT&T would run on TV about 20 years ago that became somewhat inspirational because they were striving to advance the way we did things in every aspect of our lives.  At the time, they seemed so far-fetched that I probably blew most of the concepts off as just hype.  But looking back it's incredible how prophetic they were, given the fact most people in the world had never even "signed on" to the internet up to that point.          


We believe technological advances aren't only meant to improve the way we run our daily lives, but also the way you run in urban racing, and how you experience an event like Xplore.

Knowing that, we have spent a lot of time in the off-season collaborating with the creative minds of the "Experience Network" app, called Bonfyre, and we're incredibly excited to announce our new exclusive partnership with Bonfyre to be the platform for our Xplore mobile racing experience!


Our Xplore Austin teams are the first ones to use our mobile experience and the excitement is growing fast as race day approaches!  They have already begun engaging with each other, and our Race Headquarters, by posting pictures and videos of their teams, asking race-related questions, and getting to know other fun teams even before the race starts.  

Registered teams in each city will join two Bonfyres in the weeks leading up to the race:

1. Race Bonfyre - all racers from the entire event will be a part of this group. This will be used to post pictures or video of your team leading up to the race, get your race questions answered immediately, and receive important information or hints about the race from our Race HQ.  It will also be used by our HQ after the race for posting results, and by teams having fun at the after-race party.

2. Team Bonfyre - this is a private group for only racers on your team and our Race HQ.  This Bonfyre will be used for submitting your pictures and videos during the race and receiving real-time verification from our Race HQ.

Photo Mar 31, 3 08 54 AM.jpg

Our long-term goals include a focus on creative and strategic challenges that aren't limited to sheets of paper, a social and fun experience like no other, and the use of technology that's at the forefront of anything out there.  Our new racing model will enable us to continue to lead the way in innovating the sport of Urban Racing.  As AT&T would have said...have you ever been a part of something so advanced, social, and fun that you want to do it in every city in the country?  You will.       

We are proud to be partnering with Bonfyre and we strongly recommend you check out their website HERE, download the app using the buttons below, and start using it for any and every adventure you experience!