Urban Adventure Racing

Become an Urban Racing BEAST with our new series!

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The first time I had competed in an urban race was a few months before my wedding.  Knowing my love of adventure a few of us guys got together for a bachelor style event (minus the Mike Tyson encounter) and decided to try out this racing thing. We had no idea what we were doing, we were out of shape, our outfits were bargain bin specials, and my Best Man wore his headband like a scrunchie the entire time.

We almost won the damn thing.

Since then our racing team "The Hard Corps" has evolved quite a bit.  We now travel to cities around the country doing what we've come to love, we've competed at the National Championship level, and we've ditched the bargain bin outfits for some new digs sponsored by Xperience Adventures.  

In all of our travels both competing in races and putting on the Xplore Racing Series there's one thing that every racer seems to have in common. The desire to be better

The desire to be in better shape, to have a better strategy, to know public transit better, or to find gear that works better.  

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Whether you want to just improve from a previous race, or you want to out-perform everyone around you, and be remembered in urban racing lure for years to come.  

Everyone wants to become an Urban Racing BEAST!

Knowing that, we're starting a blog series that will help you get there! Stay tuned to our site and make sure to follow our social networks and subscribe to our email list to get the most information and get it as soon as it's released.