Securing the Capital

Day 2: Wits and Wagers

After catching an early flight to DC, Agent40 met up with one of our informants and old friends, Mr. Meyers, at the DC Mall. Once confirming the meet up the two were given 5 challenges to test their wits and their physical toughness. Agent40 and Mr. Meyers ran across the city solving clues and touching down on place such as the Library of Congress, the Vietnam Memorial, and Lincoln monument.

Agent40 & Mr. Meyers

The challenges brought Agent40 and Mr. Meyers to the brink of exhaustion and battery life almost timing out our communications for the remainder of the mission. Luckily, the two found themselves at a steak house completing the last checkpoint, but also getting an unexpected surprise. Agent40 received a note from an informant at the diner that outlined his next step in his mission - get to the airport.

Agent40 was driven to the airport leaving behind Mr. Meyers for the next leg of his mission. His flight directions were pointing him to the Windy City, putting him on track for the next challenge. After departing the plane Agent40 was given the task to find one of our informants on the third floor of the parking garage. Unfortunately, our informants location was compromised and the getaway ended up taking place ground level.

After a long day of brainteasers and exploring DC, we granted Agent40 a goodnight and salutations for a day well spent. Cheers, one day down and one day closer - congrats Agent40!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more on Agent40's missions and challenges!