Reflection and Family

Day 7: It's All About Timing

A full day of flights on day 6 gave Agent40 the energy necessary to push forth into day 7. HQ had Agent40 starting early as he would have the help from various informants at his home.

Before breakfast, the morning began with five puzzles, each locked in a wooden box with a 3-code lock keeping its contents enclosed. Agent40 was allowed to the use the life-line of brotherly love in order to solve the puzzles, and luckily our operative chose the right family member.

We wanted Agent40 to enjoy this part of the trip almost more than any other, so we gave him the rest of the day off from training and let him run free. Although there was one last activity to finish before the day's end; travel out to a remote part of New Mexico and bury a time capsule with family. This would task would Agent40 give time to reflect and truly envision what the future holds for himself and his loved ones.

On a short day 7 that about sums it up. Cheers to an amazing full week of exploring across the country and cheers to more days to come!

Day 8 will be released later tomorrow, stay tuned!