Happy Birthday Agent40

Day 9: The Final Mission

Agent40 and AgentJ

Simply said, day 8 and the first half of the final mission was a total success! Agent40 and AgentK infiltrated the compound gathering intel giving them specifics on the upcoming mission as well as the next vantage points.

It only made sense to send the agents to a familiar place, so the first vantage point was their Alma mater, the University of Texas. Once confirming that they were outside the UT Tower, HQ sent them directions for the second vantage point to meetup with AgentJ. After reaching AgentJ's location, AgentK was given instructions to move forward with the mission leaving Agent40 and AgentJ to mountain bike to an extraction point a number of miles into the trail head. The men were picked up close to the Scottish Woods trail head, also getting a debriefing for the final segment of the mission.


There has been mischief at a local prison. We need you to go deep uncover and find the escape route inside the prison.

3 informates (“Inmates”) are waiting to assist you. Take them with you to the Austin Panic Room at 1205 Rio Grande St. 78701. Your team is booked at 4:00pm.


The final segment is to infiltrate a maximum security prison as prisoners and work together to escape a panic room. This challenge was the capstone test to see if Agent40 could still perform under pressure with a team. The "Prison Break" room experience ended up being an exhilarating hour and a half testing the agents mentally and physically. After confirming that the agents escaped the room successfully HQ was happy to send Agent40 the final transmission. :) Agent40 and his relentless group returned to a surprise birthday party for everyone's favorite operative - giving a picture perfect ending to an amazing birthday adventure!

The Chain Gang

The Chain Gang


First off, Agent40's birthday adventure could not have been possible without, Michele, Agent40's incredibly clever and passionate wife. With the help from her and all of Agent40's friends and family we were able to coordinate an unique experience spanning 9 days and over 7 cities across the US. We truly treasure creating experiences for those that seek adventure and this may have topped our list of funnest event! Thanks to all of the individuals in and around Agent40's life that made this possible as well as all of the businesses that helped us coordinate such a one of a kind celebration.

Although the final day of the trip was not Agent40's actual birthday, the final mission and day 9 capped off an amazing journey filled with adventure, friendship, passion, and danger. ;) Stay tuned for more fun from our team and more surprises on upcoming events!