Back to the Course

Photo by Greg Nicholas/iStock / Getty Images

5: Getting Shown the Ropes

Day 4 ended with a total break in communication with Agent40 after an early morning excursion to get breakfast. During an unexpected turn on day 4, HQ believes that Agent40 may have been compromised by a group of ex-government operatives. The solution that HQ devised was to send Agent40 to a ropes course in a remote part of Tahoe, CA with a group of guys to test his trust and loyalty.

Since Agent40 was participating in our various ropes exercises he was unable to communicate with anyone outside of the course. Allowing our operative to give his full attention to the course's obstacles and the safety of his team. Though, we made sure to keep Agent40 and his group on their toes giving them a challenge at each of the five stops of the course.

Once finishing the course, the entire group remained off the grid to bond and grow stronger as a team. HQ trusts that Agent40 will continue on track with his testing and soon be off on a new mission.

Cutting it short, but check in tomorrow afternoon for a recap on day 6 of Agent40's missions!