Calling on Operative #Agent40

The Mission:

Today we kicked off our first special nationwide adventure for one, called #Agent40. With the help of spies all over the nation as well as one very close to Agent40 himself, our team constructed a birthday experience to test his wits and make sure he's still got what it takes to save the world.

We will be releasing a day-by-day summary of the missions that Agent40 completes to make sure his friends and family know he is safe. Unfortunately we cannot release too much intel on his whereabouts or what he will be doing on upcoming missions so we do not compromise any of his future missions.

Day 1: Gather Intel

Since today was the start of the mission series, we decided to take it easy on Agent40 and let him gather intel on his first challenge. Day one started off with Agent40 being given a critical assignment from his Commander. The orders were to drive to a remote location and find a package that contained notes on his first mission. Agent40 extracted the package submerged in a waterproof case near the Anna Maria Island City Pier.

His instructions for the first mission are to grab a flight from Tampa to the nations capital at 08:20AM. Agent40 finished his first of many long days with friends and family. It is hard to say what else is in store for Agent40's multi-day mission.

Stay tuned in tomorrow night for another short recap of #Agent40's mission!

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Cheers to Agent40 and his future travels, let the adventure begin!