What's New For 2017, Our 5th Year Of Unique Adventurous Experiences

When we launched this company we never could have imagined that we would build one of the most recognized urban adventure races in the country.  We also never anticipated evolving how races like this could be run, pioneering the use of mobile technology and real-time challenge verification.  Our company has grown significantly over the years and we've provided events for thousands of people, from all around the world, in dozens of cities across the country.  But most importantly, so many of our racers have become close friends with other racers, and our staff, through years of participating in our events.  We have been inspired by those who pushed themselves to be better athletes by competing in our races, those who didn't let age/disability/inexperience prevent them from having one of their best experiences ever, and those who have told us over the years how much these events mean to them.

In 2013 we launched our company and the Xplore Urban Adventure Race.  In 2014 we launched our mobile racing technology.  In 2015 we launched The X-Race, a Global Adventure Race For Change.  In 2016 we launched our Custom and Corporate Events, providing unique experiences for individuals, groups, and corporations such as Microsoft.

In 2017 we will be dedicating ourselves to launching our new series called Xperience, which has been in the works for years but never launched because most of our time and resources needed to be put towards the Xplore Race and growing our company, building our website, etc.  Xperience will be a year-long adventure challenge contest where participants can win prizes from national and local sponsors as well as our year-end Grand Prize worth up to $1,000 in cash!  Most importantly, the series will also raise money for two charities supporting the fight against childhood cancer, a cause that means a lot to us here at HQ and to our racers around the globe. 

As part of this series we will also be partnering with our amazing sponsor, KIND Snacks, to bring this event to college campuses across the country, starting with the University of Wisconsin this Spring!

More info on the Xperience Series will be posted in the coming weeks as it launches nationwide and registration opens....so get ready!

We will also use 2017 to continue building our unique X-Race event.  If you haven't heard about it check out www.TheX-Race.com.  Race right from your own community against teams from around the world who are all racing at exactly the same time! Registration for our June 24th race just opened!

We'll also be expanding our Custom/Corporate events.  We already have a number of groups/organizations booked for the coming months, but if you would like to learn more please check out www.XperienceAdventures.com/custom and fill out a request. We'll follow up with you the same day.

We expect to continue the Xplore Race in the coming seasons once our resources are freed up from some of these larger projects that are launching or expanding this year.  

We are so grateful for all of your support over the years and we're excited to experience everything in 2017 and the years ahead with all of you!  If you have any questions or would like more info don't hesitate to email us at XTeam@XperienceAdventures.com or use our Live Chat feature on our website...another new addition for 2017!


The X-Team