A Glympse of Texas

Day 8: Mission Texas

After an early departure to San Antonio Agent 40 was picked up curbside from baggage claim and quickly transported to the inner city. Once getting dropped off Agent40 used the GPS application, Glympse, to locate another agent at a random rendezvous point. Being able to track AgentK in real-time allowed Agent40 to find his moving target all before noon.

Soon after the meetup both operatives received notice that their mission was now to get to a safe house to collect material for potentially the most dangerous mission in their careers. They were given the following steps to complete the first 18 hours of the mission:

  1. Pack camping gear and arsenal for stake out
  2. Drive to the outskirts of the city and locate the compound
  3. Set up camp for the night
  4. Stake out the building until security changes shifts
  5. During shift change infiltrate the warehouse unseen
  6. Locate back office to collect intel for HQ
  7. Escape the building unnoticed by personnel and cameras
  8. Make way back to camp
  9. Decrypt the message in the intel

Once decrypting the message the operatives had their next mission in hand and were free to go to bed for an early start in the morning. Little did Agent40 know, day 9 was the capstone to his journey and we recruited him the best team around. ;)

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