Where It All Started

Day 6: Headed Home

After a strenuous first five days traveling across the United States, it was time to bring back Agent40 to where it all started for him. Not only was this a chance for him to get some relaxation in with a day full of flights, but it was also an opportunity to bring Agent40 back to his roots.

Day 5 ended with Agent40 spending some quality time with the same group of guys he navigated the ropes course with earlier that day. The morning of day 6 started off with an early trek into the wilderness for some snow skiing. Though little did the group know that the trip was going to come at a cost... watch to find out!  

Uh oh...

Uh oh...

After the early morning skiing disaster Agent40 was taken to the airport to start his trip back home. He caught a connecting flight in Las Vegas and finally ended up in Albuquerque, NM late into the night, setting up Agent40 for day 7 and a day full of brain busting missions. 

Check back at the end of tonight for the day 7 recap!

Cheers to all of Agent40's accomplishments thus far, just a little longer ;)