How to win the first-ever X-Prize, and have a hell of a time along the way!

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Shortly after the inaugural season of the Xplore Urban Adventure Race ended, our team traveled to Philadelphia to meet up with the first-ever X-Prize Champions, Team Clubedventures, on their home turf (a quaint bar in downtown Philly).  

Team Captain Ed Wagner competed with 3 different teammates, and did some solo racing, to take on 6 of the 9 total Xplore races nationwide.

The team that started at the top of the leaderboard after our first race in Philly, ended at the top, but what happened in between was an epic battle of grit and wit.  The teams at the top of the leaderboard were shifting after almost every race, and just like that, urban racing strategy shifted from a one-day event, to a season-long competition.  

While hanging with the champs, we talked about strategy, their most memorable races, and what it takes to stand atop the leaderboard at the end of the season.  The video below provides some insight into how they finished with 4475 points on the leaderboard, a Domination Factor of negative 24 minutes and 45 seconds (the average time they finished compared to the average team), and over $1,500 in prize money!            

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