Logan Smith

- Founder / CEO - 

A degree in Adventure Recreation and a passion for people.  Creative guru and experienced urban racer.  Lover of all things that help humanity.  Planning a Guinness World Record attempt sometime next year.    


Jonathan Craig

- Partner / Business Director -

Business consultant with expertise in small business marketing and entrepreneurship. Avid runner, cyclist, and urban racer.  Loving husband and father to two young daughters and one old dog.

 Kyle James

- Events / Partnerships - 

Roots in the Pacific Northwest, can often be found exploring the Emerald City and the natural playground surrounding it.  A student of life and driven to succeed, there is nothing off-limits when it comes to mastering a new skill.


Keith Staffaroni

- Events / Partnerships - 

People person, and business savvy, connects with brands who are looking to partner with adventure. Hails from the suburbs of Philly, and is always looking to be a part of the next big idea. Always takes on a challenge.

Rachael Childs

- Marketing / PR - 

Michigan native, nomadic spirit.  Accomplished author and communicator, specializing in PR and content management.  Finds happiness in reading, writing and running.  Finds oneself whenever in the American Southwest.

JJ Sindhusake

- Marketing / Partnerships - 

Philanthropy in the blood, passionate about partnering with NPO's through #FunRaising. An athlete at heart, can often be found hanging out on rock walls and creating fun with every possible opportunity. 

Katie Ramirez

- Events / Public Relations - 

Living the Boston life, specializing in brand building through both traditional and new media PR.  Fueled by the excitement of discovering the unknown corners of each city... and the coffee found there.

Kayla Morton

- Events / Operations - 

Always looking for adventure and taking on new challenges. Active lifestyle centered around both team and individual sports such as Rock Climbing and Lacrosse.  Aspiring world traveler, artist, and a dreamer of big things.

Joanie Barry

- Events / Multi Media - 

Chicago roots, and a Midwest lifestyle.  Dabbles in all things media, specializing in Radio/TV Production, Journalism and Communications.  Maker of digital greatness, teacher by heart, and pursuer of all that is fun.

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Grace Leeming

- Events / Marketing - 

Born and raised Australian, moved to NYC with only a desire for adventure. Degree in Event Management and aspiring entrepreneur.  Sporty lifestyle, music connoisseur, photography guru, and lover of anything social. 

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