Read each clue carefully. Complete each checkpoint accurately based on the description.  

You must complete 9 out of the 10 checkpoints.  Checkpoint #10 is mandatory (cannot be your skip), and will need to be completed last, otherwise checkpoints can be completed in any order throughout the race.

Our HQ will review your submission almost instantly.  You should see your response very quickly but you do not need to wait around for it, especially if you are confident that you completed the checkpoint correctly.

Teams need to stay together throughout the race from one checkpoint to another and each team member (and their body markings when possible) should be visible in every submission unless otherwise noted.

If you have a race-related question during the race you can submit it through your Team Bonfyre.  We will respond quickly and provide you with the information you need as long as it doesn't impact your ability to solve the clue.

We have carefully scouted and vetted every checkpoint but cities are a constantly changing beast so if a checkpoint is inaccessible or you're not able to complete the requirements for any reason let us know right away and we will adjust the requirements if needed and verify accordingly.   


Checkpoint #1

If you are just west of water, just south of four faces and eight hands, and just southeast of where Paul Hewson spray painted that Rock N' Roll stops the traffic, then you are on the right track to find this free museum. Once there, find the 1911 full-sized replica that is on display and take a picture of your team all inside it or hanging onto it and pretending it's out of control and traveling at a high rate of speed!

- 1 picture, team members visible

- Team is at the specified free museum and the 1911 full-sized replica is visible and identifiable

Checkpoint #2

KIND Challenge: This neighborhood chain of grocery stores based in Monrovia has about 460 stores nationwide, but more than half of them are here in California.  While a typical food store may carry 50,000 items, these locations only stock about 4,000, and nearly 80% of them bear the company's own brand name.  You can get to any of these locations found around the city but the closest is probably on a street that shares it's name with a 49ers running back. Once you arrive at one of these locations take a video of team members assisting a store customer by carrying their grocery bags to their vehicle while the name of the store is somewhere visible and legible in the background.  You don't necessarily need to record the part where you ask them if they'd like help or even the entire walk from the store to their vehicle but just keep in mind that the max length video you can upload to Bonfyre is 15 seconds so capture as much KINDness as possible. 

- 1 video, team members visible

- Team is at any of the specified grocery chain stores

- Team members are carrying a stranger's full grocery bags from the store to their vehicle and the name of the store is visible

Checkpoint #3

With the largest Chinatown outside of Asia, and the oldest one in North America, Asian culture is a prominent part of this diverse city. This challenge will require great attention to detail and maybe some of that good fortune. Take a picture of your team and anything around the city that has the symbol shown below on it (color doesn't need to be the same).  You might find it on a sign for a business, in a storefront window, on a product, etc, as long as it has been there prior to today and not just drawn on by a racer.  There may be very slight differences from one of these symbols to another but all of them have the same general shape and are consistent enough that you can decipher them between other symbols. 

* Although Race HQ can zoom in on your picture, try to take one close enough to the symbol that we can verify it is the correct one, but far enough away that you can get your team members in the picture. If needed you can submit a second picture that is a close-up of the symbol.   

- 1 picture, team members visible

- The symbol shown below is in the background and on something that has been there prior to this race

Checkpoint #4

Located within the area named for the Spanish settlement that would later become San Francisco, this one-of-a-kind interactive sculpture created by an artist named Chico looks kind of like the Terminator.  This robot's 4-letter name could also be defined as a strong desire or impulse.  And based on what we've heard we'd guess it's only desire is to do as many squats as possible.  But in order to do squats this robot needs your help!  Once there, figure out how to make the robot do a squat and take a video of your team at that location while the robot is actively moving in it's up or down squat-like motion.

*FYI, there may be a few barriers that appear to block off certain areas of this checkpoint but you should still be able to get around them and move throughout this entire area as needed.      

- 1 video, team members visible

- Team is at the specified interactive sculpture

- The sculpture is actively moving in it's up or down squat-like motion during the video

Checkpoint #5

The floating wooden structure shown below is a popular spot to catch a fish or a panoramic view.  Finding it shouldn't be too tough, but getting there and completing the challenge efficiently could be much more challenging.  Once there, count how many total lamp posts are on the entire wooden structure

 Once you think you have the correct number take a picture of your entire team at the easternmost end of the structure and submit the number in your Team Bonfyre comment thread.  As a kind gesture we will give you a plus or minus margin of error of 2 lamp posts (you're welcome).  

You will only get 3 total guesses for the number, so if you get it wrong 2 times then your 3rd guess better be correct or this checkpoint becomes blocked and will need to be your skip!   

- 1 picture, team members clearly visible

- Team is on the specified floating wooden structure and is at the easternmost end of it (the furthest out into the water) 

- Up to 3 submissions for the correct number (within 2 lamp posts plus/minus) of total lamp posts on the entire wooden structure. After the 3rd incorrect submission the checkpoint becomes blocked for your team and will need to be your skip

Checkpoint #6

San Francisco is known for it's diversity and it's beautiful art. People in this city are always looking to express both of those things, and often right on their own bodies.  Find any TWO strangers in the same location that both have tattoos and take one continuous video while each of them quickly explains what their tattoo is or what meaning it has to them.  Each stranger's tattoo must be visible at some point during the video.  

Finding one stranger in this city with a tattoo is easy, but finding two, or having one tag along with you till you find the second person will require some strategy (and patience).  Explain to them that the entire video needs to be less than 15 seconds (the max length that can be uploaded to Bonfyre) so have them give a brief explanation, and be sure to have members of your team visible in the video at some point.  

- 1 continuous video, team members visible

- Any TWO strangers who are at the same location (can't film one and then later on find a second stranger) are explaining what their tattoo is or what meaning it has

-Each stranger's tattoo is visible at some point during their description

Checkpoint #7

This plaza, which was named for the man who developed the world's first cable car system in 1873, is also one of the busiest BART stations in the city.  The plaza sits 20 feet below ground level, and has been criticized by urban designers as desolated, deeply flawed, a "void to avoid", and "a space beloved by none".  Sounds like an ideal place for urban adventure racers!  Once there, get to the outdoor escalators that lead travelers between the plaza and street level and take a video of one member of your team riding the up escalator while the rest of your team attempts to race them to street level using the stairs adjacent to the escalators. Figure out who the lucky member of your team is that gets to ride and then start the video right as they step onto the escalator and the rest of the team starts up the stairs at the same time. The person on the escalator should remain stationary on one escalator step as they travel up (not riding and also walking up) just to make it a fair contest!  

- 1 video, team members visible

- Team is at the specified plaza, at the outdoor escalators that transport between the plaza and street level

- One team member rides the up escalator while the rest of the team at the same time is attempting to beat them to street level using the set of stairs adjacent to the escalator. 

Checkpoint #8

Knowing the cable car routes is a huge advantage in this city, and not just during an urban adventure race.  And if you know the routes well you'd know there's only a couple of intersections in the city where different cable car tracks cross over each other in a perfectly perpendicular fashion (as shown below).  We have a special affection for these intersections because the crossing tracks create "X's" in the middle of the street.  Get to any of these unique locations and take a picture of your team as a cable car is approaching or traveling through the intersection in the background.  This challenge is all about timing.  Not only timing your arrival so that you're not waiting too long for a cable car to pass through but also perfectly timing your group shot so you can capture your team, the intersection, and the cable car in the same picture. 

- 1 picture, team members visible

- Team is at any of the described intersections where cable car tracks cross each other in a perfectly perpendicular fashion

- A cable car is visible in the background and is approaching, passing through, or departing the intersection

Checkpoint #9

Although yesterday was officially Veteran's Day, we believe these heroes should be honored every day if possible.  For this challenge you have two options, but you will only need to complete ONE:  

Find someone with something that confirms they are a veteran (such as a war hat, a military pin, some type of military ID, etc) and take a video of your team all doing 5 push-ups at their feet to honor their strength. If needed, you can submit the video and then submit a second close-up picture of the item that confirms they're a vet.

- 1 video, team members visible

- Team members are doing 5 push-ups at the feet of someone with something that confirms they are a vet (as described above) and that item or article of clothing is visible and legible


Get your team to the facility shown below and take a video of your team all doing 5 push-ups to honor the strength of those that need this place while the building is clearly visible and identifiable in the background. 

- 1 video, team members visible

- Team members are doing 5 push-ups while the specified facility shown below is clearly visible and identifiable in the background

Checkpoint #10  



After you have completed 8 total checkpoints and had them verified by our Race HQ, then this checkpoint will be the final one you complete. The FINISH LINE for the entire race!  

The establishment you need to get to, which is shown below, has an address along 2nd Street.  If it wasn't for this place's name, you might not be allowed to have one of their many tasty brews upon arriving.       

Once your team completes your 8th total checkpoint successfully, start heading towards this location and our Race HQ will send you a quick and brief instruction on what your team needs to do once you get there.  Once you complete the objective or upload the required submission at this location you will be finished the race and you will instantly receive your finish place and time!  Then if you'd like, you can relax with your team, some other fun racers, and recover from your adventure at this after race venue!      

- All team members present at the Finish

- Team completes the requirement outlined by Race HQ