Read each clue carefully. Complete each checkpoint accurately based on the description.  You must complete 9 out of the 10 checkpoints.  Checkpoint #10 is mandatory (cannot be your skip), and will need to be completed last, otherwise checkpoints can be completed in any order throughout the race.

Each checkpoint has a set of validation points below the clue that we will confirm for every submission.  Submit your completed clues to our Race Headquarters throughout the race via your Team Bonfyre and we will notify you quickly of the status using one of these simple responses:

VERIFIED = everything is completed correctly

CODE 1 = you are not at the correct location

CODE 2 = all of the requirements were not met  

CODE 3 = all team members were not visible

Our HQ will review your submission almost instantly.  You should see your response very quickly but you do not need to wait around for it, especially if you are confident that you completed the checkpoint correctly. Teams need to stay together throughout the race from one checkpoint to another and each team member (and their body markings when possible) should be visible in every submission unless otherwise noted.

If you have a race-related question during the race you can submit it through your Team Bonfyre.  We will respond quickly and provide you with the information you need as long as it doesn't impact your ability to solve the clue.

We have carefully scouted and vetted every checkpoint but cities are a constantly changing beast so if a checkpoint is inaccessible or you're not able to complete the requirements for any reason let us know right away and we will adjust the requirements if needed and verify accordingly.   


*This checkpoint will be closing at 2:30pm so unless you want it to be your skip you'll need to arrive before then!

In most Urban Adventure Races you'd expect the checkpoint to stay still, but this is not like any other race! Not far from the Access lies a 36 acre park honoring an Oregon Governor.   Although it was recently ranked one of America's ten greatest public spaces, you'll only need to be in part of it for this checkpoint.  In the area within the park and between the two bridges shown below are a handful of tough women better known for their skills inside The Hangar at Oaks Amusement Park.  Although they will remain within the area described, they will likely be moving via their preferred mode of travel.  Once you've found them, run up to them and take a picture with them and your entire team all making your toughest looking pose.  Then be sure to take one of their handouts so you know where to find them when you're not racing!    

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- At least one of the specified women is clearly visible


Checkpoint #2

Portland is great for a lot of reasons, but for those who love biking, it is the absolute best city in the country!  Finding people riding bikes in a city like this is easy, but this challenge will be all about timing.  To complete this challenge take a picture of your entire team with at least 2 people actively biking in the background.  These bikers need to be actively biking or moving, and not just standing next to their bikes or on their bikes but stopped at an intersection.     

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- At least 2 bikers clearly visible in the background 

- Bikers must be actively biking or moving 

Checkpoint #3

Located on each of the two northernmost corners of this popular venue are prominent white clock faces.  This is another challenge where timing it perfectly will get you ahead of the competition.  Use the scrambled image below to figure out the venue and then get to either of these clocks.  Once there, take a picture of your entire team while the clock is at any ONE of these times: Top of the hour, 15 minutes after the hour, 30 minutes after the hour, 45 minutes after the hour.  Although you only need one picture, the timing has to be right, so make sure your entire team is in the picture and the time on the clock is clearly visible so our HQ can verify it.      

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible

- One of the specified clocks on the outside corner of the venue is visible in the background

- Clock must be at any ONE of the specified times

Checkpoint #4

Located towards the southern end of a five block area originally deeded to the city by Captain John Couch stands a gift to the city.  These bronze pachyderms are showing off their piggybacking skills, although it doesn't seem right to call it "piggy" backing.  Once you've found them, take a picture of your entire team each giving a piggy back ride to a stranger, or getting a stranger to give you a piggy back ride.  If some of your team wants to give a ride, and others want to be given a ride that is certainly allowed.  Just take one memorable picture with your new found "close" friends and be sure to thank them for helping you out.  

- 1 picture, all team members clearly visible and completing the challenge

- Each team member is either giving a stranger a piggy back ride, or is getting a piggy back ride from a stranger

Checkpoint #5

There's a long standing war going on in Portland.  The War of the wardrobe.  With so many great types of threads and brands based in this area it's no wonder people tend to choose sides.  To complete this challenge you'll need to bring the two biggest forces together for one memorable picture.  Take a picture of your entire team and 2 total strangers.  One of the strangers must be wearing something with the Nike logo and the other must be wearing something with the Adidas logo.  The logo's should be prominently displayed on the outside of their clothing (so no tags on their undies, for example).  If needed, you can take the group picture and then submit pictures of each logo if it's not clearly visible in the group shot (on shoes, hat, etc).  You'll need to find 2 total strangers so even if you find someone wearing both logo's, you'll need to find someone else with one of the logos.          

- 1 picture (or multiple pictures if needed), all team members clearly visible

- 2 total strangers are clearly visible and included in the group picture

- 1 stranger is wearing something with the Nike logo and 1 stranger is wearing something with the Adidas logo  

Checkpoint #6

Typically during an Urban Adventure Race you wouldn't want to "stop and smell the roses", but for this checkpoint you have to do just that.  Head to the popular 4.5 acre garden that contains approximately 600 varieties of the plant and is the longest continually operated garden of it's kind.  Once there, take a picture of your entire team all smelling any rose plant that has a name starting with the letter "S".  You can submit two pictures if needed, one showing the marker identifying the name starting with the letter "S", and one of your team smelling that plant.   

- 1 picture (or multiple pictures if needed), all team members clearly visible

- Entire team is at the specified rose garden

- Entire team is smelling the roses of a plant that has a name starting with the letter "S"

- Marker identifying the plant name is legible and starts with the letter "S" 

Checkpoint #7

From a wide concrete circle rise a pair of 20-foot stainless towers that emanate music based upon traditional and contemporary Japanese instruments.  This sculpture commemorates 30 years of the Sister City relationship between Sapporo, Japan and Portland.  Once you've found this location, take a video of your entire team and at least 2 strangers singing part of the theme song for the popular TV show highlighted in the clip below.  Make sure the sculpture is visible behind you in the video so we can verify you're at the correct location.

- 1 video, all team members clearly visible

- At least 2 strangers are visible and completing the challenge with your team

- Specified sculpture is clearly visible in the background

- Team members and strangers are singing part of the theme song to the TV show highlighted in the clip below

Checkpoint #8

Our races are tough even under ideal conditions, but having to battle the August heat (in addition to the competition) makes it even tougher.  This challenge is one we tend to put in place when the mercury soars.  At any point throughout the race take a video of your entire team doing either sit-ups or planks, while strangers pour an entire bottle of water on each racer at the same time.  The bottles should be at least 16 ounces, and the entire contents should be poured on you within one 9-second video (the maximum length that can be uploaded to Bonfyre).  Each team member can choose which of the two exercise options they want to do, but the challenge should be completed by all team members at the same time and one bottle should be poured onto each team member.     

- 1 video, all team members clearly visible

- Team members are doing either sit-ups or planks (shown below). 

- An entire bottle of water (at least 16 ounces large) is poured onto each team member by a stranger 

Checkpoint #9

This lesser known park is tucked away 4 blocks south of SW Market, and 4 blocks east of SW Broadway.  Within the park is a large fountain that shares it's name with the locally created character shown below (as well as another historically important figure).  Get to this cool spot and take a picture of your entire team all sitting on any step of the fountain that has water flowing down it.  You must all be sitting on the step (not just hovering above it) but be careful since it may be slippery.  

Because of the circumstances of this challenge you can either submit a picture of your entire team all completing the challenge at the same time (while a kind stranger takes the picture) OR you can submit a picture with half your team doing it in each picture (so someone on your own team can take it and watch any valuables).

- 1 picture (or multiple pictures if needed), all team members clearly visible

- Team is at the specified park fountain

- Team members are all sitting on a step of the fountain that has water flowing down it

Checkpoint #10  



After you have completed 8 total checkpoints and had them verified by our Race HQ, then this checkpoint will be the final one you complete. The FINISH LINE for the entire race!  The red sign in the picture below represents the venue that you need to get your team to.

Once your team completes your 8th total checkpoint successfully our Race HQ will send you a quick and brief instruction on what your team needs to do at this location.  Once you complete the objective or upload the required submission at this location you will be finished the race and you will instantly receive your finish place and time!  Then you can celebrate with your team and all the other fun racers at this after race venue (see details below)!      

- All team members present at the Finish

- Team completes the requirement sent by Race HQ