A national adventure racing series combining "The Amazing Race" with an urban scavenger hunt gone wild. Races are held in major cities all across the country.  Race with your team on foot or use public transit to solve clues, get to checkpoints around the city, and complete wild challenges along the way. In 2014 Xplore innovated the Urban Adventure Race industry by becoming the first-ever mobile race to use real-time verification, and it remains the only one of it's kind.  Submit pictures and video of your team completing checkpoints as you go and receive instant verification from our remote headquarters.  Get to the Finish Line venue, celebrate a great day and recover from your adventure with food, drinks, and lots of other fun teams!   

REGISTRATION FOR THE 2016 SEASON will be posted soon! CLICK "GO TO THE WEBSITE" BELOW to join a race!

A new national adventure race that will be unlike anything you've been a part of before. Teams from all across the country will race against each other at exactly the same time in their own communities!  Complete wild challenges that will test your physical strength, mental skill, ability to find things in your community, and your ability to have fun.  Your registration funds a large donation made to designated charities to help "X-Out" a different global issue each race.   We will likely limit registration for the inaugural event which is scheduled for Summer 2015 so be sure to register now and make sure your team is a part of the fun! 


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Custom-Designed EXperiences 

The X-Adventures team will work closely with you or your organization to build an experience that exceeds your goals.  Our team works with non-profits, private groups, corporations or anyone wanting an adventure tailored to your exact needs.  Whether you're looking to put on a private scavenger hunt at a corporate retreat, a team-building experience for a Scout Troop, or give your child and their friends a memorable 10th birthday party, we can make it happen! 

Race and event consultation

With nearly 15 years of experience in creating and managing large scale events of all kinds, our team can work with your organization to make your event run more smoothly, generate more revenue, lower it's expenses, and get people to talk about it for years to come. In 2014 Xperience Adventures completely revamped their Xplore Urban Adventure Race, innovated the race industry, and became the first and only event of it's kind to use interactive mobile technology.  Our innovative team continues to improve our proprietary race model, and now provides consulting services to other adventure-based events around the country to incorporate mobile technology or simply help build a better event.  Whether you are putting on an adventure race, a large music festival, or a backpacking trip across Europe, our team will work closely with you and give you the support you need to create the event all other events strive to be.   


Find The X contest

We must warn you that this weekly contest is highly addictive and you'll be competing against hundreds of other seekers in a race against time to figure out where the X is.  The good news is, you'll never have to leave your home or office to be a part of a fun nationwide search!  Discover beautiful hidden corners of the United States and put your skills to the test. Be the first person to "find the X" and we'll ship you one of our custom-designed urban racing t-shirts!  

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Check out our blog posts about health, gear, race strategy, and other awesome topics.  Find out about new events that are about to launch, and be the first to hear about the World Record some members of our X-Team are thinking about attempting to break this summer!

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Partner With Xperience Adventures

Are you a local business, national brand, or have a product that you'd love to get in the hands of social and active people across the country?  We work with partners of all kinds in order to help you meet your objectives and promote your business to thousands of racers, social followers, and consumers both locally and nationally.  Make your business a checkpoint in one of our adventure races, get our racers to try your product, or have us name our next event after your brand.    


Our Funraising program

A program exclusive to Xperience Adventures that helps you "Raise Funds For Your Cause, and Raise Fun For Everyone". Whether there's a national charity you feel passionate about, or the local high school sports team needs new uniforms, we'll set up a code in our registration system for your cause and then all you have to do is promote it.  We'll donate $5 to your cause anytime someone registers using your code. Make an impact on your world, and have the freedom to choose which cause you want to help.   

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get some swag

Buy custom-designed swag and upgrade your adventure look!  Our graphic t-shirts are the perfect thing to wear as you're experiencing any adventure.  Get it soaked while doing push-ups in a fountain during one our our Xplore Races, or throw it on when you head to the gym and let everyone know just how tough you are.  Our city-specific decals are designed to take a beating so put them anywhere, like on a thermos or on your car.  Each decal highlights the skyline of a different city we race in, and the colors represent a popular sports team from that area!  So collect ones from cities you've raced in, or collect them all!  Free shipping on all orders so get your swag on year round! 

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About Xperience Adventures

The founders of Xperience Adventures have been designing community-wide scavenger hunt races since 2001.  Xperience Adventures officially launched in the summer of 2013 with a nationwide racing series called Xplore.  In the Spring of 2014 Xperience Adventures innovated the Urban Adventure Racing industry by evolving Xplore into the first-ever mobile race with real-time checkpoint verification.  Since then, Xplore and the Xperience Adventures team have grown dramatically and the launch of new events are expected in the Summer of 2015.