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Finally, a team building experience your group will be talking about for months, that’s affordable, and can be done in any location!

Our unique challenge-based adventure will get your participants to bond, grow, and create unforgettable memories all while exploring your town or city.  

Divide into teams and complete as many challenges as possible within your preferred time frame (2 to 3 hours is suggested but can be adapted based on your scheduling needs).

Depending on the pricing package you choose below, teams can submit pictures or videos completing the challenges to our Remote HQ via our mobile app for real-time verification, scoring, and support along the way. For all three of our packages we will also create and mail you a custom-designed postcard featuring a collection of pictures from your experience. You’ll also receive 5 free passes to our popular X-Race event that can be awarded to your winning team or to anyone you think deserves them ($150 value).

Use the buttons below to learn more about our process, what type of challenges your group might experience, or figure out which pricing package would be the best option for your group.


"Our employees can't stop talking about this event! Honestly, you guys blew away our expectations. Thanks so much for everything!"


"It was AWESOME! Everyone had a blast and said it was the best team building event we've ever done!"

-National Information Solutions Cooperative

"Everyone agreed this was one of the most exciting and challenging team building events we’ve ever done! It put us way outside of our comfort zone in the best way possible and we have loads of stories to tell. Thank you again for working with us, I will be leaving stellar reviews on Yelp and Facebook.”

-NXG Strategies

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We offer 3 comprehensive team building packages to meet your group’s unique needs. Choose your experience below, or click on our live chat, email us, or call us any time to discuss any questions you might have. We’re here 24/7 to help you figure out the perfect experience for your group!

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This annual race is unlike anything you've experienced before! Your team will compete right from your own community against other teams located around the world who are all racing at exactly the same time.  Complete as many wild challenges as you can within the 3-hour event for a chance to win cash prizes and the title of Best Team In The World!  The X-Race benefits numerous charities that are working to cure childhood cancer, so get your team together and register for the only interactive global scavenger hunt competition in the world! 

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A community of 18-22 year old adults who are eager to serve others, experience life, and grow into the best possible version of themselves. Events often include a service based project with a local charity, outdoor adventures, and guest speakers focusing on leadership and personal growth. Quad is intended to be a melting pot that includes every race, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental condition, and political or religious belief. Launched in Pennsylvania in 2019, we intend to grow this popular program across campuses and college communities in the coming years.